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Bug Reports » 1.0.3 » Go to message
Yes, push notification is part of the next update. Stay tuned...
New Feature Request » confirmation after second move helicopters and speeders » Go to message
The dev. team is taking this issue under consideration now. Stay tuned...
New Feature Request » Titan teleportation balancing » Go to message
Those maps with loopholes (telerushable) are being modified and such "strategies" will not be possible after v1.0.3 is released.
General Discussion » Video of UniWar Loading on iPhone 3G S vs iPhone 3G » Go to message
Check this video out:
No need to tell you which one is the 3G S...The speed difference is pretty amazing...
General Discussion » Helicopter change » Go to message
  LiLNipsFatal wrote: I'm a Sapiens player and I do think Helis were overpowered especially against Khraleans, but I don't like how quickly this change was made. It didn't seem like there was too much thinking behind the decision.

Although I do think the Helicopter needed some tweaking, I would have preferred the community to discuss and vote on the change before it going straight into production.

Additionally, it's interesting because while Helis were overpowered against Khraleans, it's really the ONLY viable strategy against Khraleans IMO.

A good Khraleans player buries several units and makes it very difficult for a Sapiens player to win playing the ground game.

There was actually A LOT of thinking behind this decision and the UniWar team did not take it lightly at all.
This kind of decision has great consequences and we made it to improve the balance of this game. We are fully behind this game and our goal is to make it a big license over time so that it becomes something like a StarCraft with a large community of players. Part of this will be to port this game over all the other handsets on the market and possibly the XBLA, ...
How to make the uniwar.com website better » iPhone version of the site » Go to message
Apologies for that guys... this is definitely not good and needs to be fixed. We are working on it but it will take some time.
New Feature Request » Montevideo change » Go to message
Montevideo will be change in the next update coming soon... It will contain four bases now at the bottom middle of the map and that is where a lot of the action will happen...
The company is committed to rebalancing maps that are unbalanced.
New Feature Request » Push notification » Go to message
We are definitely working on adding push notification to UniWar. It should be there in release 1.0.4 scheduled in about a month.
Frequently Asked Questions » When is a game rated and when is it unrated? » Go to message
A game is unrated when:
- it is selected as unrated by the game creator.
- it is terminated (surrender, win/defeat, ...) within 3 rounds.
- not all races are available to choose from (this is only from client update v1.0.3 and after).

Otherwise, games are always rated.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Server Update 2009-Jun-05 » Go to message
The bot performance is much faster now.
Online bot games go really fast. Bots typically respond within 20 seconds which makes for fun and quick games (and they won't get kicked out anymore).
New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
Here it is verbatim:

Note: To improve the game balance, Helicopter units have been updated.Their repair point is now 1 (before 2) and their Ground Light Attack is now 12 instead of 13.The UniWar Team
New Feature Request » Replays » Go to message
In any game, before moving any unit, go to the Menu -> Game Options -> View Replay

In future versions, UniWar will have a dedicated Replay button in the UI...
General Discussion » Log in the Forums with your UniWar Game Username » Go to message
Dear Community of UniWarriors,

Welcome to the UniWar Forums!

The forums are already preset and synchronized with all the usernames of the online game. So make sure to log in using your online username to keep life simple.


The UniWar Team
General Discussion » Glad the forums are up » Go to message
Jesse, you just won the First Post Award!!
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
This is a BIG update with many improvements.
A new game mode is also introduced for fast turns (3 min).
Please update your AppStore ratings of the game accordingly.

- Set Music to Off and listen to external music on your device while playing UniWar.
- Music and SFX options now available.

- New "QUICK PLAY" 3-minute mode for online games.
- Players can now be skipped in online matches when their time runs out. Players skipped twice consecutively can be removed on their next turn when time runs out. Skipped players still earn credits.
- Updated Rated/Unrated settings: Rated games now require all races to be available and fog of war enabled. This will prevent players abusing race advantages.
- Map fixes to make them more balanced.
- Team chat now available for team matches.
- Chats now have a time stamp based on your time zone.
- The colored dots in online games and while joining a game now indicate if the player is currently online.
- View a player's profile while within a game by touching the username.
- More information on the joinable games: it now displays the time duration and how long ago the game was created. View the details of a joinable game to see the date it was created.
- Added values to units to indicate the number of surrounding buried units.

- Bot difficulty levels in both Campaign and Solo modes.
- Improved bot movement performance in Campaign/Solo modes.

(sent to Apple on June 5, 2009)
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