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New Feature Request » Mississippi Flag Change » Go to message
In January 2021, the US state of Mississippi changed its flag, away from the Confederate-themed one and toward the magnolia, the state flower. Is there a plan to update the State Flag Pack accordingly?

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Mississippi
New Feature Request » URL / URI Schemes for iOS » Go to message
I don't know if Android (etc.) support this, but in iOS, apps can assign themselves URL-like addresses, and even have complex actions attached to them. For example, fb:// launches Facebook, while fb://profile launches your profile and fb://requests opens the requests page. This works from Safari, of course, but also can be used wherever hyperlinks can be used: emails, to-do lists, and specialized apps like AppLauncher. I'd love to plug it into my ifttt Gmail→Boxcar push notification rule (for the users: for all those times when push notifications may be down; for the devs: cheaper you pushing notifications yourself).

How about this?
  • uniwar:// - Launches UniWar
  • uniwar://prof – Opens your profile
  • uniwar://map – Opens map editor
  • uniwar://curr – Opens current game list
  • uniwar://start – Opens "Start New Game" dialog
  • uniwar://chall – Opens "Challenge Friend" dialog
  • uniwar://top – Opens Top Players list
  • uniwar://topf – Opens Top Friends list
  • uniwar://solo – Opens solo game
  • How to make the uniwar.com website better » [Moved] URL Schemes / URI Schemes for iOS » Go to message
    [Edit: moved to the game features forum, not the website features forum. Sorry that I'm a dummy]
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