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General Discussion » What to do if teammates are playing terribly » Go to message
I agree. It took about six weeks, but I have a robust Friend list with people I truly enjoy playing with/against. And my Friend list grows as I join (or am invited to) games hosted by my Friends and meet THEIR Friends. I hardly ever have to join a game with people I don't know anymore (although sometimes I will if the game looks interesting enough).

If your teammates are REALLY terrible, invite them to a game where they are on the OPPOSING team...
Technical Support Questions » Game is not terminating even though one team is eliminated » Go to message
This is not just an issue on this map. Many team games take a few turns to recognize a victory. One thing I've noticed is that all Neutral bases also need to be captured before a victory will be declared.
New Feature Request » View the map/game/messages before responding to a peace offr » Go to message
No, I like the idea of everyone needing to agree to a Peace Offer. Otherwise, if someone is dominating a game the other players can vote for peace to keep from losing too many points. That's not fair to the good players.
New Feature Request » Walker Unit: Range Toooo Long. » Go to message
There are some games where the Walker can dominate, such as X-Island. However, I know that going in and either choose Titans in that map or create a game with no Titans. I think the Walker is fine the way it is.
General Discussion » Cheating in multi player games » Go to message
I haven't seen much cheating yet, but I don't dispute that it can happen. If there is an easy way to spot it, it should be dealt with. As I build up my list of Friends, I find it easy to set up or join games with people I trust to have good sportsmanship.

That said, I don't think limiting ratings to 1v1 games is the answer. My few victories in 6- and 8-player games took a long time and were hard fought, and I believe I deserve the ranking points that go along with those victories. I would hate for the larger maps to become unrated.
New Feature Request » View the map/game/messages before responding to a peace offr » Go to message
I'd also like to know which player offered peace in a multi-player game.
New Feature Request » Three ideas I had... » Go to message
I would not mind seeing the Battery range change to 2-4.
Bug Reports » Email notifications acting up » Go to message
I often don't get notifications at all (although it does seem to immediately send me an e-mail every time I lose!).
New Feature Request » Editing invited players » Go to message
If you set up a game in which you invite friends and one of the friends declines the invite, you can remove them from the set-up. At that point, he is replaced with an Open slot. I would prefer that the host has the option of inviting a different friend to the game.
General Discussion » "Refresh" button and timing out » Go to message
  rolando wrote: Also, to add to #1, you can adjust the automatic refresh rate of an online game to 10 seconds, 20, 40 or 60 seconds. This way, if you have a short 10-minute game you can set the auto refresh to 10 seconds to keep the game fast paced (assuming the other player is moving just as fast).

To adjust the game refresh rate, go to the Pause Menu -> Settings

Just remember - faster refreshes eat more battery! This game is already a bit of a battery hog, but that's probably unavoidable since it needs to constantly communicate with the server.
General Discussion » A Plea for Mercy » Go to message
The iPhone 3.0 OS update is out today, and I'm sure most players will be updating today or tomorrow. Of course, we all know that nothing EVER goes wrong with a software update, but just in case, for the next couple of days you may want to give players some leeway if they time out before you kick them. They may just be experiencing some upgrade issues.
Bug Reports » No Victory Team Glitch » Go to message
  davegobe wrote: (we were thoroughly defeated before that).

How come that never happens when I play against you??
Bug Reports » No Victory Team Glitch » Go to message
It also seems to take a long time to register a victory in a team game. If an entire team is wiped out and all of their bases are occupied, the game still won't record a win until their bases are actually captured. It also appears that a victory won't register if there are any neutral bases left in the game, even if an entire team is eliminated.

I'm wondering if we could declare a victory in team just like 1v1. If the opponent is wiped and the based occupied, it's a win.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
  rolando wrote:
  timfoil740 wrote: when is it expected to be available?

Hopefully this week, but we can never predict Apple's timing.

I bet it takes a little longer this time, since Apple is kind of distracted by deploying iPhone 3.0 this week.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
  kralux wrote: - Updated Rated/Unrated settings: Rated games now require all races to be available and fog of war enabled. This will prevent players abusing race advantages.

I'm not sure I like this idea. The issue is not whether all races are available; the issue is that the host can choose a race and lock all other players out of it. I think that I would prefer that, in a rated game, the host is restricted to the same races that the other opponents are. This would still maintain the balance.

As an example, I enjoy playing X-Island. However, if the Titans can build protected Walkers in their territory, they can hit almost any other hex across the water. I prefer playing this game without Titans. If I as host also cannot play as Titans, how is this unfair?

Another type of game I like is what I call Civil War, where all players are the same race. This is probably the most balanced type of game out of all of them, yet this rule change would prohibit rated games of this type.

Please reconsider the way you are implementing this change. I think it would be much better to just limit the host to the same races as his opponents.

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