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Bug Reports » Push notifications not working on iPhone 4 / Uniwar 1.3.0 » Go to message
yep me too. About a week now. iPhone 3GS
Bug Reports » Push notifications not working » Go to message
Push stopped working for me too. Might have corresponded to the recent 4.0.1 update, but I can't be sure.
New Feature Request » Copy/paste » Go to message
So this is a rather simple request. It would be nice if the Uniwar chat could support copy/paste. I've had a few instances playing team games where my teammates wrote their chats in other languages and I would have loved to copy them into a translator app then paste a reply back to them in their chosen language.
New Feature Request » Since you can designate a friend... » Go to message
I've seen a fair number of posts lately accusing cheaters, badmouthing certain players or just speaking generally about poor sports. And I can certainly attest to having been on the wrong side of possible coercion. However, it seems weird to be publicly crucifying them on this or any forum — I mean really, does anyone truely think the administers should interfere — what if you were wrongly accused?

Anyway, seems to me that if after a game you have the option to designate someone as a friend, why couldn't you have the option to label them with an "alert"? Think about it; you believe someone might have been cheating, maybe they were just playing poorly, perhaps your tactics just didn't mesh or maybe they were just obnoxious chatters — it would be nice to label them with a personal alert, maybe just a red '!', so that you could be cautioned before joining another game with them or allowing them to join one of yours. I know I've played many games where I finished and just felt like I didn't want to play with that person again, but 2 weeks later, I wouldn't have a prayer of remembering who they were, especially when it comes to the anonymous players.

What do you think?
General Discussion » Recent Game adjustments » Go to message
Just thought it might be an interesting thread to start up where people could weigh in on the recent changes in the name of better game balance... For what its worth here is my reaction and maybe a few tweaks I'd like to see:

- Nerfing the Helos - yeah!!! I would go further and drop their defense another point (maybe even 2) — hear me out because to balance this I would improve the tank.
- Nerfing of the Marauder - didn't have as much of a problem with this unit before.
- Adjusjing both the Engineer and the Assimilator were both very good calls — especially the Engineer!
- Adding arial attack of 1 point to the Pinzer... what's the point? If you want to adjust the Pinzer, I would enhance its defense or attack by 1 point just to reinforce the notion that it is a land juggernaut, but can't do a thing about flyers.
- I would, however, add maybe an attack of 3 or 4 to the tank against aerial units, if a plasma tank can attack the air, so should a tank. and that would balance the helo nerf and hopefully create more varied sapien game play.

There you go, have at it.
New Feature Request » Team match problem with new rules » Go to message
I started this post, so I certainly know the frustration of a team member bailing early or even at the beginning of the game. But I think even if they surrender right away, they will still get the score penalty provided the remaining teammate plays beyond the 3 round grace period. I find that happens frequently in larger 4-on-4 matches where 1 or 2 bail, but the remaining try to stick it out.
Either way, I think surrender is important to this game for many of the above points, its the skip, skip, skip crap that needs to change.
New Feature Request » Special unit benefits affecting a teammate » Go to message
What do you think about the idea of allowing teamed matches to share the benefits of special units? So team 1-player 1 builds an infector and team1-player 2's units are in a front line dog-fight – they could use the player 1's infector to heal. Could this work with cross-racial units or just same race teams? Would it just convolute the whole thing? Don't know, just a thought...
New Feature Request » Team match problem with new rules » Go to message
Once upon a time, someone threw out the idea of making it optional. Someone misses their turn, you can either skip them or kick them. That way, if you believed a player joined, but bailed never to return, you kick them right away, if its the middle of the game and someone misses, you might want to give them the courtesy of a skip round.

I can see both points of view on the rating idea. But the reality is that if someone catches a bad rating, they can always restart their account with a clean slate – in other words, I think a rating system could be manipulated, abused and circumvented too easily for it to be effective.
New Feature Request » Team match problem with new rules » Go to message
Okay, so this may not be the right place to post this, but oh well... At first the new rule about not "kicking" a player right away seemed very appealing, but now i'm having second thoughts...

I've really started playing more and more team matches, I think they are a lot of fun – being able to talk strategy with someone you've never met, then playing them out as a team.

However, team matches become near automatic losses and certainly no fun, when your teammate decides to bail right after the game starts. Here's why: Many maps require quick and decisive movement early in the game in order to balance the powers (or gain the upper hand), so what happens if your teammate is absent the 1st round, you can't do their work for them and you can't kick them to give yourself a chance. But say you let it slide, see how it plays out. Then they bail on round 2 as well, now you are in trouble in the game, you may have lost any edge and you are probably playing from behind. But you stay in (because you know you can always surrender before round three and not be penalized)...

Wrong. This scenario I've been describing actually happened, round three came around and sure enough my teammate didn't show up, so I surrendered. 2 days later I get the email that I lost the match, -21 points.

Now, I thought after 3 consecutive missed rounds, a player is kicked... Is that not the case?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Update to v1.0.3 requested (please read) » Go to message
same with me... blank screen. I've restarted my phone twice... nothing
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
that is the best strategy I've come up with as well, but as you touched on, with copters being as mobile as they are, it's hard to keep a worm alive and safe
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
sorry, didn't realize I wasn't logged-in... I HATE COPTORS!
New Feature Request » Improvements for team matches » Go to message
Also, how about when a team member gets removed/surrenders from the game, maybe the remaining team member(s) could take control of their bases/troops?
New Feature Request » Select your color » Go to message
I know its rather insignificant, but it would be nice if you could select your color rather than being assigned it... So 2-player games didn't have to only feature Red/Blue and multiplayer games would be first come, first choice.
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