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Messages posted by: curmudgeon
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General Discussion » User Generated Maps Should Publish Rated » Go to message
I think that voting maps into rated status will be a real nuisance to the Uniwar community. I imagine everyone will publish at least 1 map and think will naturally want to get it rated as soon as possible. Then the chat room will turn into just a forum for everyone to beg to get their maps rated. Only maps with the best PR campaign will get the rated status and good maps could never get rated.

The next problem is that credits/ turn is just as much of a balancing factor as the terrain. You can take any "fair" map that is currently rated and change the credits to 1,000,000/ turn and Titans will win every time because they can put more money on the map with bases simply being the limiting factor. Take the same map and turn it to 1/ turn and K's will eventually win because they can put more powerful units on the map quicker. I am using extreme examples to just demonstrate my point, but less extreme changes will definitively affect balance.

Having the Uniwar community have to come to a consensus on not only if the terrain of a map is fair, but also if the credits/ turn are fair will take way too long of a time to get new maps out. So long that I think the community will sign off on unfair maps just to get more out there.

Every map should keep the statistics of how popular it is and people should vote on how fair they think it is. But this info should just be used for people to make decisions on whether or not they want to play a rated game on this map, not if they can play a rated game.

I think that all maps should be rated and that it is up to the end user to simply not play maps they don't trust or have don't have good balance/ popularity rating.
User Generated Maps » New tile suggestions to increase diversity of maps » Go to message
Sort of. I think it would be better for ships to not be able to occupy the bridges. I would also like to avoid having ships being built in landlocked areas that shipyards are bring used in this manner.
User Generated Maps » New tile suggestions to increase diversity of maps » Go to message
I would really like to see bridges (tiles where naval units can move through but cannot occupy) and tiles where mechas cannot teleport on and underlings cannot dig through be added to help generate more diversity in map designs.

I understand that these are two major balancing factors in the game, but these tiles could be used to make maps where the base to fight over is far away and/or on an island and you have to move a capturing unit the entire way exposed to attack. Of course these tiles will be incorporated into maps to make them extremely biased, but some really great and balanced maps could be made with them too.
Bug Reports » UNWANTED games » Go to message
This is driving me nuts. I only have enough time in my life right now to play just a couple of games. Now I can't join random games because every time I do I get the extra 3-5 games, all with the same person too. I just asked one of the people who started 3 unwanted games with me and he said that he requested 3 random games within a minute or so and he not only got 3 games with me but he too got a couple of other random games he did not request. It seems that this is a major problem in the program that regulates random games and not just some kind of odd glitch. On another note, why can't we pick who we wan to play random games against? If the race and map was only determined after both parties accepted, we would not need a program choosing who we play.
Bug Reports » New update bug for iphone » Go to message
Thanks for the reply. I can't find that post, but that seems to be the answer. I hope they fix it in the next update.
Bug Reports » New update bug for iphone » Go to message
I meant to add that it does not happen every time.
Bug Reports » New update bug for iphone » Go to message
Updated on iPhone and when on the current games screen and the phone is being held sideways, the location of where you press and where it registers is shifted up. Pushing current games does nothing an I have to push start new game for it to open my current games
Bug Reports » Didn't get credits at beginning of turn » Go to message
I was a few rounds into a random game with 200 credits a turn. Ended turn with 150 and then began my next turn with 150. I thought to myself that maybe I was mistaken, but the lowest I could have started a turn with would be 200.
Guides & Tips » CHN .xiang is cheating! » Go to message
I just beat him in a random match with no funny stuff. He was saps, so maybe the hack only works for k's, doesn't work for random games, or he doesn't cheat every time.
New Feature Request » The answer to all problems » Go to message
To take this game to the next level and to solve all the balance problems, this game should switch to a 1 race format. This would allow for user generated maps, the end all balance issues, and a more interesting game. This could be done without using any new units (though I would suggest the addition of a cheap ship with no range).

The reason why new maps are so hard to create is that there is a discrepancy between the capturing units eg. teleporting mechas, and quick moving underlings. This causes maps to be kept small and extremely well designed. Pensinulas is a very popular map and well thought out, but we need more maps like it. If everyone playing only had marines, maps could get bigger and would be inherently balanced as long as they were symmetrical.

My super race would be:
Eclips e (perhaps without teleport)
Heavy tank(perhaps more resistant to battery's and hydronauts)
Swarmer (perhaps with more damage to choppers)
new unit (potentially light and cheap boat to mele attack hydronauts)
New Feature Request » Base Vision » Go to message
Should captured base vision increase to 6? I feel like buying a unit and then undoing the purchase has become a common practice. It would make it more fair to those who don't bend the rules to just extend the vision.
General Discussion » Looking for a No Fog of War/ Same Species Community » Go to message
Hi, I have no problem with Fog of War or playing with different species, but I prefer strategy games where you can see what your opponent is doing, have the same units, and can compete for unclaimed bases. I'm trying to start a thread where anyone who is interested in these types of games can put their names down and we can play each other. Playing 1v1 on 4 player maps or 2v2 on 8 player maps seems to works really well.

I'm curmudgeon if you want to play.
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