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New Feature Request » 90 day rating reset! Vote in poll » Go to message
I like this idea. However, like you mentioned, there is the problem that for the first week or so you will get many bad matchups. I think that instead of resetting everyone's rating down to 1500, it should bring your score halfway back.
i.e.: newScore = oldScore - ((oldscore - 1500) / 2)
this way, the ratings will still mostly be in order and matchups will still be pretty good, but it will mix things up a bit like you want.
New Feature Request » Increase power of titan's teleport » Go to message
Well, titans are the most defensive race. The main strategy with them (so far as I have seen) is to turtle until you have some walkers built up, then use them to push the opponent back. This strategy makes for a rather boring game, especially for the opponent. However, the devs did acknowledge the fact that titans are so defensive and complimented this with the teleport ability for mechs and eclipses. The tele (in theory, at least) allows titans to push more aggressively, despite the slow move speed of their units. Or it would, if units who were teleported were anything but cannon fodder. As the system currently is, you will lose any unit that you teleport because they are completely defenseless for a turn. Because of this, it is nigh impossible for titans to use them for their intended purpose of making aggressive pushes.

I propose to take away the defenseless turn for teleported units, and treat teleporting as any other move. This would mean that teleporting a unit would be the same as moving it, except that the teleport ability would need to cooldown before it can be used again. Of course, this is slightly too much of a boost, so the stats of tele units might have to take a slight nerf, but I think overall this would improve the aggressive ability of the titans and help rid games of turtling.
Tournaments » Calling Uniwar HD Contestants » Go to message
Wait... I thought one of the prizes WAS Uniwar HD? Wouldn't that be kind of ruined if everyone had to buy the game anyway just to compete?
New Feature Request » Improve scoring system - to make ladder reflect real skill » Go to message
I completely agree. The main thing is to have only 1v1s ranked (or have a separate ladder and ranking for 1v1, team, and ffa) but having points lost over time also seems pretty good. However, this would have to be carefully implemented as it would cause a lot of fluctuation over time. Imagine you are ranked at 2000 points, and you lose 5 points a week due to this new rule. The decrease in points will be perfectly steady, whereas the increase in points will rarely be stable. for example, if a game takes 2 weeks to finish, and you get ten points for winning this game, over two weeks there will be no net change in your score, but at one week it will appear as though you have dropped by 5 points. This example is simplified and not very extreme, but it demonstrates the flaw inherent in that system. I think the real solution to the second half (if the first half is having separate scores) is to have a more comprehensive score system available to the players, where they can see much more info about the score, e.g. a chart showing the player's score over time. this would allow the player to judge another players skill (and their own) while putting relatively low strain on the developers.
Tournaments » Uniwar HD Tourney » Go to message
super excited :D
I really doubt I will be the champ, but it's great to see a tournament like this happening!
be on the lookout for my qualifying game >:)
User Generated Maps » Please Vote on Map editor options ! » Go to message
Will there be a separate rating for the map and if it should be allowed in rated? i.e. each map can receive two ratings: a rating on how much you like the map (out of 5) and a rating on whether or not you think it will be good for rated play (yes or no)
General Discussion » Mirror Matches » Go to message
I kinda like the idea of having special abilities against your own race also, but they wouldn't stop it from being a "mirror match". Don't get me wrong, I still think this is a good idea (although your example seems a bit iffy).
General Discussion » Naval Maps » Go to message
Yeah, I have seen a similar thing, which is why I try to stay away from maps with too much water on them (ARiverRuns is about the most). I almost think the game would be better off without naval units, but that is just my thought, and I know lot's of people disagree with me. Also, naval units can be alright in maps with low credit per turn.
Tournaments » TOP PLAYERS TOURNAMENT » Go to message
Will there be a min/max point limit? I would like to play, but my rating is only around 1800, so I probably wouldn't really be at a similar skill level as the rest of you. However, if you need another person, I would be glad to join in.
Also, when you say "Pairs of Players" you mean 1v1, right?
Bug Reports » Can't see Titan units » Go to message
sounds like a problem with the game's images or something. Try deleting the game off your phone and downloading it again.
New Feature Request » Local server / botserver executables » Go to message
I doubt it :\

However, I think that this should be the direction Uniwar should take: port it to PC (which would open up many other new features), and release a server executable so that anyone can host a server. Ofc, you should probably keep it so that your ranking is only affected by games played on official servers, but it would still be an improvement I believe.
Technical Support Questions » Bots offline » Go to message
My guess is that they are removing bots from the online game.
General Discussion » About Luck » Go to message
I'm not sure I am going to agree with you here. I have thought about this issue a lot, especially in how it relates to multiplayer games where players are ranked. Obviously, the more luck that is involved in the game, the less the score will actually be a reflection of their skill as a player. However, you have to keep in mind that this isn't a math equation or an assembly line; we aren't looking for the best, most efficient answer. I think that the little bit of luck there makes the game more interesting while still being small enough to have the game be mostly skill.
Bug Reports » Was temporarily able to move enemy player's unit » Go to message
sounds like a client side glitch, since the server still knew where the unit was. What device and OS was this on?
New Feature Request » Aerial attack with the Tank » Go to message
In case the aliens and robots didn't tip you off, this game isn't designed to be the most realistic, it's designed to be fun, which works best when it is balanced. As simsverd mentioned, this change would upset the balance.
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