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New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
  rolando wrote: (cont...)

That was my opinion on the issue in general. I'm sure we can all get into a discussion about this...

Back to the question at hand. No decision has been made yet regarding the Helicopters, but we do agree the Titans could use some modification... via the Engineer perhaps? Stay tuned while we come up with a decision.

The Speeder is less useful than the Marauder, and the Eclipse, though good, is less useful than the Helicopter. I think either the Eclipse or (preferably) the Speeder should be changed to a fairly robust (the family trait of the Titans) air unit. Alternatively, if each race were to get an extra unit, for the Titans this could be a good air unit. It is hard to balance maps if one race totally lacks air capability.
New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
  lion37 wrote: Rolando, is anything being done to solve the problem of Heli spam?

I am currently involved in a team game of Penninsula where my team holds 17 bases (vs. 7 bases for the other team).
We have a massive lead and should by all rights easily win.

But the other team has a Sap player and is spamming Heli's.
Because of the terrain, we cannot deploy our units in any manner that can stop them.
It looks like they are going to win the game.

These type of experiences (which have become more common) are very frustrating and make we want to find a new game to play.

It would be fun if you could post screenshots of the battle situation! We could discuss and learn about the strategies and see if really the helicopter spam could overcome such a numerical disadvantage.
New Feature Request » Combatting Loopholes - Improving Speeder abilities... » Go to message
Game rules need to have some logic. That a Heli's can fly is logical, but that a speeder would be able to go over water or that it alone would be immune to EMP is not.

If EMP works out to be too harmful to Titans, then just weaken its effect. There are several options to to that.

For example, the functioning could be slowed, not stopped. Take away half the movement points, 3 (counter-)attack points and one repair point.

Changes should be thoroughly tested, so I would like to repeat my earlier suggestion to create public testbeds for each change, and give some credit for solid experience-based feedback. Maybe invite people who just played games that would be affected by the change.

/edit, I would like to vote No & No, but the speeder is not too strong obviously.
General Discussion » Dial 1-800-UNIWAR to make a donation » Go to message
There is a lot of room for improvement for the game. I could readily imagine a sequel that would blow Uniwar I out of the water.

a) Better AI.
b) Better Campaign. Several times the program introduces new features by forcing you to try them in a totally stupid way. A bit loveless, it is as if the entire game left the developer cold.
c) Don't create a 'hard' level by giving more money per turn to the bot or other ways to bend the rules of the game. Make the bots play better, or if that's too difficult, give them a stronger starting position.
d) Less bugs. The program has many bugs.
e) A more coherent story-line (just like good artwork it makes for a more polished, pleasant game).
f) Many improvements in online play (as suggested on this forum).

Uniwar has a very nice online option, but for the rest Advance Wars on the Nintendo DS is still a good example of a higher quality game (more polish, bugfree) in this genre. It also had a sequel.

Building on the experience with the first game, the second could be quite a success, I think.
New Feature Request » Option to replace dropped players with bots in team matches » Go to message
I think the best option is to let a bot do the turn of a player who times out, but only at the discretion of the (next-to-play-)opponent, who may prefer to wait. At any time the absent player may resume playing if s/he so wishes (preferably with an explanation of the absence...).

/edit, this assumes the bots will play (much) weaker than humans. Maybe in a one-on-one game there should be an option to kick a an absent opponent anyway, after three bot-turns.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Compilation of changes in 1.0.3 » Go to message
Thought I'd make a new topic for the long-awaited new version!

The problem of not going back from landscape to portrait is fixed, good!
There are two new Settings: SFX and Music on/off
Solo and Campaign mode now have Easy / Normal / Hard

I found 'The Great Wall' as the fifth online map now. This is new isn't it? Nice goody!
A few maps have been changed a bit (Forest Walk, Montevideo (heavily), Land Bridge, Gold Rush). Maybe there are more changes I didn't notice yet. These maps were not changed for offline play, it seems.

So far so good. Hope the problems some had getting it running will disappear soon. I downloaded the update to my computer, then synchronized and did a shutdown/restart of my 2nd Gen iPod Touch (OS 3.0) in case that was necessary. I had no problem.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
The good news is, the update seems to work on OS 3

Let me guess, you'll upgrade if not now, then in a little while...

I think it's a nice update from 2.2 to 3.0, but if Apple charges USD 10,- for every new point release that would get annoying quickly. For me it was the first time I had to pay for an OS upgrade.
Khraleans » Underling Spam » Go to message
Garuda's are pretty good against air units I think, and not much more expensive than Swarmers. And if you have enough protection for it, a Wyrm will also take a hevy toll on swarmers (at distance 3, that is).

Swarmers are predominantly anti-infantry units. Especially Underling are vulnerable to them.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
Wasps have only a pathetic 4 point attack against air units, against a Heli-defense of 11. And the gang-up bonus is only one, if you attack from distance.

No, if you want to have any impact on Helicopters, you have to use other units. Fast-healing Garuda's (air attack of 9 with up to 3 gang-up bonus). Or a well protected Wyrm, that has 10 attack against air.

Did you thank your opponent for the lesson?
Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
  rebelxt wrote: Let me try to explain why I failed..

What I see is that essentially only the Underlings are useful for you in the attack, the Pinzer is weak and slow in the forest, and the Wyrm is also slow and vulnerable there. So if you want to avoid an enormous mutual buildup (in which your opp can deploy several Walkers) then maybe max out your Underling production, with perhaps a few air units for extra flexibility (to finish off weak units that are in the way). The alternative would be to wait for your opp to advance and hope to make favorable attacks.

But it's always tough winning against a defensive strategy, it seems (i'm not an experienced player).

PS. Safari 4 seems to display the images directly.
Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
Nice pictures, but could you also explain why you were unsuccessful? Couldn't you systematically arrange your Underlings for favorable fights?

It seems that even in the fourth position you can take out one Walker with help of your Wyrm (killing one Marine first) although you would be vulnerable then to the other Walker and the Assimilator. Even the Plasma could be a target. With some more buried Underlings (you seem to have enough money) wouldn't a fast, profitable, attack have been possible in this battle?
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
It seems that something went wrong somewhere...
Maybe the team amended 1.0.3 a few times after submitting it to apple begin june?
I can imagine that the reviewer would not like that.
New Feature Request » [Poll] Adding Option to Lock the Screen Orientation. » Go to message
It seems really easy to add the preference to lock the orientation, with a really good cost-benefit for the development effort.
Of course, adding maps and the many suggested refinements especially for online play could lift the game in general but these mostly will require more effort.
General Discussion » How do defenders inflict damage? » Go to message
If A attacks B, the defense is just B attacking A (if B is not temporarily disabled of course). Both attacks are simultaneous on the basis of the unit-stats before the attack, and I don't see any attackers advantage in Uniwar. That is, except for the gang-up bonus that the attacker can achieve (and the Underling attack bonus when resurfacing).
New Feature Request » Screen Flip -- Option to Disable » Go to message
I am all for the option to disable landscape, or maybe freeze the current orientation.
Room enough in the settings panel, it has only one entry...

Is the poll there yet somewhere on the site?
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