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Sapiens » Fleet Tactics » Go to message
mix in a few copters. levithans suck against copters. it might be hard to get your copters within range without exposing them to fire though...
User Generated Maps » Send us the Maps for inclusion in v1.0.7 » Go to message
where are the player generated maps in game?
-the fix to quintus was nice but it is still rigged against blue (green or yellow saps can prevent blue from getting another base)
-the new FP is more fair but it screws blue over even more because they start with 450 less credits than everyone else.
-i really like the fix to bases galore because now orange and white have an important role.
New Feature Request » Desktop or Web based Client » Go to message
i would like to see this. it would be very useful if you leave your ipod somewhere by accident (which i just did) because then you could still take your turns.
New Feature Request » Please make an option to restrict global chat » Go to message
that's how it works in every man for himself... if someone has too much of an advantage it is in the other players best interests to stop him because eventually they will have to face him and he will be much stronger than them.
besides, if he is winning he should be able to handle two people at once anyway.
New Feature Request » Add ratings requirement to new games » Go to message
so commentator u would rather newbs (who don't know which maps are broken) be taken advantage of after they join those rigged games?

i second this suggestion because who wants to play someone with is 400 points lower than you in a rated game? the risk far outweighs the reward.
New Feature Request » Number of Games » Go to message
that's why i started a second account. my first was full of team games and if i wanted to play 1v1 i could barely fit a game in.
New Feature Request » Rate player speed » Go to message
i don't understand how your maximum waiting time feature is different than the turn time limit.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.6 iPhone » Go to message
fasted update going through ever!

first post of new year!
General Discussion » yellow caret icons, subscripts » Go to message
yellow chevrons are when your unit "levels up". this sometimes happens when a weak unit kills a strong one or a strong unit kills many units. for every chevron the unit's max health is increased by 1. so one chevron = 11 max health

the numbers underneath are enemy buried underling adjacent to your unit
Khraleans » General Khralean Tips (Submit Your Own!) » Go to message
vs. sapiens:
-swarmers do are very ineffective against helicopters now. it takes 6 swarmers to take down a single helicopter. thats 1500 credits to kill 500 credits.
-keep garudas and swarmers away from marines in mountains and forests.

general tips:
pinzers backed by an infector are deadly against sapiens and titans. just sit there and repair and see how long it takes them to kill one.
New Feature Request » Fix remaining balance issue: very unfair maps » Go to message
blue khrals on desolate is a lot easier to rig than blue saps. just cap the middle base (and then the other one in a few turns) and make a swarmer and the game is yours.

green valley - player one doesnt always win. but titans can never win for lack of aerial units.

harborv2 - player 1's ship (sapiens and titans) can always attack player 2's ship in the naval base thus giving player one an advantage.

peanut isle - team one always gets the middle base.

too lazy to come up with solutions now
General Discussion » Make Your Own Maps - How To Tutorial » Go to message
is there any way to delete tiles besides the undo button?

also, i've tried hitting export image of map but the picture shows up all black.
New Feature Request » Change the play order for full planet. » Go to message
everyone starting with all their bases is a good solution for FFA and each position will still have its strengths and weaknesses - going before your neighbors or seeing what they built so you can counter it.

For both FFA and team matches i think the last four players should start with the grunts in the middle on a mountain hex, that way they are still somewhat useful.
General Discussion » Online Code of Conduct - The UniWar "Constitution" » Go to message
again, i still see no reason to ban multis from playing on the same team as long as it is evident from the game title. I personally, have yet to win a 2v2 game with myself that i have started. partly due to player one's initial credits and partly because naval maps favor team 2
General Discussion » Thoughts about titans » Go to message
you really don't have a plasma tank vs pinzer in open field very often. its more likely they are backed by their support unit in in which case pinzer healing 6 dominates the plasma.
the main use of plasmas is on defense - that is, to stop enemy units from getting through while u sit there with a walker or two and a dozen or so mechas as a cushion.
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