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okay bongpanda is a no show. thewallrus are you there you have 2 days to respond. or bongpanda if you reapear you have to beat wllrus to a post. if neither in 2 days i wil have a back up probably in alemohgli
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i totally agree i like mixed race personally but other people may not so it is open to choice. i will be a bit busy this week so my moves will be slower so sorry to the peopl i am left playing jarek and cytivrat.

my result against yngwie is here though

dan1 titan win in 15 round

dan1 kharl win in 15 round.

both games i had not capped in yngwie surrendered but i was near in both games with me advanced and up in kill loss by a by enough. they where great games. i really felt the map was very well balanced for kharl v titan

gl all

also flying is active but bongpanda i noticed was not on for 2 days. if he is not online for 5days. wallrus may take his place to continue. failing that i will ask player alemohgli who had an invite before but had trouble with his phone etc so was not around at the start. i will post o this again when i look at bongpandas status
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i think frenchie has made some confusion here. it is infact frenchie that must have mis understood. you may have the same race if you like when you accept an invite it is your choice of any race. it just means if you pick the same race then you will play same race mirrored.

so please carry on all games as they are and apologies to ggleb who may have had to swap race without need.
but no big problem. and no problem frenchie on getting it wrong its obviously just the way you read it in your head. or do i make it sound that way?

and on tie breaker. i made the groups of 5 so it is harder for there to be a tie breaker. if there is it can only be a tie breaker 3 way i believe. which is unlikely. but in the event of this i dont have a full proof plan

it probably would come down to how quick your wins were but i dont like this as some people surrender early if they know they cant get a base back.

so i will think on this and get back to you. i dont believe it will happen buy i will get something ready incase
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going back a view messages. there should be no need to skip anyone. it is for fun and for a challenge not any easy skip. some games will move quicker than others due to challenging moves. once we get to the last 5 games still in play we wil ask that you can make those games priority. i have some games now finished but others in round 3 so it varies a lot.

indiana results can be in the form of just add a point to someone. but if possible we like to see the results in the form yngwie posted. mainly so we can be nosey and see which races are performing well.

yngwie i gather they were the rounds you capped his base and he surrendered.

in which case my result also with bagolyfi looks like this
dan wins as saps in round 8
dan wins as kharls in round 8

i will update the sheet. has anyone not started games? has anybody not shown up?
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sorry drew we are underway alrdy with one in reserve.

and zullu you should recieve all invites as you are bottom of the group. if you are still missing invites by this time tomorrow then you may invite first.

I have all my games underway. gl to group d
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sorry blink corrected your name i thought it had a y

and bloddy i have added the player just forgot to put it in. indianajones is the player
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okay all the sheets are complete please send your invites i will be sending mine tonight if it goes 2 days and you have not received an invite from someone you may invite them. or just post on here or ask me.

same with any questions please just ask and don't forget the rule of you win if you cap and hold and enemy base for 5 turns.

wallrus i had unfortunately asked supercc to fill my last space. but i will put you down as first reserve as there may be a chance someone does not start there games.

gl all and post your wins or loses on here. screen shots are always welcome.

groups were chose at random vogon supplied me with 5 groups of numbers.
group a does look a tough one.
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hi all again apologies for my bad time keeping and lack of pictures. i do have them still but still struggling to get them posted. really i should not have joined the challenge when i was so busy and with lack of knowledge on the map. talone has now beat and im sure will take on his new challenger.

hopefully i get my pics up to show some things i noticed. my main mistake is in round one. i personally feel as blue you need to take the correct bases and build your marine in the correct space so red can not flip the top bases around. as this separates your top builds and lets rd add to much pressure to the middle. i allowed talone to do this and in the other game he obviously didn't.

try not to build karts on bases where enemy karts can get gang up 3 it makes your karts so weak. sometimes this is not easy but gang up can be a big help here. try control the middle if possible as your karts have best reach.

lastly when blue i do not know if it is best to attack with your first marine or at least move forward. or to drop back and claim a base. i claimed a base and i think i would again. talone does not. it is hard for me to tell on this as when i was blue i let talone flip the bases. so hard to tell afer that if the base cap was effective

thanks to talone fr his patience and good luck to the next fighter
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our new winner is wolfcat who also plays the new tournament starting soon so watch out for him there. bad look to vogon who is again so close but does not yet hold the cup.

it was a close game with vogon winning his game in 13 rounds but wolfcat winning his is 12

thank you all for playing
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hi all

firstly sorry bruce your level is just a little low for now but please keep in touch for later tournaments

okay so the tournament will start on wednesday. i will have all the tables complete by then. welcome youownme to the tournament. the winner of my first tourney.

the map we will be playing is channelisland . just a note it is made by danvegas. that is just chance and has nothing to do with me

on wednesday. you need to invite the people below you in your group to that map with the race you would like to be. once they join with there race they should then invite you back copying your selection and you will copy theres. creating a mirror match. so the top people in the group will send out invites to everyone and the person at the bottom of the group will not have to send out any as he will be sent them all.

please let me know if you have any questions on this. names will be corrected in the next 2 days and last names filled out

many thanks to all for playing.

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the sheet has some names in there groups if anybody wants to have a look. i know the names are not correct yet or across the tops of the grids i will update more soon.

just over a week to go. some players i have caught up with and are to busy at the mo or have not been online for a while. so any names of good players would be appreciated
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yep still space i am going to try round the numbers up this week. a lot of the russian players that i first found to join are proving difficult to get a hold o. so if anybody finds anyone on the list that is not yes please ask them to confirm
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yep i keep getting a little busy to post pics but i do have them. talone has won as red we have about 3 or 4 rounds left just to make it official. hopefully i can do better as red. i still dont know about advantage to red. it will be hard for me to tell as i was new to the map. i have a few tips for future players. things i would change if i was to replay the map. but i will share these when my pics go up
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Although we are playing mirrored we are playing one game then the other. Currently I play blue and have just moved in round 3 I have been going slow as sated I know nothing about the map. I feel okay so far. I don't know where the advantage lays on the map I feel so far red ha the start advantage except blue can build one marine first round. I'm not sure how much this brings the advantage back. He is handy for pressuring early outside bases. I have screen shots and will put them up at the wknd
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Mindfreak is now not responding in my games I will be the victor over him I can show screen shots to show this.
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