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New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
People, please remember: this game is going to be (primarily, at least) for the mobile platform. that means that if you overcomplicate things (different resources, many more units), the tiny little screen is going to get crowded.
I tried to read most of this post, and i saw some ideas that i liked:
-units stronger on defense than offense (or vice versa)
-adding a sight variable to terrain (a ground unit on a mountain would be able to see farther, a ground unit cant see past the mountain he is standing next to)
-possibly adding transport units, or units that can act as mobile bases (they can spawn other units, maybe just infantry)
-have a better "find game" search tool (be able to look at games from just one map, a certain # of players, player ranks, etc)

all in all, it needs to remain simple. also, on the topic of online vs 1 player, i think they should focus on the online multiplayer.
why bother creating an AI when you can just play against other players?
General Discussion » Best Unit of all Time » Go to message
  dr34dn0ught wrote: but no unit can win a battle by itself

that is certainly true. if there was one unit that was good enough to do that, the game would have major balancing issues.
General Discussion » alternate chat room » Go to message
sorry for my ignorance, but what is wrong with the chat in the app? the only thing i can think of is how simple it is. is there actually anything wrong with it?
General Discussion » Best Unit of all Time » Go to message
  Nicko wrote: Do you jest? Helicopters might not take a lot of damage, but heck, they SUCK against pinzers... you need something like 4-5 to bring one down from 10 health. How much is that? 2000-2500? That's a lot for 450 credits... With that much money (2500), you can buy 2 pinzers, have an infector to make sure they survive, and have two wyrms beat the crap out of those helis!

Obviously you would use support to back up your pinzers in a real game, but for the sake of the argument if you could only do helos vs pinzers, helos would win, because eventually there would be enough helos to take down the pinzers one by one, while the pinzers keep hitting for 0.
although, you probably are right about garudas. i think i overestimated how much move after attack and better vs light units was worth. for 150c less, and double repair too, garudas are probably better.
General Discussion » Best Unit of all Time » Go to message
ok guys helos would beat both of those, especially the pinzer. challenge me if you dont believe it.
General Discussion » Best Unit of all Time » Go to message
So I thought I would make a forum to debate what the best unit is.
I'm not talking situational here (though you can use situations to help make your point), I'm talking about overall.
attention: I am not talking about your FAVORITE unit, I am asking about which one you think is BEST.
for the sake of cleanliness, I left out support (engineers, etc.), artillery, boats, and converted units. I think we can all agree that these are good units, but cannot be used on their own to win a game.

I am personally a huge helicopter junkie. I think its the best overall because:
1) Its an aerial unit, so it can go anywhere without losing defense.
2) It has a very respectable 10 defense (just as a reference point: plasma/normal tanks have 14, pinzer has 13)
3) It has high mobility of 12 (also because of aerial) and it can move after attacking, which is very useful for wearing down tank walls because you can get many attacks in one turn.
4) Its vision is 6 (as good as marauders, garudas, speeders, etc)
5) Its attacking strengths are fairly balanced, with a spike against light units
The only drawback i can see is it's cost. at 500 a pop, helos are most effective on a more expensive map. that being said, garudas were my second choice, because of their low price.
New Feature Request » Clans! » Go to message
that would be awesome. Another great thing could be gigantic 8v8 clan battles, one clan against the other. also, clans could have separate points, maybe an average of each member's skill lvl. an online game i used to play, tribal wars, had a great clan feature.
I also feel that this feature would be best implemented on a browser game, and would just get too cramped on the itouch. You could still play clan battles and maybe access forums from your itouch, but most of the finetuning would be done on a browser.
General Discussion » Trustworthy Uniwarriors. » Go to message
Name: Lantry
Usually play: Sapiens (rule forever!)
Abandon games in the middle: Never
Play speed when it’s my turn: speedy. i usually have my ipod on me, the only large exception to this is school.
Preferred maps: X-island, Thermopylae
My skill level: 1650-1750ish
Minimum Skill level to play with: around 1600
Max skill level: i usually wont play with anyone 1800+
Prefer rated or unrated games: Rated games
Sapiens » Fleet Tactics » Go to message
i dunno if this is really helpful, but i played a fleet battle once, on Naval War. I was sapiens, and i was fighting khralies. me and my opponent both built almost exclusively naval units (I tried building a few helos, but they got shot down). the battle went back and forth a little, but it was basically a deadlock. I had fewer but stronger units, and he had weaker but more units. He almost took me down by sending some pincers up the side to take one of my bases, but i managed to beat him back.
Sapiens » A basic Sapiens unit guide » Go to message
pretty nice guide, just one nitpicky point: I will often build engineers to help repair my guys, and then use them to capture as soon as i can (as long as i have the area secured, of course, they have no defense). What i am saying, is that i often wont bother building marines, and will just capture with engineers. my thinking is that i can just build another one, and having a base is usually better than having an engineer. of course, the situation is always different, so you can never make one rule for what to do, but i dont think you should write them off as capturers.
Sapiens » Marines: Underated? » Go to message
probably the reason you could beat the swarmers with the marines easier is that marines are almost as good as helos against air, (especially weak ones like swarmers) and they are five times cheaper. one helo can *almost* knock out a swarmer, but it still takes two of them. two marines can sometimes kill a swarmer (on the right terrain), and three definitely can, so for 1000 credits you can build 2 helos, and kill one swarmer a turn (which doesn't account for repairing, and the fact that they would be overwhelmed because with so few targets, the swarmers will easily knock them out). building marines, you can build ten marines, and knock out three swarmers at least. plus, there are more targets, so the swarmers will be less focused.
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