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General Discussion » How do defenders inflict damage? » Go to message
  _jnc_ wrote: Thanks for the answer; now that you mention it, it seems very obvious. And I feel very embarrassed to having asked in the first place.


I wonder though, should they add an attacker's advantage? I know there is a little bit of luck in each attack, perhaps the attacker gets slightly better luck. Or if a unit moves from out of the view radius to attack a unit, there is a surprise bonus. Maybe not. Rather complicated, and not really needed.
General Discussion » Where is the new update? » Go to message
Highlight people. I said JK. (Tip: color text the right color to make it 'invisible')
General Discussion » Cheating in multi player games » Go to message
Perhaps the best way to solve this is to make the rankings for 1v1 games only. That way, people can't just use team games with really good players to rank up. I've seen quite a few games where a pair of high ranked people invite each other to a team game, and then slaughter whoever shows up since those other two, even if individually more skilled, have no coordination.

I hereby foward the motion that all non-1v1 games be unranked. Or have their own, separate rankings.
General Discussion » Offering Peace? » Go to message
I've always wondered that too. What about 3-8 player games? I sometimes see that a peace has been rejected; what if it was accepted?
General Discussion » Where is the new update? » Go to message
It's UP! OMFG!!!!!! Jk
General Discussion » Uniwar Anonymous Meets Tuesday at 8:00 » Go to message
Can i get a loan from someone at the meeting? I blew my savings to get an iphone 3g s so that i could load games faster.
General Discussion » How do defenders inflict damage? » Go to message
Yup. I don't think it matters who attacks, the damages are the same.
New Feature Request » Add remaining time from this turn to next turn option » Go to message
I agree with the above. Not even really needed, too.
Technical Support Questions » Host must initiate first move » Go to message
I just started getting this one a few days ago. about 10% of the time, when i try to end my turn it takes a minute, then tells me that the host must initiate the first move. I click the check, try again, same thing. Click the check, try again, it works, and the timer says that my first try actually did work. I have screenshots, should be able to load them soon.
Bug Reports » Email notifications acting up » Go to message
I get that issue a bit too, but it seems to have cleared up. I've also got a worse issue though; my topic reply notifications aren't getting to me. They're broke.
Bug Reports » bot team mate doesn't know how to win » Go to message
  rolando wrote:
  Anonymous wrote: This should be fixed in the next server update. We'll have it up as soon as possible.

But, if you do not want to wait for that, since you are playing against bots only you can send an email to our support and have that game deleted. This will not affect your score.

I wrote this! Forgot I wasn't logged in.

Well, at least the buggyness of the forum effects the devs too.
Frequently Asked Questions » submitting screen shots » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: Magic Molly - nothing personal, but I find most of your posts to be annoying and pointless. Please stop posting unless you have something smart to say.

Oh, you again. Nice to know your opinion, but unless unanimously shared, i don't think i really care that much. If you were someone with an actual name then i might care more, but anonym players do not worry me. Also, please next time raise your issues in a private message, as after this will not respond to this trolling.

@ waflz: Click the power button and the home/menu button at the same time, for half a second (be careful not to hold them down too long, that resets your ipod). Your screen should flash white, and save a picture to your picture folder. It might take a few tries to get it to work properly, but that's the way to take a screenshot.

Once you have the shot(s): (this is long because i split it into many small steps)

1. Connect your ipod to your computer, and let it sync.
2. Once synced, on a PC you can open 'my computer' and find it as a connected device.
3. Your computer will probably call it a camera. Set it to show thumbnails, and find your picture.
4. Save it to your computer, wherever you want.
5. Go to imageshack.com, photobucket.com, or a photosharing site of your choice.
6. Upload it.
7. Take the URL of the pic, copy it.
8. Go to the thread where you want to post it. Paste the URL, and highlight it.
9. Click on the 'IMG' button at the top of the posting box, under the title.
10. Put in your words, use preview to make sure it looks good.
11. ?????????
12. Profit.
Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: Does anyone else think that the attack bonus for burried underlings is far too high? It often combines with terrain and gangup bonuses to make these suprise attacks unbalanced. I have players in my games just turtling up and spamming burried underlings forever.

Not really. Just play it smart, and you're fine. If they control the mountains/forests then you're screwed, but on open terrain they rarely hit more than 1-3 points. I believe they get 3 heavy attack, plus 3 resurface, and usually plus 2, though if you're stupid, 3 gang up bonus. That's only 7, versus the defense of 14 of the plasma tank. Also, that sort of attack hurts them really bad too. Against speeders or eclipses they'll do more damage, but still get hurt themselves. The whole deal really depends on how big the map is.
Sapiens » A basic Sapiens unit guide » Go to message
  brainiac wrote: it is also worth noting that marines have the best air attack of all infantry (better than mechas). a marine on a mountain is equal in power to a garuda.

Ssshhhhh we khralie players don't want that known.
New Feature Request » [Poll] Adding Option to Lock the Screen Orientation. » Go to message
Screen lock shouldn't take that long to make, and is really important for me since i play lying down a lot. My screen has a bad tendency to switch when i don't want it to.
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