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Messages posted by: Wrath Of Sid
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Bug Reports » Random crashes » Go to message
Random crashes keep happening to me. Maybe because my iPod 2nd gen is getting a little geriatric, but it's still annoying.
Khraleans » How to beat Helicopter? » Go to message
Normally when faced with a Heli I wear it down with bug bites (heh heh) and have a bunch of infectors at the back which my damaged units can run away to. Unfortunately that doesn't work when faced with more than one heli.
General Discussion » Units leveling up to 11/12 HP? » Go to message
That's one thing I don't quite get either. What are the effects of the level up bonus? Is it just health or damage and defence as well?
UniWar: Origins » OLD Uniwar » Go to message
New Feature Request » Choose your colour » Go to message
Sapiens » Marauder Rush » Go to message
I'm talking about maps like Desolate where the Marauders have a lot of room to move around. Then they can just avoid my one Pinzer.
Sapiens » Fleet Tactics » Go to message
For Titans it's fairly obvious - get inside their minimum range and blow them to robot hell.

Leviathans is harder, especially in large numbers when they gang up. Destroyer's 2x repair is very useful in that situation, since they can stay alive longer, so I normally use them as distractions to soak up fire whilst i push with my land units.
Sapiens » The strongest Sapien unit » Go to message
I'm going to have to say the helichopper, although I've gone off it a bit now it's been nerfed...
New Feature Request » Map Editor allows neutral bases. » Go to message
It would be pretty sweet if players could create and upload their own mini campaigns, with mission briefings, specific objectives, only certain units available in missions, etc.
New Feature Request » Choose your colour » Go to message
It would be nice if, in the next update, we got to select a colour for our units. There are so many great colour schemes (especially black - looks great on Khraleans) that are only used in 8 player maps.

Speaking of which: What is the most awesomest little-used colour scheme in UniWar?
General Discussion » Remove hd graphics » Go to message
I really like the HD graphics. Especially the Garuda.
Sapiens » Sapians Weak? » Go to message
Even after getting nerfed the heli is overpowered. Especially on the map 'Thermopolaye' where they hang out over the water then nostril rape my Walkers as I try to move them up.
Guides & Tips » The Hate Units » Go to message
Hate unit = Walker.

It kills you when you CAN'T SEE IT!

Hate hate hate
Sapiens » Marauder Rush » Go to message
Suffice to say, the number of times I have had my ass pounded by an early game marauder rush is stupidly large (mostly by playing Khraleans)

So my question is - How do Khraleans defend against an early game Marauder rush? My units are too slow to catch the damn things. They can just skip in, shoot up my Underlings and Swarmers and run away to a bunch of Engineers for repairs. Sure, I'll get them eventually, but by then the enemy has more bases than me and it's all downhill from there.
Titans » Teleport » Go to message
For some reason people get really annoyed when I teleport six Mechas in to surround a Walker or Battery. Couldn't possibly think why.
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