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New Feature Request » Game recording/replay » Go to message
Good that I looked for a previous post, before starting a new one.

I am another one that thinks this idea is super. I am trying to explain the game mechanics to my kids, but is kind of hard, because there's no way to replay each clashing. Also, I would like to keep the records so to study them and discover improvements I could apply in my gameplay.
New Feature Request » *ONE* titan unit that can resist EMP » Go to message
Also, I feel you are complainig about the teleport hability, not the EMP in itself. If a player is wise enough to prepare him/herself for an imminent telerush, the opponent have to respect that and be aware that teleporting is indeed a VERY risky operation if not carried well calculated. "Remember Peter: with great power, comes great responsibility" (oh, yeah! comic quotes! But I digress).
What I mean is, the teleport hability is FREAKIN' AWESOME, being in the brisky limit of UNFAIRNESS to other races. So, to have it properly counterbalanced, the Gods gave us EMPs, Reprogramming and other terran (©Blizzard? ) crafts. I only beg the heavens that, once the Titanic slaughter commence, to have mercy of the Khralean brothers, for they are no match for their metallic cascs...
New Feature Request » *ONE* titan unit that can resist EMP » Go to message
I disagree. If we had that, we should have also ONE khral unit and ONE sap unit that resisted UV, and ONE sap unit that resisted Plague. Nah, too complicated. Leave as it is now, is my wish.
New Feature Request » Screen Flip -- Option to Disable » Go to message
My idea for it:

Guides & Tips » Vision Trick! » Go to message
Not only that, with a destroyer u can close the distance in one swoop , stand in the next square and take no return fire from the Hydronaut.... really love'em destroyers, pity they are so expensive!
Guides & Tips » How to beat Mission 7 » Go to message
I used the "heli-on-the-gap" technique:

1-Capture base
2-Wait until u can build 1 heli. ONE IS ENOUGH
3-after that, move heli to the gap between mountains
4-keep building marines as fast as possible and sending them to the mountains
5-Try to keep at least 2 lines of mountains filled with marines
6-NEVER attack
7-Rotate damaged units, always put units with more HP on the front line
8-If possible, after filling the mountains with marines, build up to 2 engineers
9-More than 2 engineers is a waste - only 2 can be safely protected.
10-Having only up to 2 engineers also help avoid traffic jams
11-Never advance your defense line
12-Dont move your units to be healed too far behind. They must be able to heal and be back on theit positions quickly
13-Remember: Engineers are good distractions. The bot AI will always try to get them, even if they are on 10 HP behind a 1 HP marine
Bug Reports » OS 3.0 - Chat editor does not rotate the keyboard » Go to message
Actually, the app must invoke it. Wait for the next update.
Bug Reports » Unable to transform capturing units. » Go to message
  magic molly wrote: However, capturing units have less defense (2 instead of 5 or 6) so it's easier to kill them. I'm pretty sure it's whenever an infantry is on a base that it can't be captured, though i'm not sure.

It is possible to transform a unit that is just sitting on a base.
New Feature Request » Improvements for team matches » Go to message
Hey Robin, cool avatar!
New Feature Request » All bases map » Go to message
Also: Buried Khralean Underlings can't pass under bases.
New Feature Request » Boost Titans? » Go to message
I agree with you. And just to complement a bit, in the game as it is now, always for Titans it seems that you don't get enough bang for the bucks, and also that it feels like they cost too much and go to waste too easy.

If the Titans are supposed to be anything like the Protoss, give'em some kind of Psi shield!
New Feature Request » Improvements for team matches » Go to message
Great insight on how to solve that problem!
I'm another one that lost count of the visits to the War Report only to check friend/foe status. Geez, after the 3rd. Current Game I have a hard time to even know which team I'm on!

On another note: private chat between Team Members would be awesome.

And giving off bases for needy team members could be of some help too (Hummm... After typing this, I got worried, but can't exactly say why. I just got a hunch that it may not be a good idea. Does anyone have any thoughs on why giving off bases would be bad? Or good? Maybe just give credits, and within a limit?)
New Feature Request » Montevideo change » Go to message
Montevideo is a good noob trap, just like the one I fell for, when I got in a game on Four Neighbors where the host was playing Sapiens and the only race available for the guest was Titans. I know, I know, should've seen that coming. But I wasn't familiarized with the Map Names.... Well, putting lousy excuses aside, the map balancing thing, along with the map preview feature, could certainly help noobs to avoid get exploited by smart a**es that populate the game lists (geez, those guys set lots of traps everywhere, their Current Game lists must be filled ONLY with trap games....)
New Feature Request » Pinch to zoom in and out » Go to message
Great idea. I wished for that, when I first played Thermopylae. Lots of scrolling went by.... I actually got a bit frustrated and tried to pinch the screen to cehck if it wasn't possible. I'm always a bit confused when playing big maps...

I understand that zooming IN from the actual sized map may be difficult from a technical perspective (redesign of graphical elements so the sprites don't appear blocky once magnified), but zooming OUT may not be a big problem since there's Quartz and it does a halluva good job in reducing the size of any graphics (can't say about other platforms though).

Maybe gradual implementation, by stages? First ZOOM IN, then, in a later release, ZOOM OUT (of course, the ZOOM IN feature HAS to have a ZOOM OUT counterpart so you can go back to normal magnification, what I mean is, in the first implementation, it doesn't necessarily have to magnify above the current sizes. Keeping on digressing - but then again, Quartz MAY do a good job in both ways, guess it's up for the devs to test and implement).
New Feature Request » Screen orientation lock » Go to message
Simple solution: A single switch for 2 configs. only: Locked Portrait/Accelerometer

Grea t solution: 3 choices: Locked Portrait/Locked Landscape/Accelerometer

Bes t Solution: 3 Choices for each screen type: Menu Screens/Unit Info Screens/Map Screen/Current Games List/etc

Notes: The simple solution was conceived when I first got to bed playing Uniwar. Got back pains from staying too long on my back! From that, the idea escalated a bit....
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