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General Discussion » Late to the party? » Go to message
I don't think the forum has ever been an extremely active place, there aren't that many UniWar players in the world and most of them just play the game without reading or posting on the forum. Though I'm relatively new here, so maybe I'm just too new to know if it was more popular before.

I for one read and post on the forums from a real computer, but it's probably true that most players never access it from a computer.

Many people don't chat in Uniwar, but a few do. I'm one of the ones that will occasionally chat with people I don't know, but it's typical for random players to not chat at all. I think that chatting in online games is good and fun (It's a lot of the reason why I like Shellshock live), but it seems that most UniWar players are very casual about it and don't forum or chat. If you want to be more serious about the game, I recommend hanging out on the forum. In particular you can check out the recent topics for what discussions are currently going on.

I think making adding friends easier would be a nice feature. I'm not so sure about the PM feature, there's already a team chat feature and sending messages to specific people could lead to subterfuge of the sort we don't want. You should play with your team as a whole against the other team(s) and shouldn't gang up in FFA unless it's a public, in-game arrangement.
Bug Reports » View replay can end your turn without warning » Go to message
"I hit the 'replay' button near the top right of the screen"

The replay button is in the top left of the screen. The top right of the screen is the end turn button. Assuming, of course, that it's the same for iOS and Android. BTW if you accidentally hit the end turn button it will display a countdown, so if you're paying attention you can cancel it and keep playing your turn.
New Feature Request » dream teams » Go to message
Ok, this may be getting far off topic, but I can't resist comparing our choices and defending mine. Call me argument-prone; well, I am.

Marauder VS Swarmer
Marauder was a fairly close second here, and it can be very useful at times but Swarmer is useful almost all of the time. It can deal unanswered damage due to its longer range and it can attack enemies that are behind cover of other units (making Walkers have a 2 hex radius meatshield to block them).

Garuda VS Eclipse
Same deal here, the range of 2 makes the Eclipse able to take out enemies from behind cover of friendlies, take out enemies that are behind their own cover, and deal unanswered damage in many cases. Garuda is a decent unit, but it's not as good as Eclipse IMO. Also, my dream team already has actual air in the form of the Swarmer.

Engineer VS Infector
I'm an engineering major, but I still thing Infectors are better than Engineers . The fact that they have x3 heal means that with two of them or one and a heal pad you can heal 9 (full health from 1), whereas to get close to that with Engineers or Assimilators you would need 3 to produce a heal of 8, where less healing power takes up more space, and is more susceptible to flank attacks. Pinzer with Infector behind it is by far the best heavy + special combo for soaking up damage.

Plasma VS Pinzer
As I mentioned before, my choice is due to the superior healing of the Pinzer. I have frequently destroyed Plasmas with Pinzers in a head on fight due to the fact that Pinzers heal faster. Sure, Pinzers take more damage than Plasmas, but they don't take anywhere near twice as much and they usually survive the first attack to heal back up and strike back with a vengeance. I have to admit that the anti-air ability of Plasmas is impressive, but I already have Eclipses in my dream team so I don't need Plasmas for that.

Destroyer VS Hydronaut
Have you ever played large naval battles without air support? It becomes abundantly clear on those maps that Hydronauts win out over Destroyers. I used to think that Destroyers ruled the sea, but after playing some naval battles against my friend it became clear Hydros won. They are the most susceptible to air attacks, but my dream team includes Swarmers to provide a meatshield (unlike the Titan race which has no air). I could easily prove this point if we played a Sap-Titan naval battle and the Sap player used no air, even without protection from ramming attacks Hydros virtually always win a fair fight.
New Feature Request » dream teams » Go to message
Not a good idea for rated games IMO, but just for kicks here's my take on the categories and my dream team.

Infantry class: Marine, Mecha, Underling
I'd choose Underling, it can capture a base 3 tiles away and can be a ninjaling.

Light class: Marauder, Speeder, Swarmer
I'd choose Swarmer, it can attack at a range of 2 and is immune to units with no anti-air.

Special class: Engineer, Assimilator, Infector
I'd choose Infector, it is more expensive but has x3 heal.

Air/anti-air class: Helicopter, Eclipse, Garuda
I'd choose Ecipse, its ability to swat air units out of the sky is just awesome, not to mention it pwns ground units in flat terrain.

Heavy class: Tank, Plasma tank, Pinzer
I'd choose Pinzer, it is a bit weaker than the Plasma but costs less and heals twice as fast.

Artillery class: Battery, Walker, Wyrm
I'd choose Wyrm, it is the only artillery with attack after move allowing it to continuously fire and it is also the cheapest.

Naval class: Destroyer, Hydronaut, Leviathan
I'd choose Hydronaut, it has the longest range and thus is the best at dealing unanswered damage.

And that's why I play Khrals, they have 5/7 of the best units per class IMO.
New Feature Request » balancing for saps » Go to message
I hate to break it to you, but Saps aren't the weakest race according to the leaderboard. Just look at it: Of the top three players, 2/3 are Saps and none are Titans. Of the top 50 players, 46% are Saps and only 10% are Titans. If the percentage of the top players that is a certain race corresponds to the strength of that race, Saps are the strongest race and Titans the weakest.

If you are a Sap player and you are getting pwned by Titans (As your underestimation of Sap's strength suggests), it's not the race balance's fault, you just aren't skilled enough at defeating them yet. The real strength of Saps vs Titans comes not in destroying well-protected Walkers but in preventing Titans from building them. It's very true that in some maps Titans have a huge advantage over Saps, but that's just the nature of Sap-Titan balance for the present. The whole balance hangs on a thread - If Titans are able to get up well-protected Walkers they win, if they are not they lose. This is heavily map-dependent because it is heavily time-sensitive, but on many maps Sapiens can win out.

Also to be noted is that a larger percentage of players plays Saps than Titans in my estimation because
1- Humans are naturally biased towards Saps.
2- Titan play requires large amounts of patience, which modern culture (Myself included) lacks.
Tournaments » Dan1 tourney 2 tour 1 Celeber vs Earth » Go to message
Could you post those screenshots somewhere else? radikal.ru is blocked for pornography.
Tournaments » Casual tourney 2 - round 1 JB-- vs. waxoid » Go to message
I find it interesting that Sapiens won both matches, but looking back it seems to me that both of you played much better as Saps than you did as Titans. You way overextended yourself by trying to take the lower base without protecting your upper base, and you teleported a gang of Mechas right next to an Engineer. That is never a good idea! JB likewise overextended himself by going on speeder attacks and teleport-attacking the battery. Neither of you guys kept in mind that Titans are a turtling race, going on heavy offense with a bunch of speeders and mechas when you should have been building up Plasmas and Walkers. Admittedly these tourney games often come down to time, but if either of you had chosen a turtling strategy as Titans you would have won both games or at least delayed the enemy from winning their game, ensuring victory by a much wider margin. You shouldn't let time pressures stop you from playing up the strengths of your race.
General Discussion » Sapien armor » Go to message
Remember these bases are close.

His turn, summon plasma tank.
Your turn, summon tank.
His turn, move up and get another tank.

Let's take your scenario of getting a marine to block, you lose because he summons walker on his turn, safe behind his tanks.

That sounds like a very unbalanced map he gets 1750 credits in the first three turns yet bases are very close and there is a choke point. What map is this anyways?

Marauders, well, it was a map with mountains so I couldn't get behind his tanks.

If it has a lot of mountains and/or forest Saps should be able to gain an advantage by fighting in the terrain with Marines, Engineers and Helis, Titans have primarily heavy units so they can't deal with rough terrain well. Granted, if there is enough flat terrain for Titans to build up Plasmas and Walkers they can flush you out of the forest with Walker fire. Bottom line in this situation is map imbalance.
Bug Reports » Auto joined 2 games without consent? » Go to message
You can't give battery just one tile of movement without making it unable to move on forest or swamp.

Not with the current mobility system, but you could leave the Battery mobility as-is and only allow it to attack after move if it moved one tile (If it moves two tiles it will not have the option to attack).

If there is no advantage to the walker, then saps probably beat titans straight up and titans drop to being clearly a lower class race (losing to both khral and sap).

If Titans start losing to both Khrals and Saps then the answer is clear - Titan buffs. That might make things simpler than the rock-paper-scissors system we have now.
Bug Reports » Auto joined 2 games without consent? » Go to message
Battery buff of attack after move would make it a super-wyrm, radically invert game balance and completely negate walker.

I don't think so. Giving it one tile of move before attack would allow it to move just within range of an advancing Walker and engage in a fair fight. It would only be able to rush a Walker when it was advancing and it would still never be able to pound a Walker. Walkers, on the other hand, would still be able to pound advancing Batteries and anything protecting a Battery 6 tiles away. Also note it would take two Batteries to destroy a single Walker and that the Batteries would be left within pounding range of any backup Walkers. Putting two 650 credit units on the line to kill one 750 credit unit is hardly OP.

I'm not saying that giving Batteries attack after move is a good plan (It would probably screw up Khral-Sap bigtime), I'm mostly pointing out that despite the move after attack the Battery still has the worst rush range of all artillery units. Like I stated before, I'm in favor of the change but not the price increase. Before the change Batteries were significantly less useful than Wyrms (for the same price) and after the change they may be a bit more useful than Wyrms but not 100 credits worth.
Bug Reports » Auto joined 2 games without consent? » Go to message
Well, I haven't done a ton of Battery testing personally because Saps are my least favorite race but I'm somewhat of an expert on strategy games in general and I have enough experience with them to know that this is a bad idea.

The change in no way equips Batteries to take out Walkers and actually seems to do more in Khral-Sap battles. Since Walkers have longer range they can still pound Batteries or force them to retreat, whereas Wyrms are slightly more threatened now that Batteries can move about while firing. In any case it's a nice feature for Saps and it's probably balanced out by the Infector buffs in Khral-Sap, but what Saps really need is for Batteries to be worth the cost, they weren't worth 550 before (part of the reason why Saps are my least favorite race) and they aren't worth 650 now.

I can't emphasize enough that a lot of the worth of a unit comes from the rush range (tiles of movement before attack + attack range). Just as Leviathans suffer from having a lower rush range than Destroyers and Hydronauts, Batteries suffer from having a lower rush range than Walkers and Wyrms. If the change was one tile of movement BEFORE attack it would be a much different story, the Battery would be able to counter advancing Walkers. Let me play out two scenarios.

Battery with move after attack:
1: Walker advances to a range of 5.
2: Battery has 3 choices: Stay within the 5 range band and get pounded, move into the 4 range band and get pounded by backup Walkers if any exist, or retreat and survive.

Battery with move before attack:
1: Walker advances to a range of 5.
2: Battery advances to a range of 4 and actually initiates a fair fight.

This change helps a little bit because the Battery can fire off a shot at whatever's protecting the Walker before retreating or advancing, but it still can never hit the Walker itself.
Bug Reports » Auto joined 2 games without consent? » Go to message
Hopefully it will, but we haven't heard anything about when it will be fixed from the devs, they're too busy screwing up the Battery balance to fix the long-term issues. Rest assured they know about this issue, but there's still no way to set a default race in random games.
General Discussion » Sept 10 changes... » Go to message
Maybe so, I'm just bringing up the idea that has been suggested by others in the past. In any case I agree that the Battery's price should be lowered, the Battery wasn't worth 550 even before and I don't think that a single tile of move after attack is worth over 100 credits. I'll admit that the move after attack is an interesting feature and makes the battery more useful, but it's still not worth 650 credits. Perhaps 600 credits is a good compromise, or perhaps it should stay 550.
General Discussion » Sept 10 changes... » Go to message
I have another idea. How about we slightly raise the price (600?) but also increase the Battery's range to 2-4. Increasing the Battery's range band is a suggestion that has been floating around the community for a long time, and now that the Battery is already getting screwed up we might as well try it. =P
Guides & Tips » Gang-up bonus tip » Go to message
"Does the health of the marine matter?"

Not for gangup purposes, no. In fact, it may be better to have low health. If the marine dies in the fight then there is an open hex where it was standing to launch another attack with a gangup bonus.
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