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Here's what I think the Enyalios race should be set up, since they typicaly seem to fight the titans, they should be exceptionally good vs ground units. I will go through all of the Enyalios units, and give them stats based on what I think they should be used. Any numbers/stats not put up are considered "normal" (Exampe, all infantry have 1 repair, most units have 1 move per a turn, etc)

Trooper: Ground Light; Reconfigured by Titans, Pirated by Bandits. 100
Mobitility: 8 Repair: 2 Vision: 3 Special Ability: NONE
Ground Light: 7
Ground Heavy: 4
Aerial: 1
Aquatic: 3
Defensive Strength: 4

Techie: Ground Light; Support Unit. 250
Mobitility: 7 Repair: 1 Vision:3 Special Ability: Devistation (Damages 1 Unit in a 2 hex AOE for 3 damage)
Repair Increase: +3

Skirmisher: Ground Heavy; 300
Mobitility: 15 Repair:2 Vision: 5
Ground Light: 6
Ground Heavy: 8
Aerial: 6
Aquatic: 5
Defensive Strength: 9

Brawler: Aerial; 375
Mobitility: 12 Repair: 2 Vision: 5
Ground Light: 7
Ground Heavy: 9
Aerial: 9
Aquatic: 12
Defensive Strength: 9

Juggernaut: Ground Heavy; 500
Mobitility: 7 Repair: 1 Vision: 3
Ground Light: 10
Ground Heavy: 10
Aerial: 4
Aquatic: 12
Defensive Strength: 15

Blaster: Ground Heavy; 550
Mobitility: 6 Repair: 1 Vision: 5 Range: 3-5
Ground Light: 8
Ground Heavy: 8
Aerial: 8
Aquatic: 10
Defensive Strength: 4

Cloud Eagle: Aerial; 650
Mobitility: 8 Repair: 1 Vision: 6
Ground Light: 11
Ground Heavy: 12
Aerial: 8
Aquatic: 15
Defensive Strength: 12

Cruiser: Aquatic; 750
Mobitility: 11 Repair: 1 Vision: 6 Range: 2-4
Ground Light: 9
Ground Heavy: 9
Aerial: 9
Aquatic: 11
Defensive Strength: 11
New Feature Request » If a new race had to be added... » Go to message
  Skar wrote: If we're going for races from my thread how about the Enyalios? I don't think we're killing them off any time soon so they could be another race.

Trooper - simple infantry unit, cost 100 creds Good Enough, any special abillities/strengths?
Assault trooper - infantry unit with Jetpack ability allowing it to make one four-hex 'jump' over impassable terrain, also slightly tougher than regular trooper, cost 200 creds Any drawbacks to jumping? I guess the aliens get no support units
Battletank - Massive tanky thing that can take buttloads of damage, cost 500 creds I would say, make it have maximum deffense, but have less attack damage than a plasma tank
Skirmisher - Fast attack unit, 2 moves/turn, tougher than Marauder, good against ground light and aerial, 350 creds Simple enough
Blaster - Light artillery unit, not as powerful as other races artillery, range 2-4 hexes, cost 400 creds I would say (and this is my opinion of course) bump the range up to 4-5, and increase the cost to 550. However, it will still be weaker than other siege units. I think this would go very well with the "Battletank" deffense
Cloud Eagle - Heavy aerial unit, massively awesome, range 2 hexes, good against basically everything, cost 800 creds 2 Range? Sounds a bit OP, espescially since it's aerial. I would say nerf it down to a 450 cred unit, and make it especially powerful vs air. Also give it 1 range.
Cruiser - Powerful but very short range (2 hexes) range, cost 700 Destroyer powerful? Or Hydronaut powerful?

I know I left out a repair unit and everything's stupidly expensive but this is sticking to what's been said on my backstory thread
I like that your sticking to the back story! I think it would be a great idea for this new race in particular.

Italics=My Feedback
New Feature Request » If a new race had to be added... » Go to message
I think you put the wrong link on lol, it came up with a love movie trailor. By Rouges, think of brutal street thugs/criminals, wearing beanies, black gloves, etc. Here's a unit list that I made up (I know it doesnt adress your question, but i thought i would put it out there anyways). Unit listing goes: Unit, Cost, Strengths/Weaknessess, Special Ability. Other Facts.

Bandit: 100, a common ground light unit that is weak vs aerial units, but is a bit stronger vs ground heavy. 10 Mobility
Craftee: 250, support unit, heals by +3, can activate smokescreen. Has a mobility of 7.
Hovership: 300, Medium Aerial unit, stronger than a swarmer, weaker than a guardia.
"The Boss": 375, Strong ground heavy unit, weaker than a tank, but can attack air and has 9 mobility.
"The Junkee": 475, Medium Ground unit, is stronger than a speeder, but slightly weaker than "the boss". Can make 3 moves per a turn.
Breacher: 500, Moderate siege unit, has a range of 2-4, this unit is weaker than other siege units, but can attack after move.
Strifer: 675, Strong aquatic unit, has 1-3 range, is weaker than destroyers and barely stronger than leviathans. Has 15 aquatic mobility, but has 6 sight.

BTW Sid I really like the unit ideas! Except the naval unit, that unit seems pretty scary. O.o
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More races sound like fun.. And I think it would all be for the better! 5 Races could easily be balanced in the game (Convert 2, Get converted by 2, neutral with 1).
New Feature Request » If a new race had to be added... » Go to message
I like the whole list! And here's what I got to complete it! The list goes: (Ability); (Targeted Races), (Effect)
(Sapiens) EMP; Aliens and Titans; Shuts down all units in the AOE for 1 Turn. (15 CD)
(Khraleans) Plauge; Aliens, Sapiens, Rouges; Does 1 damage per a turn to plauged units, spreads to adjacent units.
(Titans) UV Ray; Sapiens, Khraleans, Rouges; Does 1 damage in a 5 hex AOE (11 CD)
(Rouges) Smokescreen; All except Rouges; Creates a 3 hex wide screen of smoke that blocks all vision for 2 turns, except those that are in it, those units have a 1 hex area of sight. (10 CD)
(Outsiders) Devastation; Targets 1 unit in a 2 hex AOE of the support unit, after a 1 turn delay, it damages the targeted unit for 3 hp. (9 CD)

Also for those conversions, Rouge > Alien would be Barter. Alien > Khralean would be Reconstruct.
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Okay, I got the new Uniwar HD game for the Iphone, but i'm having trouble finding the map maker section. Where do I got make my own maps?
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
@Starry, I see what you mean, but I wrote though that submarines can detect other submarines. So if you place your submarine near an enemy submarine, it would be see just like any other unit, and can be attacked like any other unit (IDK if I left this out or not). That would stop "underling" hunts. Also, thank you for clarifying the star system, now I understand.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
@Starry. You appear to be confused, adding submarine units would not make the game into a battle of attrition, these special abilities would help jazz up naval battles. Submarine units have powerful strengths and weaknesses, like having powerful, anti-navy abilities as well as being able to detect enemy submarines. Think of them as a naval support unit, they dont do MASSIVE amounts of damage to enemies, but do help alot. Making just submarines in a map would not be a good idea, the hydrofoil's ability is a hologram, which it's only basic use is fooling enemies and transporting units. Water mines would not become overpowered, because enemy "support" units can detect mines. Along with all this, I don't even think it's possible for ink to be overpowered.

Also, I can't really tell what you mean by "5 Star defense", or "3 Star attack", please be specific for all stats. Amphibous units, to me, would probably hurt the game alot more than help it. To me, the special abilities you have listed seem a little out there (Double damage attack) and seem to me that if you mass these types of units, it's a sure victory (double attack + any other naval or aerial unit= Cheap kills).

Along with naval units, we should also discuss other kinds of units that should be added to the game ("super" underlings, Snipers, Jets, Titan Drones, Etc.) Personally, I think this new unit should help each race fight its "weak" race (Example: New Sapien unit should be the most useful against titans).
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@Cogger, Thank you very much!!
New Feature Request » Project Evolve-A Community Driven Evolution » Go to message
@cafaling, I dont know about these tile ideas, but I do like the map ideas! Anyways I thought of 1 more new tile that could alter uniwar for the better. Also, for the road tile, there should be no negative stat changes.

Cavern: A cavern tile is much like a cave, a gaping hole that goes into the ground, but here's the deal, its inacessable to aerial units! Thats right, you can't fly a helicopter into a cave! (I'd be impressed by anyone that can) So this tile would help alot of map makers who feel that the map should be ground-only.

Stat Changes: Ground Light: +2 Attack/ +2 Defense
Ground Heavy: +1 Attack/ -2 Defense
Aerial and Aquatic: N/A
This tile will cose 4 mobility for Ground Light units, and 5 mobility for Ground Heavy units.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
I like all of the positive feedback, keep it up guys. This is what I think should be put for the new aquatic units, some ideas are mine, some... not quite so much.


-These new aquatic units should be considered "support" aquatic units, but should be able to attack and defend themselves, along with having special abilities and being able to transport units. When submerged, enemy "attack" boats adjecent to the unit should recieve a number above it (much like the underlings). However, if another support unit gets adjecent to the submerged unit, then it should be revealed, and can be attacked like any other aquatic unit (Same goes for water mines).

-The Submarine (Sapien) and Slitherene (Khralean) should have 1-2 range, while the Hydrofoil (Titan) should have 2-3 range. Sight, mobility, and attack stats are all variables at the moment.

Aquatic Units
-Submarine: A moderate aquatic unit that can submerge under water, along with transporting units. Its special abillity allows it to lay underwater mines in any vacent tile (3 Turn cooldown). Any unit that lands on a mined tile will take 2 damage, and all mines are perminant, but can be destroyed when revealed.

-Slitherene: It is much like a giant squid or octopus, which can also transport land units and submerge under water. This unit will be able to "Ink" a 3 hex area for 2 turns (9 turn cooldown). Water tiles covered in ink will cost 4 mobility each, and will be inaccessable to submerge in (all units that were underwater when the ink went off, are forced to surface).

-Hydrofoil: Personally, I like most of the ideas of this unit (and it's name). This unit should have a large amount of mobility (even when underwater) and have a decent range of sight. Also, the hydrofoil should be able to create a decoy hydronaught (9 turn cooldown) above it, or a "hologram". The decoy will only be able to be used when the hydrofoil is underwater, and will be ontop of the hydrofoil for 3 turns. The decoy will be unable to do damage to enemies, and when attacked, it will disapear.

Well here's my idea on what should be added to the water unit arsenal. Each of these units have special abilities that can be well used against both races. In my mind, these units should cost 400-600cc, have moderate defense and attack, and be able to transport units and sumberge!
New Feature Request » Project Evolve-A Community Driven Evolution » Go to message
@Toss, Don't Get me wrong I think it's a nice idea!! But I thought that you ment that the "supply" would be 30-70 (which to me, doesnt seem like alot.) By "hard" mode, I kinda mean a "side" mode that you can put onto maps, kind of how you can turn teams on and off or set the fog of war on or off. I think it's a great idea, but it shouldn't be one of the top priorities of Uniwar.

By the way, ty on the feedback on the jJet
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@Toss, Sounds like an interesting idea, but keep in mind the pros and cons of this. On the pros side, it would prevent maps from being overpopulated and invoke deeper strategy in players by having them keep in mind the supply cost. However, keep in mind though that this would destroy the idea of unit preservation. Also, if your supply capacity is full, and you have mostly tanks while your enemy starts to get swarmers, what do you do? I think this would be great to add as a side mode or a "hard" mode, but should not be used in rated games.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Maybe we should expand, debate, or put more detail into some units already agreed on by the community. Personally, I think we should start with a Jet, because it seems to be agreed on the most. Also, maybe we should look into units that are already in the game, and maybe change them to help balance the addition of these new units.

NOTE that most numbers are vairables because it is an idea, number can be improved based off the community and balancing
Mobility: 16-17
Ground Light: 0-4
Ground Heavy: 8-10
Aerial: 7-11
Aquatic: 12-14

Defensive Strength: 11

Repair: 1
Range: 1
Special Ability: Afterburner (6 Turn Cooldown)
Moves per a turn: 1
Attack After Move? Yes
Sight: 5
Cost: 600-750cc

Afterburner: Personally, I think this ability would be really useful at balancing the Sapien-Titan ballance, while still keeping the balance with Khraleans. When used, this ability should enable the Jet to cross over all LAND units, without any zone control issues, however the unit cannot attack after it has used this ability, but it can return attacks.

Unit Description: The Jet is a powerful aerial unit, that would best be used in fights against Titans and boats. This unit would be great to use against the common plasma tank wall and walker tactic, along with being a powerful, Anti-Navy unit. Along with Aquatic power, the Jet should also be a very good Anti-Air unit, possibly helping the Sapien-Khralean balance without totally destroying it.

Along with adding this unit, I believe that the Helicopter should recieve a +3 aerial unit attack damage bonus, while the Guardia recieves an extra 2 attack points against aerial units. These stat additions should help balance Khralean to Jet fights, along with Helicopter to Guardia and Swarmer fights.

Also a quick side note, I have to say I kinda disagree with the new Titan aerial unit being an observer unit. To me, that seems to be disapointing to a Titan player, becuase its only use is scouting, it isnt good for attacking or sitting on bases. Personally, I would add some sort of aerial unit that can actually do some damage, but thats just me.
New Feature Request » Project Evolve-A Community Driven Evolution » Go to message
Good job OP on making this post, this should help organize these ideas. I also have a couple ideas of my own . The ideas I have are NOT about units, but about the creation and maybe the change of some tile stats.

**New Tiles**

1) -Road: Road tiles are uncapturable tiles that are used for getting ground units across areas quickly. These types of tyles could be very useful for people creating larger/bigger maps, or for people that would like to create maps with key locations that they would like players go through. The addition of the road will also enable quick scouting in large maps for players, allowing units like speeders, muraders, marines, and underlings to cross mass distances to scout enemies.
Mobility Cost: Ground Light: 2 Ground Heavy: 2 Aerial: 3
Stat Bonuses: No Stat Changes for ALL unit types

2) Estuary : Estuary tiles are both crossable by ground units AND aquatic units, this tile is a must have! This tile would best be used for either one of two reasons. Either reason one, to make masses of land, which are divided by water, to able to be crossed with no transports required. Also, these types of terrians could give players a true "swamp" or "jungle" feel for players who try to create these types of maps.
Mobility Cost: Ground Light: 4 Ground Heavy: 4 Aerial: 3 Aquatic: 4
Stat Bonuses: Ground Light: 0 Attack/-1 Defense
Ground Heavy: 0 Attack/ -2 Defense
Aerial: No Change
Aquatic: 0 Attack/ -2 Defense

3) Bridge: Bridge tiles are alot like Estuary tiles, which are crossable by aquatic units and land units. Bridges would be much like Estuary tiles, only that they do not affect stats as much as Estuaries do. Also, Bridge tiles would be crossable by aquatic units, but cannot be landed on.
Mobility Cost: 3 (ALL)
Stat Bonuses: Ground Light: +2 Attack/ 0 Defense
Ground Heavy:+1 Attack/ -1 Defense
Aerial and Aquatic: N/A

In my mind, all of these tiles are worth adding, but what do YOU think?
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