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New Feature Request » Sick of players bailing out » Go to message
I think the anonymous players feature should be rid of altogether. I can't think of a single other online game that lets you do that.

As far as random games goes you should simply get a "do you accept? y/n" when someone challenges you instead of forcing you into a game. Don't make it so the only way out is to surrender. (And for that matter, don't make 3 day the default... A random game should be 10 minutes or an hour!)
New Feature Request » All bases map » Go to message
Well, I'm playing on a 1st generation ipod touch and the lag can be pretty bad with any large number of units. First generation iphones are most likely the same.

Remember the newer machines are a bit more powerful (and yes, I'll get a better ipod when they come out this summer)
New Feature Request » All bases map » Go to message
There's also a point where the game starts to really lag badly, and crashes as well. I've seen it in long battles with large armies. This kind of map would definitely lead to that.

There's also something to be said for a smaller amount of well-balanced maps as opposed to a lot of novelty maps where anything goes.
New Feature Request » Longer campaign » Go to message
It's a good idea, though I think Uniwar is primarily supposed to be a multiplayer game and the campaign is more of a tutorial than anything. There are quite a few strategy games on the iphone and more coming out soon but this is the only one that does online multiplayer right.

If they were going to invest in a better single player experience they really need to improve the AI, since the computer just plays a straightforward game of head-for-the-closest base and doesn't utilize tricks like burying or teleporting.
New Feature Request » creating game as not first player » Go to message
It's winnable. I always pass first to build a better unit. Not that I win every time but it's a fairer fight than other maps I could name.

Though I do think it should be random just to mix things up. I rarely get to be player 2 since I'm always the one starting the games.. no one's ever offering a map or time limit I want to play so I end up creating most games myself.
New Feature Request » Boost Titans? » Go to message
I feel like Titans are pretty easy to beat right now, at least in 1v1 games. The only time I really see them dominate is on maps where teleporting a bunch of mechas early gives them a huge advantage. But when it comes to actual protracted battles they seem to just slowly lose a war of attrition against the other two (much more mobile and flexible) races.

I was wondering, what if teleportation was tweaked a bit so that if you send a single unit there is no cooldown? Multiple units would still have the turn of paralysis afterwards (which is needed, of course, for obvious reasons) but if you could send one unit at a time to mix things up that may make them a much more capable race offensively.

This may or may not be unbalanced, I don't know, but it could add another strategic element that I think they need.
Khraleans » Getting walled? » Go to message
Like all strategies it varies from map to map but...

Pinzers backed with infectors can take down plasma tanks pretty well, since they can easily out-heal them.

Sometimes it's good to get get a bunch of underlings on the other side of the wall and leave them there to harass reinforcements. Nothing demoralizes a titan player more than taking down a freshly-built walker.

Don't be afraid to lose an underling or two to assimilators. One or two assimilated underlings aren't that useful against khraleans (just make sure they can't take out an infector) and it's worth losing a couple to take down more expensive titan units. Also most players can't resist a chance to capture an opponent's underling, even if it's not the best move at the time. For example resurface a sacrificial underling to draw an assimilator away from the wall so you can destroy it with other buried units.

You can also resurface to threaten a base just to make them waste credits defending it.

All in all titan wall strategies work far better against sapiens than khraleans. The underling burying and resurfacing is really made for harassing those poor titans.
Sapiens » my way of the sapiens <xavier2free> » Go to message
Sapiens tank is actually very useful defensively against the titans. It heals 2 units and costs 100 less than a plasma tank. Back it up with engineers and you can create a wall that's really tough for titans to break through. It can't defend against air units, but then titans don't have air units.

And don't forget that Destroyers can attack the hex right next to them. That makes them a lot less vulnerable to aerial units than the titan's ship. It also means that while the titan ship can outmaneuver destroyers and attack from a distance, if the destroyer can get in close it will, well, destroy the hydronaut.
Titans » my way of the titans <xavier2free> » Go to message
"Stronger" also refers to defense. Mechas have a little more armor than the other minor units as well, including when capturing bases (which can really come in handy)
How to make the uniwar.com website better » iPhone version of the site » Go to message
I thought this was pretty funny, when the game directed me to the site and none of the buttons worked on the phone.

But yeah, that's something that should be fixed, I'd say. Maybe there's a mobile version to come?
Sapiens » vs. Plasma tanks » Go to message
What to do about walkers depends entirely on the map, really. The big thing to remember is that walkers can't move and attack so if you can, keep shifting the battlefront so that the opponent is either defending against nothing or has to move the whole fortress he's made. For the titan player who's built up a fortress, it gets old quick to have to keep moving it and sooner or later all but the most careful of them make a mistake and leave an opening you can exploit. Fortresses are great for defense but terrible for offense and in the long term mobility can wear any fortress down.

Also, helicopters aren't necessarily the best way to take a walker down (or the best unit to play against titans in most maps, really). Marauders can cover more distance if there's an opening and you get 2 for the price of one helicopter. Defending one front with tanks and engineers and sending infantry in from another direction works well too. Remember than walkers are really expensive so if it take six infantry to reach a walker and take it down you're still ahead of the game. If you keep moving a line of infantry in sooner or later one will reach the walker, and just knocking a walker from 10 to 7 with a weakened infantry unit can give you a big advantage on the other front.

New Feature Request » Montevideo change » Go to message
Montevideo might be the most unbalanced map, in that the first player can always grab the base (regardless of what race they play) and unless they screw up the second player doesn't have a chance. I have yet to lose Montevideo as blue once I figured this out, even against far better players, and I have yet to win on red against anyone who knows to grab that base first.

There are some other maps where one race has a huge advantage but the fact that all three races can dominate here suggests to me that maybe the map should be tweaked.

For example I wonder if making the contested base at the bottom of the screen a naval base instead might make it a little more fair, since that player wouldn't get the advantage of the extra income and it would bit a little more difficult to hold on to. Or, make it a red cross base so it would be a great place to hold and launch attacks from but you have to get your pieces there first.

Or does everyone like it the way it is?
New Feature Request » Better undo feature » Go to message
I think undo only works when doing so doesn't give you an advantage. Like you can't undo an attack (because if you could, you could undo an attack that didn't go the way you hoped) and you can't undo a move that opens up fog of war a bit. You can undo a move in your own territory (I think) and you can undo creating a unit for a few seconds.

That's what it seems to be to me, maybe someone else knows better?
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
Wow, that's great! Should make vs. Sapiens a little more manageable now. Or at least, possible!
New Feature Request » Penalize players that drop out immediately » Go to message
The only thing is there's a lot of legitimate reasons people drop out immediately, especially if they're the one who started the game (for example someone comes on with an offensive name or who insulted them needlessly in a past game, I've dropped other players for both those reasons recently.)

There's also not a way to filter by ratings and some want to play against other high-rated players. If you're 1900 you may not feel like playing against someone who's 1300 (or vice versa.)

I agree it's irritating, but look at it this way, it's better than when you're playing a 12-hour or longer game and someone just stops making moves. Then your only option is to wait it out or surrender. I'd rather someone just leave quickly if they're going to be a poor sport instead of wasting one of my slots doing nothing.
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