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Messages: 81,
Joined: Jun 03, 2015,
You read correctly ladies and gentlemen!!! Clans now exist!! The best avenue we have found to host this is in discord. The link is right here: https://discord.gg/HVuqxT3
Please note that only the leader has to be on discord, however, we encourage clans to create their own discord server to send pictures but any other similar mode works (hangouts, kik, etc...)

Below is how it works, the rules, the rundown, the jist, you name it you should find it below!!
Clan Informational
Summary: Clans have been long awaited and are now here! The clans choose their teams to battle in 5 matches chosen from several exciting modes. There are two seasons where clans can battle each other to reserve their spot in the annals of Uniwar history! The leaderboards will be combined for both seasons. The challenge season will consist of clans challenging each other to a battle while the war season is a tournament style draw. Discord will be where the main hub for the clans for organizing purposes. Leaderboards and records can be found there.

Clan Creation

1. Anyone may create a clan. In the future, a video will be made instructing players on how best to set up a discord server for their clan to ensure privacy.
2. Members are not required to have Discord but the leaders must be in the Clan Leader Channel in Discord.
3. Clans will not be placed on the official roster until the 5 member requisite has been met.
4. The clan name or avatar may not be offensive or explicit.
5. The clan moderators reserve the right to ban anybody or any clan from the league.


1. Clan participation may only consist of 5-8 members.
I. If a clanmate opts not to participate in a particular clan war, the clan must still have 5 eligible members to participate
II. All members who wish to participate in the war must be allowed to play at least 1 game
III. Clans will not be added to the official roster until the 5 member requirement has been met but are welcome to advertise in the recruiting channel on the discord server
2. The maximum amount of games a single player from each clan can participate in, is 3.
3. The clan leader must join the clan leader and record channel on the main discord channel for the clan to be considered official.
4. Players may only be members of one clan. Any player (including alts) found participating in more than one clan will be banned from the league.
5. Players may change clans but not during a match. All such changes must be reported to a moderator.
6. The war and off season will share the same leaderboard.

1. One point is awarded to the winner of a challenge during the challenge season.
2. 2 points are awarded per match during war season with consolation winners receiving 4 and main draw winners receiving 6.
3. Name the unranked game with the title of your clan war: (ex: Clan X vs Clan Y)
4. All matches are to be played with a time limit of 24 hours only
5. Each clan must record screenshots of their wins and losses. ONCE, and not before, a clan reaches 3 wins, they report all three screenshots in the official clan record channel by the clan leader. The score will then be recorded.
6. All grievances or errors may be addressed in the clan grievance channel.
7. Matches must be started within 24 hours of match assignments being posted.
8. Skipping is allowed but courteousness and patience is highly encouraged. No complaining about skipping will be tolerated.

Off Season

1. Challenges may be made on Tuesdays with matches starting on Wednesday.
2. A challenge may be rejected during off season.
3. No challenges are allowed the week before or during war season as all moderator attention will be on the war season matches. Challenge season matches which are still ongoing may be completed.
4. A required match will be a 3v3 Sabotage (subject to change) on the single map used for this purpose in clan wars.
5. The battle modes are to be chosen in a draft where the challenging clan leader picks the first two modes and is player/team 1 in those games. The defending team leader picks two different modes and will be player/team 1 in those matches. The required match invite will be sent by the team who wins the coin flip. A list of modes may be found in the maps and modes section below.
6. The clan leader must make a list of the members playing in each match in the clan leader chat. Example shown below.

War Season
1. Clans must register for the clan war season by the deadline to allow for draw creation.
2. The Draw will be randomly chosen
3. The Maps and modes will be randomly chosen but the matches/modes selected will be the same for all clan wars.
4. Losers in the first round are not out of luck! All first round losers will be placed in a consolation draw.
5. Winners of the main draw will receive 6 points while consolation winners will receive 4 points.
Maps and Modes
I. 3v3
II. 2v2
III. 1v1
IV. 3v3 assassination (kill a specified enemy PLAYER chosen at random)
V. 2v2 assassination (kill a specified enemy PLAYER chosen at random)
VI. 3v3 Sabotage (kill a specified enemy UNIT, unit specified in map)
VII. 2v2 Sabotage (kill a specified enemy UNIT, unit specified in map)
VIII. 1v1 Sabotage (kill a specified enemy UNIT, unit specified in map)
The maps will be chosen at random by a clan moderator from the following maps:

• Point peele v2: [link://1,59980,Habits,0,0]
• Amphibian City Tourney: [link://1,50151,Amphibian City Tourney,1,0]
• Habits: [link://1,59980,Habits,0,0]
• Fountain Of Youth: [link://1,6591,Fountain Of Youth,4,0]
• Sand of death3: [link://1,30700,Sand of death3,0,0]
• Xavi’s Homeland: [link://1,51361,Xavi’s Homeland,4,0]
• Realm: [link://1,32371,Realm,0,0]
• The Hexagon: [link://1,51544,The Hexagon,4,0]
• Requiem of War: [link://1,22632,Requiem of War,0,0]
• Chilly night out: [link://1,61294,Chilly night out,1,4]
• Sabotage – Forest Spring [3v3]: [link://1,60866,Sabotage – Forrest Spring [3v3,0,6]


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Messages: 1021,
Joined: Nov 27, 2015,
Wait WHAT?! I Leave for 5 minutes and this happens?! I feel like I'm being pranked here haha
The Impaler

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The Impaler

Messages: 147,
Joined: Jun 07, 2017,
Location: 221B Baker St.
Paypal me $50 to join your clan! hahahaha #TaloneLives

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