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New Feature Request » Clans! » Go to message
I think it would be awesome to have clans in Uniwar. If there were some way to add a text flag representing clan names (and maybe rank?) next to people's names, then people could form and join clans. This would be a lot of fun in team battles, and I'd imagine we'd start to see player-created content (clan webpages, theme clans, single-race clans, clan emnities and rivalries, etc).
Sapiens » vs. Plasma tanks » Go to message
  magic molly wrote: Also, emp should not be able to work after moving. If plague and UV don't work like that, why should EMP?

If walkers and batteries can't attack after moving, why should wyrms be able to?
Khraleans » Leviathan Rush: Why Khraleans have the best water unit » Go to message
Titan's boat has better range, saps destroyer better mobility. You're sort of sound on cost effectiveness, but personally I love to throw flying units at boats. 2 garudas massacre a titan ship. At least the leviathan can fight back, but aerial units are great zoc against ships.
Titans » How do I see burried underlings? » Go to message
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that buried units directly under your unit now count on the flag, unlike before?
Titans » Help against snakes » Go to message
Put a pinzer in front and your plasma tanks are useless as well. You repair 1 to his 2 (or 6 if a frickin' infector is around) while the snake punishes you.
Titans » Help against snakes » Go to message
Alright, so MrBob and some others have some great tips on this area, and my understanding of the titans echos a lot of their sage advice. My thorny issue at the moment is how to deal with snakes, who if properly positioned behind a few underlings or a garuda or two move from spot to spot blasting the bejeesus out of any titan unit you have. Piriopolis, I used to be undefeated against khraleans, but lately smart players have been laying waste to me with snakes. Same on chato hill. Speeders can't get to 'em if your opponent understands zone of control.
Titans » Teleport » Go to message
Teleport is a great ability. Cap a base, teleport a mecha close to actually capture it later. Surrounding enemy bases is great for pushing the advantage, and you can usually send advancing units scurrying back to deal with teleporters while you do something else. All this added to the scouting and far-away base capturing mentioned above.
Titans » Do Bots Ever Teleport? » Go to message
Very, very true. Never seen it happen, so it's easy to farm rep on bot titans with their limited movement. Although it's gotta be hard to code, I'd think.
New Feature Request » Switch 1st/2nd player randomly » Go to message
A number of people carefully choose maps and create games for those where 1st player has the upper hand and join games where second player does. I really think that randomizing who moves first would be a welcome improvement, and (hopefully?) not too difficult to implement.
Guides & Tips » The Hate Units » Go to message
Eclipses dish out massive damage to flying units, but a Garuda will hit it pretty hard. Sure, the garuda takes a little more damage, but it cost 150 less. Although you're right about Pinzers being awesome because of repair rate (plant an infector behind it and watch it heal +6 in a turn: can your plasma tank do that?), I disagree about the khralean 'hate unit.' I think snakes (I'm forgetting what they're actually called) are the serious hate unit. As titans, I can shred khraleans players until they put a pinzer up front with even one snake behind. They block anything I try to get close to it, it dishes out ridiculous damage, and it's relatively cheap (at least compared to walkers) and can attack after move, something unique to khralean artillery. I really, really hate those *@#$!ing things.
Guides & Tips » Playing Music during gameplay » Go to message
Makes me very happy, thank you!
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