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Frequently Asked Questions » Can non iphone players , play against iphone players? » Go to message
Hey prob. a stupid question but if my friend who is a nokia user (i know) purchases the nokia version can they play against a mix environment? (nokia V. verizon V. ATT)

I really hope so.

How to make the uniwar.com website better » IRC Nerds » Go to message
Let's have an official IRC channel on IRC, my i suggest host it on efnet?

New Feature Request » New Race! » Go to message
Why not make it an even four races to choice from? A few possible choices:

-- Crab people
-- Elemental (Earth, Wind,Fire, Water)
-- Spartan
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
i think it would be great if the dev. team made each unit have an opposing unit that was equal, a sort of yin/yang of the UniWar units. There is enough to think about in a six player match, with out having to consider which race would benefit vs. other races.

Don't get me wrong, i don't want to lose the aspect of which race would be better on any given map.

General Discussion » Importance of strategic gameplay vs. base grab » Go to message
I agree with this completely!

But let's not forget how great the dev. team is at UNIWAR to take our comments and included them in future releases.
New Feature Request » Make UNIWAR a XboxLive 360 game!!! » Go to message

I say make UNIWAR a XboxLive game that you can download to your 360 and join the battle!

Just an Idea.
New Feature Request » My Current Games from the Pause Menu » Go to message
The only suggestion is an option to from the Pause menu during a game, to go to "Current Games" rather then have it take me to the "Main Lobby".

Thanks Xpressed!

David Kahn
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