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Messages posted by: Austinite
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General Discussion » Invasion of Privacy » Go to message
Why does the Uniwar app on iOS automatically steal information from my clipboard without my permission every single time I access it?

And what are you doing with my private information?

(Forgive me if this has already been discussed but I couldn't find it anywhere.)
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform » Go to message
I support the changes announced on Feb 10, 2015.

I also agree with the last post (Lava) esp his statements 3) and 4).

For future changes, if we must play ranked games periodically to keep our ratings, at least let us choose how we do it, incl team play. If not, at least increase the interval of mandatory random games from 10 days to 3-4 weeks.

The only reason I care about my rating is to be able to use it to find and be found by guys like Lava for team play. (Team games are WAY MORE FUN than 1v1.) If I lose points for "inactivity" on random games, my score will no longer reflect my skill and it will be harder to find matches with players at this level. (For now, I'm going to start adding more compatible players to my friends list so I can at least continue to play them.)

1. Uniwar is awesome
2. I would gladly pay more to support the game as it is right now
3. I hope the players who play unranked team games will continue to play them - many of you are neat folks!
4. I like the idea above of a Uniwar convention haha
5. THANK YOU to the Devs for all of your efforts
Bug Reports » Notifications » Go to message
I am using the updated version on my iPhone 6 and have been receiving my notifications just fine.
General Discussion » Thanks to map authors » Go to message
I just wanted to thank the people who are designing all of these excellent maps. I am sure I speak for many others when I says that your maps have greatly enhanced my enjoyment of Uniwar, the best strategy game ever!

I can no longer imagine a time when we only had 20 maps!

Thank you!!
General Discussion » Why can't I rate user-generated maps any more? » Go to message
I was given the option to "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" a new map after playing it for a while, but now I'm not given this option any more. Is there another way to help rate the maps?
General Discussion » Skipping etiquette » Go to message
I totally agree with you, capncristo. I was in an 8-player game recently but had to leave the country before it ended. I made a point to find an internet cafe every day just so I could take my turns (the turn limit was 1 day). After I got back, one of the opposing players took more than 1 day to move, so we skipped him. He got so pissed off and whined that this was "unheard of" and "disrespectful" among highly ranked players (all players were > 2000). I think it's equally (if not more) disrespectful to cause 7 other highly ranked players to wait on you for over 1 day. The turn limits are very clearly posted before you join a game. Am I missing something?
Technical Support Questions » Bots are stuck » Go to message
Helen, Anna, Nancy have been stuck for 2 days. Please fix? Thanks!
Frequently Asked Questions » Changing accounts? » Go to message
Is it possible to have multiple accounts? I ask for a few reasons: 1) in some multiplayer games, opponents seem to gang up on me, esp if one is anonymous, making me wonder if people are cheating with multiple accounts. 2) i would like to test out some unorthodox strategies but not at the risk of losing ranking points. Can I start a new account to do this, and then go back to using my old account later? If so, how?
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