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General Discussion » Forcing ads on us » Go to message
I rolled my eyes at that, but it's the only time they've done it. I guess I don't mind.
Sapiens » vs. Plasma tanks » Go to message
Marauders have been the only counter I've found to be effective against Walkers. But really... I think the best thing is to be aggressive early and try to prevent Walkers in the first place. Once the game turns in to a standoff, that range advantage is sometimes insurmountable.
Sapiens » vs. Plasma tanks » Go to message
It takes a little bit more thought, but there's really no reason to be afraid of Plasma Tanks when playing Sapiens. Tanks backed up by Engineers are an equal match. Let them attack you, and use your turns to repair. If you have an advantage - either in number of units (3 Tanks on 2 Plasma, for instance) or with terrain or Gang-Up bonus, use your EMP to move in for some heavy damage.
Titans » my way of the titans <xavier2free> » Go to message
Mechas are definitely a little bit stronger than the other units. It's not a huge difference, but pay attention the next time you engage a Marine or Underling. You outdamage them by about a point.
New Feature Request » Unit Upgrades » Go to message
I'd be satisfied with a more robust form of the Veteran mechanic. Make the upgrades easier to attain, and have more levels of them. Perhaps also an option to trade credits for level upgrades.
Khraleans » Khralean Healing Ability » Go to message
Infectors are one of my favorite units, for exactly this reason.

Also don't forget to make use of plague against Sapiens. It raises absolute hell with them, and only serves to increase your regenerative advantage.
General Discussion » Helicopter change » Go to message
Nice job with the helicopter nerf. It was necessary, and you didn't go overboard. I think it'll improve balance.
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