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Messages posted by: dr. pepper
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Sapiens » Any advice from Sapiens rated 2000+ beat Titans on Wild P? » Go to message
I'll experiment with being a little more aggressive early on and see what that does for me. Once Titans get position with walkers, it's very hard to win...
Sapiens » Do Saps always beat Khrals? » Go to message
I personally find it very difficult to beat Khrals who go first on Green Valley as Saps. Do you consistently win that matchup?
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
I personally have always thought that playing Titans vs. Khraleans is way too time consuming since you have to sit and analyze where buried underlings are on every turn. I refuse to play this matchup due to this fact. In Starcraft/BroodWar (what this game seems to based on), every race has a detector. I personally believe that assimilators (I think that's the name for the Titans healer) and the Sapiens engineer should have the ability to detect buried underlings. Determining the range of detection would obviously have to be balanced...
Sapiens » Any advice from Sapiens rated 2000+ beat Titans on Wild P? » Go to message
Either I'm not figuring something out or I think Titans have a definite advantage on this map due to the ability to block the middle square with a plasma tank and start accumulating walkers and sieging my bases from long range....
Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
Please see my post in the Feature Request forum. I posted about this very topic. I personally think mass buried underlings is overpowered especially against Titans.....

Honestly, buried underling spam can be beaten, but it's EXTREMELY TEDIOUS and stressful keeping tracking of that many buried underlings. I understand the basic concept that rebelxt is explaining, but it's very difficult to execute. I'm not all that surprised that Alon and Ishmael can beat it (as they're both top 5 Titans players in the entire game), but the average Titan player doesn't stand a chance....

New Feature Request » Buried Underlings are too strong in mass..... » Go to message
I personally think buried underlings are too strong especially against Titans. They cost 100 credits and can deal 9 damage to ground light (+3 buried attack) and 6 to ground heavy. It wouldn't be such a big deal if there was actual detection in this game. Posting a number below units to show how many underlings are adjacent is not sufficient when Khraleans have 10+ units buried. I don't have the time or patience to figure out where buried underlings are on every turn. They kill assimilators and engineers in one turn and make it nearly impossible to use batteries or walkers without constantly surrounding your siege units to prevent them from dying to resurfaced attacks.

In Starcraft, every race has the ability to detect buried units. Terran has turrets, comsat station, and science vessels. Zerg has overlords and spore colonies and Protoss has observers and cannons. There is no true counter to players who mass buried underlings and then combine them with pinzers and wyrms. Losing one hit point when ground heavy units land on them is not a sufficient counter.

I personally think assimilators and engineers should be detectors with a limited "sight" range so instead of just seeing the number of buried underlings, I propose that assimilators and engineers would actually DETECT the buried underlings so they're visible. As it stands now, there's very little you can do to actually kill buried underlings besides trying to constantly move your units around to prevent your assimilators/engineers/batteri es/walkers from dying.

If you actually know of legitimate counters to this strategy and you're a high rated titans player who can beat this, please post them. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed there are VERY FEW high rated Titans? Most of the khraleans who employ this strategy are 1950+. Please don't tell me I'm a newbie who doesn't know what I'm talking about. I've reached around 2050 with Sapiens.

Sapiens can sitll just mass copters and use marines with terrain to beat khraleans, but Titans don't have a single air unit and are forced to fight an all-ground war.
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