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Bug Reports » Autmatically starts unlimited number of random games » Go to message
[Headquarters]->[My Account]->Available to random games: 3

It limited itself to 3 auto-games for some time. Last week it increased that number to 5. I was not happy, but managed.

I won 2 games today, and the program replaced them with FOUR new matches. that's 7 total!!! I don't have time nor desire to maintain 7 games, nor can I decline auto-started games without score loss.

Please advise
General Discussion » How to decline an invite? » Go to message
I have been invited to a game, but don't want to play it. There is no option to decline, but I am holding about 5 people, who are waiting for me to join. Is there any mechanism or procedure to decline these things?
New Feature Request » Problem with same-side unit stealing » Go to message
Each race has an ability to steal a unit of another race (Enginner vs Mecha, etc). For some reason it is allowed to steal units from your allies. This creates a dilemma: give all your units to your ally to steal and don't enjoy the game OR be in disadvantage because stolen units are better.

I played a 2v2 game on a mountain map, and our opponents began to mass-produce reprogrammed Mechas. I had no choice but to give up all my underlings to my ally, for mind control.
We won, but I did not play the game and had 0 fun. All I did was login, make more underlings, end turn.

Often I make some units for some specific mission and my ally starts stealing them without asking: "but they become better if i steal them".

Please, if you want to keep this feature as "cooperation", at least leave the units under my control! I would rather see reprogramming allies disabled completely!

New Feature Request » Island map loophole » Go to message
Since people can create their own maps now, there is a problem with something as simple as an island map -- only mechas can teleport, other races cannot take over remote islands unless there is a land connection!

I suggest adding air transport for marine and underling. Either create a separate unit, or let them board an existing unit. It can go slower when boarded, also can add delay when loading/unloading.

I understand that standard maps are guaranteed to have a bridge, but custom maps are more fun to play! Also, transport is natural for an army that has battle cruisers and helicopters!
Bug Reports » Underling cannot attack enemy unit » Go to message
Underling has same vision range as its walking range. No other units are present to see beyond underling vision range.

What happens:
I move underling next to the opponent's unit, but there is no option to attack it. This does not seem right.

I know that the opponent's unit is there from previous turn, so the underling was sent there to fight it, but it just lands next to it and refuses to take action. Even when I *don't know* about potential target in advance, it still looks crazy to not be able to attack it. We are not talking about shooting blindly, this is a melee unit unable to attack something right next to it!
Sapiens » How to defeat Kharlean air? » Go to message
Thanx. There is an interesting duscussion about Kharleans vs sapiens just a few posts below: "Do Saps always beat Khrals? "
It basically states that Sapiens are only in disadvantage in the open, where marines are not as good.
Khraleans » How to fight burrowed underlings » Go to message
Help! I have a small army of them burrowed in my base!! TFM says I can damage them with heavy units. So should I roll heavy units over them or park them on top?
Sapiens » How to defeat Kharlean air? » Go to message
It seems that sapiens completely lack any decent anti-air units. When you are up against Kharleans, who happen to have 2 air units, this becomes a nightmare.
The only anti-air is the helicopter, which is much more expensive than a similar strength kharlean air unit Garuda.

I am currently in a game where opponent buys $500 helicopter, which get eaten by my $350 garudas. Are there any combinations or strategies for sapiens to counter air?
Bug Reports » Username is inappropriate or not allowed. Please enter a new » Go to message
What is inappropriate about username "Shompol"?

I have been using it for ages, and happen to know the actual translation of it, which is not inappropriate by any means.
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