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50ish wins, 5 losses and comfortably over the 2000 mark xD. I'm finding it easier to rack up wins with khral than with sapiens because as high rank saps you're pretty much exclusively playing titans and that's not a good matchup for saps. It takes a lot more skill to beat sapiens with khral than it takes to beat khral with sapiens though which is kind of an odd issue with "balance" right there.

2 losses against titan, 1 against sapiens, 1 loss against khral and 1 loss testing out that 3 min turn skipping thing that was discussed in map specific strategy thread. I suspect a 3rd loss against titans is impending and got a really odd imbalanced position which could go either way agaisnt kralux on hurtgen forest, after screwing up my underling placement while drunk >.<.
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To update with current unit stats. If you are facing down mass helis you should mass garuda mostly and focus your attack on gaining the +2 gangup bonus as you are about 35% to kill a heli with two garuda and +1 gangup bonus. I like to have a wyrm in the background as it becomes very dangerous after a couple of hits and I often have buried underlings around the place which I either use for marines or to restrict helicopter movement with timed resurfacing. I've actually beaten players before purely on resurfacing an underling to block the helis retreat and then smashing them up with garuda, as the sapien advance was dependant on being able to run away easily.

Swarmers are useful only if you can't get the +2 gangup bonus as if you lead with a swarmer you'll often be able to take down a heli anyways even with +1 gangup. Ideally you will use a unit combination and target heli which then allows you +2 gangup on another heli and so on until you've destroyed as many helis as you can. Recently I played a high ranked player who I'm not naming and he made a mistake with his advance which allowed me (with 7 garuda and 3 underlings against 5 helis and 2 marines) to destroy 3 helis in one turn and knock a 4th down to 5 health.

Garuda on a cost for cost basis destroy helis, the only advantage helis have is move after attack and that requires a shield of marines which obviously gives you a chance to adapt your build and be slightly more orientated towards underlings. All things being equal though, if your opponent is making nothing but helis then just make nothing but garuda and maybe work a wyrm in if it gets to ridiculous numbers (as 4 damage to a 10hp heli and taking 0 in return is alot better than 4-5 damage and taking 6-7 in return).
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I'm assuming that game solves the pinzer debate on your side MasonC? Dead Monk is sapien favoured anyways but the problems you encountered with your pinzer being a big fat waste of space occur on most maps, pinzer is too expensive in that matchup for what it does xD.
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I'd also remove some terrain from chato hill as the terrain stops you being able to move wyrms around with khral. The tiles nearest the corner bases on chato hill I'd reduce down to only one tile I think although I'd need to look into that a bit closer. Montevideo I'm not sure about yet as I have no idea how iluvkim gets all his wins khral against titan. I've had a couple of lucky games on there, a couple of wins, and about to pick up another loss against titans unless my opponent makes a mistake. Dead Monk I'd probably extend outwards so there's a two tile gap between the lower base and the forest, swap the top forest tile for a desert and increase the credits/base to 150 (which would need playtesting obviously).

I'm interested to see the gold rush game nfong as I've wiped out some strong players there quite comfortably with khral against saps xD.
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And current ranking/stats for this account is as follows xD.


Score: 1963
Victories: 38
Losses: 3
Preferred race: Khraleans

Average points per win: 13

I have 2 likely losses pending but nothing that will drop me in ranking too much. I'm posting this because I want it clear to anyone starting debates with me on this guide that I've trashed almost every single player I've gone up against below 1900 rank, so please think before you post.

Highest ranked sapiens I've beaten are over 2100.
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5. Don't go in with a set build and hope it will work. It's very important to watch how many helis and how many marines or even maruaders are being built by the sapien as if you have the wrong unit mix you will get slaughtered before you can even say "damn I wish garuda did more damage to marines". And contrary to other advice in the khral section I believe buried underlings or underlings on terrain to be great against marauders.

6. Be wary of jumping into the fight too fast. If your units aren't placed correctly the sapien will run you over in 2-3 turns so don't be afraid of backing up even if it costs you a unit or two as you should be able to make it back if your underlings are at least placed with potential to improve. It is literally a minefield for sapiens to advance against ninjalings and especially as they get close to your base the underlings which fall behind the advance can block support or hinder safe retreat of the sapien units.

7. Don't chase small advantages too hard. Even when it looks like you're getting the upper hand then khral strength is in healing and positional attacks mostly rather than brute force and if you are not careful then you can easily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Garuda heal 2hp each a turn and taking that before swooping in with the higher health garuda plus one you made subsquent to gaining a superior unit count is a more solid way of converting advantage.

8. Use swarmers and wyrms sparingly. Both those units are very powerful but only with large amounts of protection from other units. Garuda is your main meatshield with underlings popping up from strategic locations!!! My main use of wyrms and swarmers is to target units on hexagons where I've buried an underling as when the underling resurfaces to strike at another unit, you gain an additional shield as well.

That's my learnings for the moment so hope you enjoyed the read, and good luck .
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
I'd say almost certainly the toughest matchup for khral so I'll start here with tips and tricks I've been using and maybe add to them later, and yes I am Solitary. This is my khral account which I assume people suspected I was building and which I kept secret until I was verging over 1900 so hopefully I'll be pushing through the 1900 ranks by the time people see this :p. Anyways, enough rambling and on with the section!!!

1. Know your maps. There's a lot of maps where the odds are heavily tilted against khrals in this matchup and where you might as well just save your rating points and not bother playing. The maps I have been favouring as khral are: hurtgen forest, montevideo, gold rush and chato hill (although I don't play chato hill as blue because I think red is advantaged).

2. Get buried units. They are better if they don't get hit by helis before you sink them but as you'll be facing down marine spam on almost every map then you need units in place to combat it and sorry, but everything else is too expensive to fight marines.

3. Make sure your buried units are well placed. This means a whole load of things really so I guess I'll summarise some of my general ways of positioning buried units :o. Taking the movement range of a marine and placing the buried unit just outside if means you are likely to have a nasty surprise for anyone advancing at maximum movement and has the advantage they can't see it. Also mix in mid distance units as well to allow combination attacks and prevent yourself being predictable, and also prepare combinations. For example, if there is a critical unit like a battery then as well as placing one unit beside it then it is also very powerful to place one underneath it as well (so that when the battery dies from the underling next to it then you not only have a second resurface hit but also a better shield for your expensive units). If the enemy allows you enough underlings for all distances before advancing then you should have advantage when it comes to trading punches as the underlings will cripple any marines next to them (and can render a battery useless with one hit, or kill it).

4. Don't build pinzers or infectors. There's rare occasions when that rule is safe to avoid but in most cases the infector won't pay for itself and pinzers will just sit there eating hits from helicopters while you watch unable to move or counterattack because you spent all your credits on pinzers and an infector to heal it.
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