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General Discussion » NEW UPDATE INFO!! - NEW RACE AND NEW UNITS RELEASED IN MAY » Go to message
  Cpt Hawaiian wrote:
. As well, the Zoids have an Overmind unit that costs 1000 credits that can "read the mind" of its opponents, and can effectively undo the moves of opponents!!!

I knew it must be a joke as soon as I read that.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
A krahl air unit that costs 1000 credits and spews out a swarmer every 2-3 turns. Won't be able to attack, has decent-to-low defense, and low mobility. Sorta like a flying hive I guess, and only one of these guys can be on the field for the player at any time.
My idea is probably imba as hell right now but you get the gist of it.

For titans, I would like to see an air unit that is purely an anti-air "siege" unit (no ground attack, probably around 2-4 range), and can detect where buried lings are. Eclipse would probably need a nerf though if this was added.

Saps - I dunno

Guides & Tips » General tip: Counterattacks are OP » Go to message
  lantry wrote: I don't think swarmers are as broken as most people think. I have had good results by countering them with mostly garudas and a handful of swarmers.

Garudas work decently to a certain point; after the other player has a critical mass of swarmers it's pretty hard to counter em. On close position maps though, I would say garudas are actually really effective against swarmers, especially if the bases are within garuda attacking distance of one another.
Guides & Tips » General tip: Counterattacks are OP » Go to message
True, swarmers do have good damage against light units, but that's why you don't mass units like mechas and assimilators. And same deal with the eclipse; don't bother using air units against titans.
However your point about the wyrm is very valid; I've had trouble with ling-wyrm rushes as titans on some maps.
But I still believe that swarmers and eclipses are perfectly fine atm.
General Discussion » Unfair players » Go to message
I still find this thread ironic because rather than win unfair matchups, talone fed his accounts points from his other accounts. So talone, do you think gaining points from your other accounts is better than beating someone in an imbalanced matchup? I understand that you are a great player, talone, I'll admit that, but "great warriors" shouldn't have to use their other accounts just to bring themselves up to the #1 spot. I'd imagine that the true #1 would be able to get there without any cheating whatsoever.

That's just my two cents ^^
Guides & Tips » General tip: Counterattacks are OP » Go to message
That's mainly why eclipses and swarmers are not so great against ground heavy units. And wyrms have attack after move because they only have 3 range, while the other artillery units have up to 4/5 range.
You'll also notice that the ranged units have weak defense, so I don't think that these ranged units are OP at all.
General Discussion » Forum moderation » Go to message
Good idea, especially if more players join the forum after the HD version reaches iDevices.
Tournaments » Uniwar HD Tourney » Go to message
  godblessu wrote:
Hey thank you but I got lucky cause nfong has no time to play now and just decided to surrender.. thank you nfong for letting me go ahead.

Nah, I definitely lost the sap game, and the krahl game I was going to lose eventually, once those buried lings came in, haha.
Well played bro
Tournaments » Uniwar HD Tourney » Go to message
Congrats to godblessu, he beat me in both rounds
Tournaments » Uniwar HD Tourney » Go to message
  samuraj wrote:
There are rules of the tournament, according to which we must have time to finish the fight in two weeks.
Map Farest Walk often requires several months of play.

Therefore, each participant of the tournament should be held accountable not only for themselves and their results, but also for the tournament and its rivals. We should not do so that our opponent was worried about time.

I'm also very busy man. But before the tournament, I finished all my games to be able to make turns more often. Now I only have one game (tournament), so I make turns often.


According to the rules of the tournament participant acknowledged the victor, if his invitation to the game is not accept within two days.

I ask for more than two days my opponent to invite me, but still have not received an invitation.

What do you think about this? Is that correct?

Well tbh the rule (as I interpret it) is that if one player sends an invite, the other player must accept within 2 days. The rule doesn't state that one player must send an invite within 2 days after being asked. But I still see why you're upset at not receiving an invite, though.

The main thing I was trying to say was that you shouldn't get too upset if someone makes a move only 2-3 times a day. We all have our own personal commitments, so some people will have less time than others to play each day. That's all.
Tournaments » Uniwar HD Tourney » Go to message
Samuraj you can't expect people to play every hour or so...I'm sure people have other commitments, which hamper their ability to be on the game often. For example, I have school, which basically takes up 8 hours from the morning to afternoon, which means I won't be making any moves in that period. So yeah, just cut people some slack; you can't expect them to be on 24/7, much less expecting them to surrender for "wasting your time"...
User Generated Maps » Deep Jungle » Go to message
I like this map alot, Talone!
The extra base will help titans; the original Jungle map was too small and only had 2 bases.
Tournaments » Uniwar HD Tourney » Go to message
I won and PM'ed you the screenshots, Tvetan.
New Feature Request » 90 day rating reset! Vote in poll » Go to message
What do you guys think about the huge point differential at the top 200 or so players? The majority of the community is around 1400-2100, and the top 200 are from 2300-3800. Is the top player at 3800 actually "1500" points better than a 2300 player? Probably not.
So isn't the bottom part of the ladder a better indicator of skill? i.e. a 2000 would almost definitely beat a 1600, but a 2800 probably can beat a 2400 half the time.

Ladder resets would change this because the ladder would be a better indicator of skill. There's a shorter time to improve your score, so the community wouldn't be so far spread out from 1400-3800. If the ladder resets every 2-3 months or so, the scores probably would range from 1400-2500 imo.
So yeah, main problem is that the ladder doesn't actually show how good you are, once you reach 2000+.
New Feature Request » Fixing Titan-Sapien balance » Go to message
I definitely agree with alot of those maps you bring up, waxoid - dead monk, wildplains, etc all seem to be quite imba for titans. Rubicon and Great wall also seem Titan favored IMO.
My favorite map ATM is definitely starvation. I think it's definitely one of the more balanced maps, especially since saps will be able to apply good early pressure against titans with marauders.
I'm not too sure about maps like scramble or jungle, though. I don't really enjoy playing on smaller maps
I would think jungle may be sap favored; early marine/marauder pressure with battery later seems very strong.
I'll post some more thoughts later when I have time.
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