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General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
Glad you are optimistic wookie! Consider using a friend to test your map
New Feature Request » New category of tournament » Go to message
as one of the top 50 ranked players i understand the issue... but honestly this is how the real world works for tournaments. top seed plays bottom seed. best plays worst. If we do it any other way, we will have situations where 6 of the top 10 are eliminated before round 5... and thats not how tournaments are supposed to work.

you want kikoho, soli, vogon and gout in the semis, not having them all meet round 1. then youll end with 2700 vs 2200 grand finals... and thats just silly.

tournaments consistenly have the max 1024 players... so i dont think theres enough support for a change.

i think the tiered tournamnts would be cool, but i also think 10 round tournaments are awesome. and lots of players would then be complaining saying they want an opportunity to play the top players in tournament (its how i learned, so i wouldve been a complainer too). theres no pleasing everyone here, and thats competition at its core.
General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
Thanks sandman.

Yes Jeff, I still expect the maps to be balanced as well as possible, and I assume that there is no way to balance a map with uneven bases. I might be missing something, but I dont see his as an issue.
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:
  Duaneski wrote:The same way we always dealt with plasmas - buried underlings plus a mix of Garuda / pinzer / wyrm

thats the old "meta"...

We will not change borfly so much... but we might nerf it a little in GH or AP vs GH..

We will evaluate this after we see the effect of the new aquatic units (we will not do any balance adjustments before that)

glad to hear it. as always, glad we have you on the balancing team, Sims.
New Feature Request » New Tile Ideas Pt.2 » Go to message
sounds like somebody misses advanced wars +1
Tournaments » Team tournaments - 2:2, 3:3, 4:4 » Go to message
50% credits start:

To speak from the perspective of the map makers, this would unbalance all of their maps (and some of them have 50+ maps). for those that take time to properly balance, they have taken this into account. obviously many people do not know how to set initial credits and that is why we get this issue, but that is rewarding bad maps and punishing the good ones. by altering the number of bases captured on start, starting credits and credits per base, you can create whatever balance you want. if you want +50% credits for one team, have them start with extra bases already captured equal in value to that 50% starting credits (and have the other team start with a marine on top of an uncaptured base).

and kcep, you likely got outsmarted by a buried underling. covering bases only ends the game if all units are killed.
New Feature Request » Guilds, Factions, Clans, etc. » Go to message
i dont think it would achieve what you think it would. ie personally if i were to bother with a faction, id make one with other 2300+ players... no new players would gain anything. but besides, people talk so little that groups of 15 or lower would be dead chat rooms. i think if verterans wanted to teach, theyd do it. quattro teams etc are already options...

guilds and things of the like are more of a 2005 call of duty kind of thing... they only work if people decide to make them work, and a lot of the pros are actualy adults. i know some of the top 10 players have kids. adults are generally not interested in those sorts of things. if it was a younger player base then the idea would be significantly more viable
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
  StarryBlink wrote:

About blasters. They're still overpowered now.
And their anti-tank are really too strong.
Now 2 gardian in the forest/mountain can kill 10hp tank. That seem like tanks are made from plastic.
I think we should reduce their % armor piercing against tank.
Since by decrease its % armor piercing you can also make plasma tank high defence become prominence against other tanks again.

Its important to not only consider ideal situations when analyzing. how did they get 2 guardians 2 spaces from your tank? They are worth 700 cumulative, so they SHOULD do better than a single 400 tank. That said, you should be accounting for their agression and punish them with marines accordingly. If you hit each with a marine as a retaliation, thenits a favourable trade for you, not your opponent.

If we just make up situations ideal for the unit you want nerfed, then why not imagine 15 walkers behind a river? They would win for sure! Unfair! I mean this in good fun, I don't mean to be rude.

You need to take into account the power of guardians and prepare accordingly. I never let a guardian hit me without hitting it back. Admittedly the 3 range of boppers and borfly are much more difficult to punish though.

Every unit has strenths and weaknesses, and the only thing we should be considering is
1) units that never see play EVER (situational units are fine)
2) units that consistently obtain more value than their cost. I believe borfly is the only blaster that does that, though the same can be said for marauders and speeders in most cases.

Context guys. Any unit is overpowered in a perfect situation for it.

A new thought just occured to me - perhaps 3 range (instead of 2-3) would suit borfly well. without the borflies armor piercing, how do you expect k to deal with a plasma tank?
General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
jeffph cant you just have the bases uncaptured with a marine on top?

ehat restrictions?
New Feature Request » Team Game Credit Donations » Go to message
I like that idea! Maybe to reduce the abuse you could take into account the "time valaue of money" and only give the credits that the start of your own turn (or maybe even wait one turn) so that the income has reduced value.
Tournaments » Spring 2017 Pro Tournament » Go to message
Duaneski I am so jealous that you are in this tournament
Tournaments » !200 unicoins!!! Medieval Battle Simulator !!!200 unicoins! » Go to message
i got 400 but id like to see someone win in under 12 rounds!
General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
I don't believe any are ranked, and if they are they don't last long. I think it is merely because it is more difficult to balance so people have not tried (and because noobs downvote)
General Discussion » About units balance: CHN Zero give some advice » Go to message
Haha, I was going to post an opinion, but then read what Simsverd wrote. I agree with all of his opinions. I am a little less comfortable with the salamander as he is, but I agree, its map dependant. They are just another excellent unit similar to marauders. I do however think their defense might be too high, they have the defense of a tank in a swamp.

TL;DR: I agree with sims 100%, but perhaps -1 defense to salamander? Maybe that would nerf it too hard though.

PS - glad to have you on the balancing team Sims.
General Discussion » Further interpretation on chn zero’s previous post » Go to message
Excellent points. I support this 100%.
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