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Adding commanders
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How do you think this will be
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Messages: 112,
Joined: Apr 06, 2014,


Messages: 112,
Joined: Apr 06, 2014,
I was thinking about how adding commanders would be an awesome idea for this game. Essentially what this does is give more variety to the game. Each commander gives student buffs (or nerfs) to your army. If you don't know what I mean check out age of mythology or advanced wars. The reason why I want this is so that we can have new ways of playing with the same races

Infantry commander +2 movement, +2 light attack to mecha and cyber underling
Tank commander +1 tank repair, +2 movement to plasma tanks
Artillery commander -100 cost, +2 defense to walkers

Infantry commander +1 defense, +movement after attack to marines and mechas II
Copter commander +1 copter repair, +2 heavy attack to copters
Artillery commander +1 range, +2 movement to batteries

a few things must be said
This will not be ranked until the developers think that this is balanced
It will be optional and can be selectable when creating a game
The stats will be balanced over time
The names currently suck and I'll leave you to your own opinions for names
You can add your ideas in the comments
Also since I hardly play khraleans I couldn't come up with any ideas.
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