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New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
-Ghost: A unit that is weak against ground light and aquatic units. Additionally, it's attack stat is nothing too great against aerial units. However, this unit possesses a decent amount of attack against ground heavy units. Additionally, this unit should be able to use the "cloak" ability, which turns it invisible (Kind of like the underling "bury" ability, only that instead of a mobility loss, this unit can only remain cloaked for 2 turns). This unit would best be used for fights against the Titans, due to the ability to be able to harass key targets (walkers, etc.).
Estimated Stats:
Cost: 225-300
Abilities: Cloak (5 Turn CD)
Mobility: 8-10
Ground Light: 2-4
Ground Heavy: 5-8
Aerial: 3-5
Aquatic: 1-3
Defense: 3
Range: 1-2 (should be able to hit 2 range).
Repair: 1

-Falcon: A strong, very mobile fighter jet (obviously aerial). This unit is strong against most unit types, but lacks any countermeasures against ground light units. This unit is best described as a speedy aerial unit that excels at tearing apart ground heavy and aerial units.
Estimated Stats:
Cost: 550-600
Abilities: None
Mobility: 12
Ground Light: 0
Ground Heavy: 7-9
Aerial: 8-11
Aquatic: 5-9
Defense: 10
Repair: 1
Range: 1
Actions: 2
Vision: 5

Cheaper than the typical destroyer, this unit's greatest use is the ability to get up close and personal with enemy aquatic units, along with providing zones of control to deny the enemy access.
Cost: 350-450
Abilities: none
Mobility: 10-12
Ground Light: 6-7
Ground Heavy: 6-7
Aerial: 6-8
Aquatic: 8-10
Defensive Strength: 9-11
Range: 1-2
Repair: 2
Actions: 1
Vision: 5

New Feature Request » Upcoming Uniwar Suggestions » Go to message
Over the next few days, I will be posting some ideas that I think will be pretty cool for this game. These are the topics that I will be posting over the next few days:
-New Unit Ideas (2 more units for each race, plus a transport unit)
-New Race Ideas (Deeper detail into the Enyalios)
-New Race Ideas (Deeper detail into the Wanderers)
-New Terrain Ideas (Estuary, Road, Cave, etc)
-Tech System and Support Unit upgrades
-Game modes (This includes modes with objectives)
-Other general changes (teams of 2v2v2 or 3v3v3, improved offline mode, art/visual changes)

NOTE: That these will all be new Topics over the next few days, and comments on these things will be greatly appreciated. Please provide a valid reason for arguments against my ideas if you disagree (don't say something like: "New units would ruin the game!"). I look foward to posting all of these things! And I hope that you look foward to seeing my ideas!
New Feature Request » Would Adding 2 New Races improve gameplay? » Go to message
What do you think? Do you believe that the addition of 2 new, well balanced races improve gameplay and make the game much more enjoyable?
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Enyalios) » Go to message
I do like the idea where the "strike" ability would also enable the unit to defy all Ground Light, Ground Heavy, and Aquatic Unit zone control (Except support units, those units should block the "Strike" ability).
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Enyalios) » Go to message
I like where your going with the whole idea of destroying walkers, and yea, maybe "strikers" should recieve that damage bonus ability, but it should not be enough to 1 hit kill a walker. Severely damage; YES but 1 hit kill, I can see hundreds of people QQing about that. Perhaps if it gave the unit a +5 Ground Heavy and Aquatic bonus damage it would be good, and instead of being disabled/killed, it would simply loose 5 defensive strength (In that case, it more favorable to use them vs walkers in a pose to tanks.)
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Rouges) » Go to message
True True, I guess we can call them factions now! Anyways, I think this would be a great race to add! (Along with the Elynos of course). Both races could add alot more variety to the game, and possibly bring back a stronger player base.
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Rouges) » Go to message
Maybe we can call them FACTIONS now?
Khraleans » Garudas » Go to message
Absolutely Not, Two Pinzors dont kill a Plasma Tank (900v500). Two helicopters kill one helicopter only 50% of the time (depending on the gangup bonus and all) and that's a 1000v500cc fight!. If two helo's don't always wipe out one helicopter, why should two Garudas kill one?
General Discussion » Worst "Special" Unit » Go to message
Which "Special" Unit do you think is the worst? (Personally, I think the Cyber Underling is the worst, although it gains armor and the ability to attack aerial units, I feel like it is still weak vs ground heavy and that it's armor gain is not as benifitial due to the mobitility loss).
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Rouges) » Go to message
Haha I know right? I just more people would post on these Tops :/ . What do you think about this race?
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Enyalios) » Go to message
Please man don't get me wrong! I love the ideas that you and Skar posted, and I love how you created this race! But I honestly think that some of the abilities/units might be a bit OP (Example: a 300cc unit is able to do a massive amount of damage to a specific target? I think it would be unfair for that to happen, what if this is used on a plasma tank? That's a 300cc unit doing extreme damage to a 500cc unit, and I can see people just spamming this specific unit).
Also, those "X" wing units sound good, but also a bit OP due to their ability (12 extra damage), along with a 650cc Artillery with 1-4 range also having a special ability.
I really don't mean to shoot down your ideas, and please dont get me wrong I LOVE your ideas, but please also think a bit more about gameplay and balance with ALL the races both real and fake (by fake I mean the Rouge Sapiens idea).

P.S. Dreadnauts were in the story, and I think it sounds abit cooler than "Battletank" (that's just my personal opinion though)
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Enyalios) » Go to message
Devastators (Fighters); A strong aerial unit that has the "Bolt" ability. (Enables the unit to defy all ground light and heavy zone controls, enabling it to cross over lines of ground units with ease. Support and Aerial units stop this zone control passage)
Mobitlity: 10 Repair: 1 Vision: 6 Actions: 2 Cost: 450 Ability Cooldown: 8 Range: 1
Ground Light: 9
Ground Heavy: 9
Aerial: 9
Aquatic: 9
Defensive Strength: 9

Dreadnaut; Powerful ground heavy units, exceptional at defense.
Mobitility: 6 Repair: 2 Vision: 3 Action: 1 Cost: 550
Ground Light: 10
Ground Heavy: 9
Aerial: 5
Aquatic: 10
Defensive Strength: 16

Screacher; A powerful, long ranged artillery unit
Mobitility: 6 Repair: 1 Vision: 4 Action: 1 Cost: 650 Range: 2-4
Ground Light: 10
Ground Heavy: 11
Aerial: 11
Aquatic: 10
Defensive Strength: 4

Cruiser; Aquatic unit *EDITED*
Mobitility: 12 Repair: 2 Vision: 7 Action: 1 Cost: 900 Range: 1-2
Ground Light: 13
Ground Heavy: 13
Aerial: 13
Aquatic: 15
Defensive Strength: 15
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Enyalios) » Go to message
Highly Techonological, Highly Trained, Hightly advanced, these galactic warriors have spent countless years fighting the Titans. Being geared towards fighting Titans, they have arrived at Earth to bring balance to the world. However, things soon turned worse when rare materials to the Enyalios were discovered on Earth, and soon after, they began fighting against all races.

PROS: Powerful Units, that have a moderate mobitility, this race is adept at wiping out ground heavy units along with having some of the best defenses in the game. Also, this race is extremely adept at passing through and mingling in with enemy forces, which can break walls and cause major disruption "Reconstructs" Khraleans, "Brainwashes" Sapiens

CONS: Although powerful, they tend to lack a strong anti-air unit. Also some of their units may heavily rely on special abilities, which can have a long cooldown. Gets Bribed by Bandits, gets "Carboned" by Titans.

Trooper; Typical Ground Light unit, has Jetpack ability (enables the unit to "hop" over 5 spaces, but replaces a move/attack)
Mobitility: 8 Repair: 1 Vision: 4 Actions: 1 Cost: 100cc Ability Cooldown: 7
Ground Light: 7
Ground Heavy: 4
Aerial: 3
Aquatic: 3
Defensive Strength: 4

Techie; Common Support unit, also has "Jetpack ability" (only hops over 4 spaces, in a pose to the Trooper's 5)
Mobitility: 6 Repair: 2 Vision: 2 Actions: 1 Cost: 225cc Repair amount: x2
Ability Cooldown: 7

Seeker (Strikers); A high-mobitility ground heavy unit, capable of reaching far ranges. Has *EDIT* "Strike" Ability (Does an extra 5 damage vs Ground heavy and Aquatic units, but this unit also loses 5 defensive strength during the boosted attack.
Mobitility: 14 Repair: 2 Vision: 5 Actions: 1 Cost: 275cc Ability Cooldown: 9
Ground Light: 7
Ground Heavy: 7
Aerial: 6
Aquatic: 6
Defensive Strength: 7
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Rouges) » Go to message
Breacher: A moderate artillery unit. 500
Mobitility: 7 Repair: 1 Vision: 4 Range: 2-4
Attack After Move? NO
Ground Light: 10
Ground Heavy: 8
Aerial: 9
Aquatic: 11
Defensive Strength: 4

Strifer: A moderate aquatic unit. 700
Mobitility: 15 Repair: 2 Vision: 6 Range: 1-3
Ground Light: 10
Ground Heavy: 11
Aerial: 9
Aquatic: 13
Defensive Strength: 11
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Rouges) » Go to message
I'm starting the think that (some) people are picking up the ideas of 2 new races, one of them being the "Aliens" (From the Story line) and the other being Rouges/Bandits. In this post, I'll go over how I think the Rouges should be put into the game, with pros,cons, stats and MORE!! If you are going to say that this game should not have another 2 races, please.. dont post here.

BANDITS/ROUGES: An exiled race that used to fight for the Sapien cause, but as the ravages of war and the Recent invasion of the Titans occured, this group of sapiens broke off and formed their own rebel group, in hope that if the majority of the Sapiens gets destroyed, then they would be able to survive with ease.

Pros: A very versital race, and can stand a good chance against all other races. Most of the units in this race are quick, and have a high mobitility. Also, many of the units in this race, are pretty cheap and expendable, but are still able to put up a good fight. Rewires Mechas, Barters with "Aliens"
Cons: However, with great speed comes with the loss of strength, most Rouge units are generally weaker than other units. Also, most rouge units tend to lack a strong range of sight in the fog of war.Gets Bribed by Sapiens, gets Infected by Khraleans

Bandit: A common infantry unit, can capture bases, has no special ability. 100
Mobitily: 10 Repair: 1 Vision: 4 Actions: 1
Ground Light: 6
Ground Heavy: 4
Aerial: 2
Aquatic: 2
Defensive Strength: 5

Craftee: The common support unit, heals by +3, Can activate smokescreen. 250
Mobitility: 7 Repair: 1 Vision: 3 Actions: 1

Hovership: A moderate aerial unit. 300, Special Ability: Repair after attack
Mobitility: 10 Repair: 1 Vision: 4 Actions: 1 Range: 1
Ground Light: 5
Ground Heavy: 6
Aerial: 10
Aquatic: 6
Defensive Strength: 7

"The Boss": A custom made tank, Ground Heavy. 375
Mobitility: 9 Repair: 2 Vision: 4 Actions: 1 Range: 1
Ground Light: 11
Ground Heavy: 9
Aerial: 3
Aquatic: 8
Defensive Strength: 12

"The Junkee": A speedy ground heavy unit, Ground Heavy. 450
Mobitility: 11 Repair: 1 Vision: 5 Actions: 3 Range: 1
Ground Light: 10
Ground Heavy: 7
Aerial: 9
Aquatic: 7
Defensive Strength: 10
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