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User Generated Maps » Rocky Waters [2 Players] » Go to message
I like the look of this and think it would be worth testing properly.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
  IzzyNobre wrote:
  Hachiman wrote: Wyrms + Pinzers vs heli is awesome. Even better if you have a garuda to finish 'em when they run!

Sounds like an interesting plan, I'll give it a try. Problem is, in my experience it seems that a fast Sapiens player will start spawning Helos and nothing more, giving you little time for Wyrms, let alone the Pinzer wall to back them up.

Also as the helos can jump back 2 places from your wall of Pinzers, the Wyrm behind is then out of range to strike back. I think Wyrm attack should reach 1 further for balance. The walkers long range is almost undefeatable if multiple units are staggered and protecting each other. You have to offer a Garuda up for bombardment just to get a chance to reach the walker on the next turn. Buried underlings work well, but now their position is flagged they can be blocked by careful troop positioning, making it very hard to decimate a bank of the things. Same thing with the long range of the ships - fine 1 to 1 because if you get close they cant defend, but that is no help if another one is 2 squares behind etc.

Of course - it may just be that I've been playing better players, but I usually know when I've made a mistake and if I haven't and it is still unwinnable, then there is a mismatch in overall army strength. I've become good at winning battles but I am still losing wars (as Khraleans) so the cost of those mini victories is too high for the long game.
General Discussion » Etiquette Question: Starting Random Game » Go to message
There seems to be a few players who have laid what I call trap game scenarios waiting for someone to try their luck or pick them up on a random game allocation.

The kind of thing I am talking about is closing off selected stations in multiplayer boards resulting in a clear advantage to the first move player (i.e. the originator), or favouring Titans with their transporting capability to reach the empty bases before the faster moving Khraleans or Sapiens having to negotiate the terrain.

These games tend to hang around on the available screen for quite a while as most of us can spot the bias, but it could put newer players off altogether.

The other mean trick is to set up 3min games then go offline. If anyone joins and the originator does not come back online until after the joinee is offline, then starts the game the opponent can be skipped then kicked off before he has a chance to play. I think short duration games should be wiped if the originator is offline for more than the turn duration before the game starts.
Technical Support Questions » "Error connecting to the server" » Go to message
Like MarkWeston I also am on ipod touch with software V 3.0 and Uniwar 1.0.3.

Like he did, I tried deleting and re-installing Uniwar, and I switched off and on like Apple recommends. I too found myself back at the start of the turn but no matter what I chose to do it still will not end turn without server error.

I have been getting server errors on end turn when I have been a while deliberating, but if I go back to MAIN LOBBY to save my progress, and quit Uniwar, then I notice no bars on the wifi indicator icon, then it pops up if I wait a second or 2, after which I restart Uniwar and open the game same place and end turn, all is usually ok. I think there is an issue with Uniwar and the way it uses the wifi after a lengthy period in the game - or it may be OS3.0 but it seems to disconnect if traffic falls quiet. I am trying reducing the refresh time as an experiment. Doesn't help the "stuck game" though.
Technical Support Questions » "Error connecting to the server" » Go to message
I am stuck the same way in
"unrated 12hr FP" 8 player Full Planet mixed races.
Can this game be fixed?
I cant surrender or offer peace either.
I am Krahleans and we're only on round 3
ZeroBurn is Player 1 so probably created it.
I created a similar game with 7 bots (all 3 races) unrated and no fog of war on Full Planet also, which worked right through to completion.
Bug Reports » Unable to end khralean turn - error connecting to server » Go to message
I have this problem right now in game "unrated 12hr FP" and I am holding up 7 other players.
I tried a re-install of uniwar in my ipod touch and restarted etc. but if I play my move again or even different ones , I still get "Error connecting to server," message whichever way I try to end turn. I even tried to "Offer Peace" to clear it - no difference.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
I like a wall of Pinzers to hide the Wyrm behind and flank that either side with Swarmers/Garudas. You can make it so the copter cannot get round behind. The Pinzers survive the copter attacks pretty well while you build their numbers, then you can add the rest of the platoon. Some terrain better for this than others of course.
Bug Reports » buried underlings under enemy's army » Go to message
I find this happens all the time. I have discovered a foolproof way of getting the underling to move where I want it to no matter what is above, as it were. if simply selecting the underling and then the destination Hex does not work I cancel back to the Lobby saving the game, then go to the current games and reselect the same game and as long as the first thing I do is move the underling, it works! Bit of a pollaver though.
Bug Reports » OS 3.0: Landscape does not flip back » Go to message
Do we get a prospective release date for the v1.0.3 update? Does V1.0.2 have to come out first?
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