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User Generated Maps » Beaches [2 Players] » Go to message
Just to clarify, each player would start with the two back bases, and a unit at the green dot nearest a central base. The player on the bottom of the map would have the unit next to the left central base, and the player on the top would have the unit by the right central base. Any suggestions? :]

General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
The increase of range would most likely balance out Sap vs Khral, but that would cause Sap vs Sap (on a non-naval map) to be extremely dull. Since the marines wouldn't be able to hit back at the copters, they would be completely out of the picture, and it would be a simple heli-war. Same thing as Khral vs Khral swarmer spam.
General Discussion » heli nerf - sapiens are weak to often » Go to message
I like the 450 idea. And against Garudas, with both at equal health, the normal is that the copter deals one more damage than it takes. Which is hardly useful since the garuda repairs by 2.
General Discussion » Etiquette Question: Starting Random Game » Go to message
That is completely reasonable. There is no problem with surrendering a sure loss so you don't need to take the lump. Many people spam random games until they find one that gives them the clear advantage. I surrender all the time. Then again, I don't. I dont really care about my rating any more. If it's not Desolate, Laguana Niguel, or any Titans vs Titans (except Forest Walk) i will play it.
User Generated Maps » Canals [6 Players] » Go to message
This one's for Kralux!

Lemme know what you guys think =D

New Feature Request » Limit spamming of new games » Go to message
Somewhat on the subject, can anything be done to prevent people from making tons of TooClose games with a 3 minute time limit? As I'm sure you've heard before, the people who create these games and as soon as their opponents logs off they start the game and skip them (while capturing their bases) to get easy points. This happened to me once, since i love playing that map in regular games, and i was very active and didn't catch the time limit. I check after eating and i had a defeat for 24 points. I want to scream every time i see an entire page of TooClose3m Rated games.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » More Games at Once » Go to message
Yeah, 40-50 sounds like the right number. I'm playing on 3-4 accounts, depending on school and any other activities.
User Generated Maps » Bullrun [2 Players] » Go to message

So does anyone else have some last suggestions? If not I'll declare this the final =)

Oh and please help me come up with a better name!
User Generated Maps » Shuriken [6 Player Map] » Go to message
I think a single row of water surrounding the map would be best, still my favorite map on the forums.
User Generated Maps » Bullrun [2 Players] » Go to message
Thanks again fort he suggestion guys, i fixed it as you said =)

To Kralux: I kept the canal, just for you hahaha.

User Generated Maps » Rocky Waters [2 Players] » Go to message
Thanks tons for the input guys! I tried to modify it as creatively as possible. I added the harbors in the back so that the players could have some naval engagements, and added a swampy area surrounded by harbors so the boats will have much less access to the land, hopefully switching the focus from naval to land.

Hope its better!
User Generated Maps » Full Naval [8 Players] » Go to message
Oh now i feel like an idiot, I just realized that those were normal bases, not harbors in the middle. Sorry
User Generated Maps » Full Naval [8 Players] » Go to message
This map could cause serious problems for titans, since the harbors are so close together in the center. I do suppose this would severely reduce people relying completely on boats to win the map, if you removed the mountains on the inside water. This would allow titan tanks to attack the boats in those small areas, and neutralize them. That way you would still need to concetrate on a land battle as well. Lastly, rather than a single base in the middle, make it four, maybe in the hexs to the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right of the existing one. Am I making sense here?

All in all, an extremely well made map. =)
Titans » Teleport » Go to message
On maps such as naval war, mechas can be used as disposable scouts, or even to block other boats from moving in close to your hydros.
Khraleans » General Khralean Tips (Submit Your Own!) » Go to message
Countering Other Khraleans:

Since, no matter the map, the game is destined to be a Swarmer-off, I try to use my swarmers as smart as possible. First off, I only attack if I can kill whatever unit it is that i am hitting, to make sure it can't retreat and come back to bite me in the butt. Second, if my opponent hits a Swarmer of mine and does NOT kill it, i retreat it and let it heal until it can come to fight another day. Also, if I ever see a Wyrm, i make sure to stay out of its range, and if the opposing player leaves a hole, target it and take it out. You will most likely lose a Swarmer or two in the process, but 250 or 500 credits lost is a much better deal than the 550 your opponent spent. Also, if your enemy makes a Pinzer, i will always make a single Garuda, since they can deal damage faster than your Swarmers and the pinzer only has 1 air attack power. You will most likely lose your garuda to swarmers, but once again its worth it. 350 rather than 450.
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