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New Feature Request » New color system » Go to message
I was thinking that they should have a custom color scheme, what would happen would be that you can choose a primary color, a secondary color, and a backup color. Lets say i have dark blue as primary, yellow as secondary and grey as backup. So if someone chose a color similar (light blue) to mine and they were there first then i would be grey, yellow would always be my secondary, if both my primary and backup were taken or a similar color was taken as a primary. Then i would be assigned a random color that hasn't been picked. The secondary color would be the limbs for khraleans, energy for titans, and metallic parts for sapiens. Remember secondary would always be the same!
Bug Reports » Little things unimportant things » Go to message
I noticed, that red plasma tanks, when zoomed out and facing right, will sometimes shift left for a sec, i am not sure which things make it this way, i am talking about little things that don't matter much
New Feature Request » selling or salvaging units. » Go to message
Good if done right, they should be sold for cheaper than their worth, otherwise it'll mess up the games, ohh... sweet all mechas
against my trusty copter , wait a sec where are they , what is that eclipse doing there , I am now doomed . Also damage should count for price, so that useless 1 hp mecha is still Sam value.

Another idea you should consider is custom colors, let them have two and let them use rgb scales. So if color 1 is similar to another it will be taken and color 2 will be used, if both colors have similar ones that are already taken, then a random color that hasn't been used will be given.
Tournaments » How about team tournaments? » Go to message
2v2 will be awesome tournament.
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
They are quite balanced, just titans hard to use
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Krahleans: Jumper,
Lightweight ground that attacks like a checker peice, can't kill if other unit behind target.
Somewhat cheap, medium speed, best vs. Heavy ground.
Cons, can be blocked like checker piece and no air or sea attack.

Titan: Shadow,
Heavy ground that can turn invisible, unless enemy is in an adjutant space (only to team is it visible in that case, not in ffa).
Balanced against all, ranged, fast, invisiblbility can be swapped whenever needed and can last forever.
Cons, expensive (bout 800), slower when invisible.

Sapiens: Sniper,
Light ground that has a range of 1-3.
Medium Price, good vs. Light ground and aerial.
Slow, no damage vs. Heavy ground.

…change stuff to balance out as needed, keep names please.
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