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New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
I agree that it would be good to improve or decrease the cost of the battery to compensate - you hardly ever see it now.

But maybe the answer is actually making Titans better / more mobile instead. They seem to have the main problem. Improving Eclipse vs air is one option, but you'd want to be careful not to make heli's useless vs Titans by over doing it.

Or how about if all their units (perhaps except walkers / assimilators) could teleport? That would mean on large maps they could counter attack / shift defence, but with a delay. I think emp needs to be addressed too (maybe reducing its range to 1 and/or making it move OR fire). Right now Teleport is pretty useless against Sapiens, because teleporting Titans can be easily and indefinately rendered useless by spammed engineers.
New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
Then again ... after testing it seems 6 Garuda's (2100pts) generally own 4 Heli's (2000pts) so maybe I'm wrong, at least for Kral's. Needs more testing...
New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
Oh, and by the way - as to the "Garuda's + Healing Infectors are equal to Heli's" argument.

2 Heli's vs 2 Garuda's + 1 Infector (same cost):

Heli's attack first = Win for Heli's with no loss (Garuda's don't get to heal: 2 Heli's kill a Garuda in one round anyway).

Garuda's attack first = Win For Heli's with one Heli lost.

Sometimes the latter is a stalemate with a 1 health plagued Heli vs a continually repairing Infector (neither can kill the other) - which really is a win for the Heli (since it's worth more, and could fly away to heal, but the Infector is a sitting duck).
New Feature Request » Add remaining time from this turn to next turn option » Go to message
Yeah but what if you want to play fast in the day, but be able to sleep if a game is not finished without getting kicked?

Another way to do the same thing would be to be able to suspend games temporariliy. Perhaps you get 1 12 hour suspend for every so many moves you make...
New Feature Request » [Poll] Adding Option to Lock the Screen Orientation. » Go to message
it would be an okay feature, but I think there are far higher priorities, like further balancing, more maps, multiplayer streamlining.
New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message

Yeah helicopters and marines are tougher but that's why it's a strategy game. Use some strategy and you can at least hold your own.

Is that why in 90% of 1v1 open games my opponent is Sapiens? And on anything thats not a tiny map they spam Heli's + either Marines or Marauders. Where's the strategy in that exactly?

Seriously, helicopters just aren't the threat they were when they had 2 healing.

Yes, but they're still strong against everything, making them overused and overpowerful.

Yes, they can get away- but they can't go as far as they can on the initial attack, which often makes them still reachable.

Until they flit off over hard terrain, repair, and come back (or just pick on stuff that can't hurt them)

I think their Defence is too high, considering a lot of units can't hit them anyway. They should be powerful, mobile, but a bit fragile for cost against units that can actually hit them (like real Heli's). Failing that, they don't cost enough.

New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
On big maps-- so what? Back your units up with assimilators.

How do Assimilators help the fact that the Heli's can almost always choose not to engage the units that are good against them, and destroy the ones who aren't on a large map? Your answer doesn't address the problem at all.

They don't do much to Plasma tanks at all, and are pretty even against eclipses

The whole point is that Heli's often don't have to engage these units at all - they are too slow. And the Eclipse is meant to be a counter to air units .. so being 'pretty even' (which is true) isn't nearly good enough. The truth is Titans don't really have any good counter to Heli's, and to a lesser extent, neither do Kral's.

Garudas only get hammered if they're not paying attention to what terrain the marines are on.

Completely wrong. 3 Marines (cost 300) can kill 1 Garuda (cost 350) in open terrain without losing a single unit. Try it.

Garudas also heal so fast, and can travel so far, that they're much more useful that helicopters in a long battle.

Except engineers are cheaper than Infectors to boost the heli's healing rate, and Heli's travel further than Garuda's (same movement rate + move after attack).

Engineers backed with tanks are a lot more effective, plus some various tricks to take down walkers.

IF this is true (which I don't think it is), it's only because engineers are very powerful against Titans too (see below)

It's when they throw marauders into the mix that you're really in trouble

You're already in deep trouble, that just seals the deal.

A wounded helicopter is pretty useless...

Wrong again. Because a Heli is so mobile and retreats when it attacks, it can very easily retreat to and repair with engineers or med bases.

and an engineer is pretty easy to remove

Unless (for example) you are playing Titans, where they can automatically disable or reprogram any of your units, and few of them will kill the engineer in one hit anyhow.

As long as you can keep pumping out and healing units any khralean player who knows what they're doing can win against someone who spams helicopters.

Maybe (if you're expert at it and the map allows it). But Infectors are expensive and easy to kill, especially by ultra mobile Marauders and Heli's. And Garuda's are outclassed in combat by both.

New Feature Request » Show turn time in open games list » Go to message
I don't want to join games with 3 day turns. It's annoying to have to select a game from the open games list and go into it to tell if I'm even interested in playing. I imagine turn time is one of the major determining factors for many players for whether they enter a game.

So I think it should be displayed straight away in the open games list with the game name, map, number of players.
New Feature Request » Add remaining time from this turn to next turn option » Go to message
It would be great if you could have a game with 1 hour turns, but every minute you didn't use of your turn got added to your next turn.

So if you made a move after 1 minute, you would have 1 hour 59 minutes for your next turn. Then if you moved after 1 minute again you'd have 2 hours 58 minutes for the turn after that.

This would mean you could still have relatively fast games, but build up time to be able to leave the game to sleep without getting kicked.

Perhaps a maximum of 12-24 hours of time could be saved this way, to prevent abuse.
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