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What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
nFong, where do you get the Illustrations?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
Yea probably the unlucky aspect of it, or maybe the guy was hacking xD
But anyhow, I think they should tone the swarmer's ability down. All right, I'm done. Thanks for listening, even if you think that some of my ideas are kind of bad if not BAD.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
nfong, i did attack it twice each, it didn't do anything to it. I probably am exaggerating with that number, i might be able to upload the screenshots that I took of that game, so yea. I just think that swarmers should be weakened a little, the price is fine as is; they just cut through units like they are butter, except for the heli, which sometimes they won't have an effect if they shoot at full health at a heli of full health. But when you have a swarm, they gang up and shoot it to pieces. So yea...

Maybe my memory is bad, and I don't remember what I did in some of these games... Maybe I am playing with a wrong strategy... although my favorite race is sapiens and I know that they are the ATTACK ATTACK ( Helis and Marines) but they need a defensive capability against the swarms of Khraleans. Yes I know I said Swarms a million times. Get over it.

Titans vs Sapiens is pretty balanced the way it is. I am NOT SAYING THAT THEY W/L RATIO IS 50/50. I am saying that the Titans will win most of the time.

None of the races are unstoppable, none of the units are unstoppable, but when someone uses almost 1 UNIT, and Owns everything you have, I think it is a little overpowered. kk? All i am saying is tone the Swarmer's attack against a destroyer down, make it less of a Ground Light attack unit- maybe 4-5 damage each attack... kk?

I am done; I will discuss my strategies on the Sapien Strategy Area, Because I am pretty good with them ( Anyone want to play Sapien v Sapien?) They just need to be tweaked a little... Or Khraleans need to be tweaked a little.

What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
And the other thing, It was on a river runs, they were out of my range so i couldn't attack them but they could attack me. I couldn't get too close with my helis because all they would do is overpower them by shooting them with the "25" swarmers. The 25 swarmers is a little much, it was more like 17. So yea. Its like I can see you, but I can't hit you, and if I do hit you you just gang up on me; its like you get too close, you get gang raped. Hopefully its not bad that i said raped...
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
Armor Lock is probably a bad idea now i realize; but when you have swarms of Swarmers, they just quickly overpower the sapiens; you attack a swarmer with marines, 2 marines, they are hurt; 4 health and 7 health. And you can only do so much with that; You say that a marauder is the only unit that can kill ground light unit in one turn; YES! I KNOW! I SAID THAT THEY WERE VERY GOOD UNITS TO STOP ENEMIES FROM CAPPING BASES. YES. I ALSO SAID THAT THEY WERE VERY GOOD AGAINST GROUND LIGHT UNITS.

Ok, sorry for that Rage with the Caps Lock; but I said that they were good on that aspect. The aerial aspect is ok, yes they can do some serious damage to helis in numbers, But what you don't get is when it tries to defend itself- yes i know what you are going to say," The Marauder is not good by itself, you move in with support, etc." Or Oh it is good for getting around the area of control for units... Yes I get what you are saying, but this DOESN'T work when you have a Meat Wall. I'm talking about maybe a wall of pawn units 2 spaces thick, and a couple of marauders try and get around that... heheheh good luck with that...

Look, I am saying that it isn't a great unit when you are trying to support your guys, because not many people attack with a whole bunch of ground light. It is not effective that way. I think that there should be a unit that is less powerful than the eclipse, but more powerful than the swarmer, that is 1-2 range. Maybe make the marauder able to defend with a 2 range radius, but only able to attack with 1 range, i don't know. Its just a little imbalanced with K. vs S. I know some of you may think I'm Crazy, Oh hes going to make the game less balanced... I'm trying to balance the game more with a unit that is all around good.

My summary? The Marauder is VERY GOOD IN THE BEGINNING OF A BATTLE; or if you create a hole in enemy defense; sucks when 2 swarmers come and attack it. Also sucks against armor; you need to at least give it an ability to damage a tank with 1 damage... JUST SOMETHING!!!!!! You can say that those 250 units aren't supposed to do damage to a tank- but they do do damage to tanks- the speeder sometimes does 1-2 damage on Pinzers or Tanks if they are damaged, 4-6 health. If you gang up on a plasma tank, like keep shooting it at range with 4-5 swarmers, you can damage it with 2-3 damage.
the Marauder? No damage. WEAK.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
And how does my Titans Vs Sapiens strategy sound bad? Yes, I probably forgot the engineer part, but that is implied- you go in, pick 3 plasma tanks to hit, and hit it with helis and tanks- You have a hole- then you move in with 1 or 2 marauders, yes i said marauders, because it is very good with 1 or 2, to hit the Artillery. As long as the tanks and engineers are fine, keep attacking...

And, if there are eclipses, just hang back behind your tanks, and wait for your tank line to get through ONE AREA. BEcause a tank line won't do S*** against Plasmas, they will just concentrate their fire.

I don't know who, but someone said that the marauder fares well against the swarmer; WRONG. I bet you were meaning when it goes up close against one; I was meaning when a group beats your marines, then hits your marauder from range; it loses like 3-4, at most 5 health. That is NOT good. This is why I think that Khraleans are Overpowered. Do you understand now?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
What I was meaning with the T. Vs S. was what the developers wanted; it was balanced. That is what I meant, and armor lock would strengthen until like a line of swarmers attacked, its just like a shield to protect against that initial shot from it, I mean the marine wouldn't be invincible...

Or scratch the "Armor Lock" Idea, and take my Paratroop idea; It would make the sapiens balanced on that fact, because they could at least get behind an army, or something to that effect. I don't know. And maybe I DO suck, maybe I can't use the marauder, but I just think that the way the developers wanted it was Sapiens beat Khraleans, Khraleans Beat Titans, and Titans Beat Sapiens.

Kind of like Rock Paper Scissors No? But in this case, the Rock is imbalanced- Rock is Khraleans- Rock Rips through Paper, Paper is Sapiens; it doesn't cover it. You know what I'm Saying? If you don't, I am saying that the Swarms of Khralean units overpower the sapiens, and while I would say that the Sapiens overpower the Khraleans about 80% of the time, now I have to say that my numbers are more like 50/50 now. It just sucks when you 5 Destroyers, and 2-3 helis, and a mass of 15-16 takes out the ships, and yes they are in a good formation that can do max damage. I mean, helis vs plasmas in another game, DOESN't Work because the Heli's cost the same as Plasmas.

And Adding to whoever said use the battery's range? I wasn't saying it sucked, I was saying that when in close quarters, like you have marines or something in front of it, and a swarmer(s) come in and destroy it, it sucks. There should be a better unit for that, or something to that effect. Yes, if you added 5 defense points it would imbalance it. Yes. But if you made like a better unit to fight against those swarmers, and don't say heli because 1 heli won't do crap against 8 of them. Maybe make the swarmer less powerful, or something to that effect. This is how the game is imbalanced. If you don't understand what I am saying, play a game on A River Runs with a guy named M-27, and make him be khraleans and you be sapiens. You don't have to make the game be rated, just play him and tell him to use his swarm technique. You WILL see what I mean.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
OK, If You LOOK, I say that the Marauder can get everywhere in there; like when I say that it is a good base capture deterrent. However, when attacked by... lets say a swarmer, it sucks against it, it takes like 3-4 damage. If you are hit by 2 of them, it can probably kill it. However, when you hit like... an eclipse, it actually fights back because of its range shot; I am not saying that the marauder cannot be used, i am saying that once you get into the heart of a battle, like 20 rounds in, by that time, it is almost ineffective because you can't really sneak around a large line of soldiers. Yes, it is very good against mechas and the underling, but it cannot be used against, lets say a tank, because it will get owned. When you use a swarmer against a tank, if you have units surrounding it, it does maybe 1 damage, or something like that. I was attacking a Pinzer with units surrounding it, i had 2 marauders come around and attack it. The Pinzer had 2 health, and did NO Damage, while taking no damage when i attacked it. So a Pinzer with 2 health equals 2 marauders attacking it? Very Lame. You need to at least up the marauders effect on Ground Heavy, and maybe put its defense strength at 8. I know if you use it correctly you can have a good game, but I just feel it doesn't fit with the other races, especially when they have the 2 range capability and the marauder gets banged up. In a way, its great, but half the time, its not and SUCKS. And I DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY, why would I love the sapiens? I mean the heli is great and if you have enough of them, the tank is good.

What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
Oh and the armor it lasts until the Swarmers attack, then when the swarmers/ any units that are SWARMING toward you attack, this "armor lock" lasts for one turn- the defense of those units attacking, and when you are counterattacking. Then it goes away. The recharge time could be upped, and there should be a limit to what armor lock can do... like an artillery blast wouldn't disrupt the armor lock, for the rest of the marines, but would still like damage it horribly... maybe move it off the line or something... maybe weaken the effect that the artillery has on that particular unit... but it would balance things more and you know...
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
All I am asking is you create a mandatory update, considering all of these options. I'm not saying create a race that can't be beaten by the race that its countering... I'm just saying do something that can at least weaken its chances to win against them. Because Titans Vs Sapiens? That matchup counters well, there is really nothing i have to say about that topic, but for the Khraleans vs Sapiens? You need to do some work on that balance and matchup. Because Sapiens have nothing to show for them when they come swarming toward you. I hope people comment and post on my thoughts; anyone have any other good thoughts about the game? about balancing the Sapiens?

Hope this was helpful what do you think?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
Another thing about the Sapiens that needs to be done is make the Marines Stronger- Yes. The Marine Utterly sucks because it cannot penetrate defense like other units can. unlike the Mecha or the Underling, it cannot appear behind an army and beat the crap out of it, or teleport and then be able to attack with a pretty powerful attack. No, the sapien is nothing but MEAT, and SUCKS AGAINST ALL UNITS, unless you are dealing with aerial units. But I hear that there is a Change to that balance, making MEchas more powerful and Marines Less Powerful. WHY!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! I wanted to say that the devs did a good job with the first "edition" of Uniwar, just those couple of quirks. But now I want to say " ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?" I know. I didn't create the game... but at least you could do something about the Marine- I said that you could use Paratroop Ability, where you can go anywhere on a map that is visible, kind of like the Titans, and attack with a reduced attack/defense. I also suggested maybe making them more defense oriented; because Sapiens have a good offense... if you can build enough units and break through the swarm or the the inpenetrable defense of the Titans...

If any of you have played Halo Reach, there is something called Armor Lock. This makes you invincible for a short amount of time... Im not saying make a unit that can be invincible for a short amount of time, I'm saying that if you have a line of them, and there are swarmers coming, you can enable a special ability, that has to recharge for 5-6 turns, that can make the marine stronger, and able to withstand a swarmer's attack- like isn't the damage from a ranged attack on a Swarmer to a Marine 6-8 points? yea, you lower that to maybe 1-2 damage, and make them able to take those swarmers, or heavy units like pinzers or plasmas, although plasmas would still be very strong and the marines wouldn't do anything... and make it more balanced that way... then you wouldn't need to you know, make up a new unit...

These are just ideas. Some of these games on the iPhone/iTouch are very good starts, but the developers NEVER follow up! They just make a great game worse. Hopefully you guys are different, and actually care! I love developers that care. I have recommended your game on Facebook to many of my friends, and some of them like it the way it is, although most of them ALWAYS play as Khraleans because of their Swarm ability. It is too powerful, and you NEED TO weaken the swarmer. Please.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
I love the sapien race. If you have played me, I probably have used the sapiens. They are, in a way, the best race... IF. AND THIS IS A BIG IF... you can build a bunch of tanks- and helis against the Titans... Helis and Batteries against the Khraleans.
The Marauder utterly sucks, it can't compete with the other units of its class (like the titan speeder, or the Khralean Swarmer) The only thing its good for is preventing another player from capping a base, like on X-Island. There needs to be a change, maybe change the marauder from a 2 action unit to a unit that can actually COMPETE. Maybe change that unit entirely; make an infantry unit, titled Javelin trooper, or Missile Trooper, that is Ground Heavy, and can shoot a Rocket with the range of 1-2. Because then it would make things a hell of a lot better- you could make it balanced like this-
Ground Light 6-8
Ground Heavy 6
Aerial 6-9
Aquatic 3

Defense Strength 6-7

Make it similar to the Other races units of that class, and bring the price of it up to like... 300, kind of make it like the Titan Eclipse, maybe less expensive... I don't know.

Earlier I mentioned the Speeder- its cost is 250, and is similar to the marauder, but is better than the marauder because I believe the Devs made it S. beats K. K. Beats T. T. beats S. But all of these assumptions are wrong because of these really gay swarms of units that are overpowering the sapiens. On the titan side, i understand, but what i dont understand is the ability of a bunch of swarmers being able to overpower naval units. I had like 6-8 naval units, and got owned by like 25 of them. Their naval unit may be good, but it isnt that good, especially with that swarm. They need to make the Khralean swarmer weaker, not too weak because that would create an uproar on the forums, but a unit with like... lest say:
Ground Light 4-5
Ground Heavy 4-5
Aerial 3
Aquatic 4-5

Defense Strength 6-7

The swarmer is much more balanced in this way to the other races, and it balances real well I think. The Titans? Well, I have no problem with them, just the fact that Sapiens are the "countering" race, and they can't do anything about the swarm. With Titans, there is a chance for victory for the Sapiens, but it involves a bunch of tanks and Helis, and that takes time to create. For the Khraleans, it takes almost NO time, so weaken the Swarmer, please.

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I think that the new balance is CRAP! sorry developers. You NEED TO REPLACE THE MARAUDER. IT utterly sucks. The only good thing about it is when you are in early stages of a map. Then, you get owned. It is good for those maps with bases that are just a little far away for those first units on the first stages of the map. you build a marauder, get over to that base and start beating the crap out of units capping it. Unfortunately, it sucks after that. What makes it even worse, is that the downgraded Marines, and made MECHA's STronger. Marines were weak already, so you make them weaker? doesn't make any sense. Another thing, you need to create a unit, maybe replace the marauder, maybe implement it in the marauder- instead of dual machine guns, make it more like a i don't know, call it a humvee. Yes a humvee! Ok i was joking about that, but you could maybe weaken the attack it has on ground light units, and make it higher on aerial units and tank units- and add a 2 shot range to it. Ever heard of the TOW missile? I don't know, something to let the sapien race compete with other races and their 2 shot units. Because all Sapiens have to counter it is a battery that is weak against those 2 shot units and can't shoot far. What do you think? Up until now, I thought the developers would do something about the sapiens and their disadvantage in not having a unit that can be a 2 range guy.
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Here is what I think. I Love the Sapiens. No... I LOVE THE SAPIENS. They are in my opinion the most fun race; but they are the worst race. I Don't like how you can't counter a Khralean attack (Swarmers) Kudos to crud i forgot his name. Oh M-27? i think that is his name. here is what the balancing issue needs to be put down as- Sapiens get a special move- here are 2 ideas- one, instead of making them a weak unit, which they are- in numbers, their defense goes up 3-4. That would make them able to withstand shots from like a swarmer... or if you don't like that idea, how bout paratroop. Sapiens get a Paratrooper move, kind of like the titans, with teleportation, except they can defend/attack with a reduced attack/defense for lets say 1-2 turns. And change the marauder maybe, although i do like the marauder- maybe give the tank the ability to attack air units? i dont know, but the balance needs to happen with marines, and their special move, and the point of having a unit like titans and khraleans- a unit that can shoot from 2 spaces away. However, i do like the marauder and its ability to be able to move 12 spaces on open ground to attack from way far away... so maybe armor that more?
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