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How to ensure that game is ballanced, for admin
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Messages: 312,
Joined: Dec 28, 2015,


Messages: 312,
Joined: Dec 28, 2015,
Simplest way is to give players easier access to selecting prefered race in matches (like by default its selected as sapiens, untill changed), and then calculate how much people prefere each race.

It may work as it is, but i guess people play worse on a non-favorite race.

another thing is to calculate total damage done by each type of unit divided by cost and number of such units per game.

example: two mariners have done a 10 damage to a mech and received 6 damage in total
then mariners on average gave profit of
10/10(health of mech)*100(price of mech)=100
while cost of this attack for mariners was
6/10(total health lost by mariners)*100(price)=60
then two mariners made a profit of 100-60=40 resources.
and /2 to grt per mariner its a 20 profit per mariner. (or 20% of it price on average)

tank repaired and gained 2 hp.
then it made a profit of 2/10*400=80 score (or 20% of it price)

engineer was near and he increased repair by +2
then a profit of another 2/10*400=80 was made (or 40% of price of engineer)

assimilator activated UV and done 6 damage to mariners nearby
then 6/10*100=60 (or 30% of it price)

by analizing each unit using this or similar formula from all games you will able to clearly see which unit does the most profit for player. (it will be repair units, i guess)

also by analizing 2200+ and 1700+ and 1700- players separately you will see how people are using units.

it will give much more accurate representation that people moaning or calculation in excel

it doesnt require UI, just some magic with ready data from replays

P.S. probably its already implemented? but then battery, leviathan, plasma, mech, assimilator would be changed already...

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