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General Discussion » The censor » Go to message
You forgot those in there:

I honestly don't know why those are censored, homo is "same" in latin and being a jew isn't forbidden afaik.

PS: I sure hope that's a hero marine you've got there.
General Discussion » The censor » Go to message
Sims, if you managed to get that, censor being used only for harshest of words, then I might come back.
Right now it's 100% unaceptable that we have words like jew and homo censored. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL!? Homo is "same" for latin, and jew is a freaking RELIGION!

So yes, how it is right now I would call it censor. Mostly because it's blocking off words that should not be blocked and makes passing a message much harder than it should be.
General Discussion » Heavenly Order of the Runiwar » Go to message
That is pretty cool. Care to translate what's on the medal itself?
General Discussion » The censor » Go to message
Lol, out of everyone I didn't think I would see briceK wanting to talk about the game ONLY. I just don't understand these people, it's not like chat about uniwar specifically was ever banned or looked down upon. Just don't expect EVERYONE to talk about it, because then it's forcing the topic. And quite frankly, if you go on battle.net they don't talk solely about starcraft/warcraft.
Be boring if you want, I'm going to go ahead and not be.

JC: How would I know? I left uniwar until the censor is fixed, it's not my fucking problem now.
General Discussion » list of banned words please??? » Go to message
Truly this censor is doing it's job at quelling bad people and trolls.
Oh wait...
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
A better idea is to just remove these unbalanced maps from the random queue....
I could agree to the eclipse buff, MAYBE the pinzer buff, but certainly not the speeder one. You call it the worst 250 unit, but it's arguably very good for titans especially in early. Good map control, they don't need more.
New Feature Request » limit teleport ability that currently ruins many map layouts » Go to message
Point 4) and 5) are by far my favourites, and I'd like them to be combines if possible.
General Discussion » The censor » Go to message
Meta, this isn't a chat room. Post everything you want to say in one post, not 3 different ones please.
And sims is right, you don't have a "right" to cuss in chat room. But you do have very good points. Most of the "cussing" going on is by mature people who are doing it as a joke, not to insult people. One could argue that they want it more children friendly, but generally speaking these same kids find it fun to wreak havoc in chat by being idiots. And when the child is mature enough to be accepted in the community, you get people like Cogger or Puppylover98, and THEY understand the jokes perfectly well and aren't offended by it.

Also as a side note... 12 years old DO have mails meta. If they're going to have iPhones, iPads, android phones and all that shit might as well get a mail xD
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
Care to share that document sims?

I wanted to know if there is anyone else that would agree to buff the sapien tank? Granted it's the cheapest and is just 1 defense below other tanks, but it's just worthless overall.
Since it's 50 credits below pinzer, but lacks air attack AND has a little less defense and even 2 less damage against ground light units, would it be too much to ask for a better attack against heavy units? That way it still dies easily, but at least it fights back much better than before. The quantity of attack added is open to debate of course, I would settle for one but won't turn away +2 bumping it to 12, but that's probably my sapien player side that's talking
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
I really don't feel the eclipse needs a buff that much, but I'm no titan player.
However from the games I've played I now understand why underlings are so freaking annoying and there's just no proper counter mechanics to it.
My proposition would be to prevent the lings from healing for sure, and I think increasing the stomp damage to 2 is still debatable.
General Discussion » Can we get someone banned for that reason? » Go to message
Congratulations, you're apparently very capable of replying to a 2 YEARS OLD THREAD.
New Feature Request » Let's bring back the 1000credits/base option! :) » Go to message
Okay let me elaborate:
I don't want it with our current map rating system, because like I said it is BOUND to become rated sooner or later.
Restricting map making isn't smart, and I'm totally up for more editing tools, but first I'd like to see a better map rating system before this which is a much minor issue.
General Discussion » Sept 10 changes... » Go to message
I find it really nice. You hit a tank and you retreat before it can hit you back. Of course, like anything else in this game, it heavily depends on the map.

Rofl someone on some topic got mad and downvoted me...
General Discussion » Random games reform » Go to message
Hopefully you are right
Because we keep getting horrible maps like tiny desert and.... uh... I mean....
New Feature Request » Solo and Vs team matches not online » Go to message
Rarely have I seen such an useless post. Way to necro a 2 years old thread for no apparent reason.
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