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Messages posted by: darf nader
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General Discussion » Tournaments? » Go to message
There was a questionnaire sent out to all players a while back asking about interest in tournaments. Where did that end up? Is there any movement to setting up formal tournaments in the game? It would be great to be able to set up 1 on 1 tournaments as well as team/multiplayer games. Finally, it would be great to be able to set up team tournaments where you have set teams of 2,4,6 or 8 set players and play in a bracket.
New Feature Request » Players List in Chat Lobby » Go to message
Yes, that would be great. Even better would the ability to set up chat channels that you and your friends can use which would be great for coordinating the setup to team games and the like.
Technical Support Questions » Details about getting your map promoted » Go to message
Hi, I am interested in learning how a map gets promoted to being a rated map. Is there a number of times a map needs to be played? Is there some process where the map get nominated to someone?
New Feature Request » Change Map Name » Go to message
It is unfortunate that once a map is name, that's what it is stuck with. This makes for lots of maps that were never intended to be popular be listed with names like "testmapblahblahblah". It would be nice to be able to change the name.
New Feature Request » Map Lineage » Go to message
It would be a nice feature to have maps have a lineage when selecting. For instance, when you go through the list, it would be cool to have what would equate to a folder where maps that are variants of the same make can be grouped together. This will also make things a little better organized and condensed in the game list.
New Feature Request » Fun factor by race » Go to message
Since a lot of the maps are clearly biased for certain races, it would be useful to collect rating data alongside the race they were so you can get a breakdown of which races seemed to prefer the map and which didn't. This will also help the map maker get feedback for revising the map.
New Feature Request » rated user maps, not for long » Go to message
I think it would be arbitrary to pick a rank of who can rate and who can't. Perhaps the value of said vote can be weighted based on how many games they have played as well as their rank.

Also, the "fun factor" of the game should be an index. At worst, it would just be a ratio, but it could also be a weighted ratio.
New Feature Request » Kick players out of games that haven't started yet » Go to message
Often, when I set up a game, one of the players doesn't join for some reason. Sometimes it is just that they are already at their 20 game limit. It would be great if the person setting up the game could kick that play and substitute someone else to take their place so that the game can get started.
New Feature Request » Manage Friend List » Go to message
Hi, I have been a player since the year Uniwar came out and I now have a friend list that is stupid long. I would say 95% of them don't play anymore or at the very least I never see as their ranking is way off of mine. I literally have hundreds of them. I would like some way manage them, perhaps through the web site, so that I can remove lots of them at once. With that, it would be excellent to see other info such as the date of the last game played, last time they were on-line, etc... so you can get some idea as to whether they are still active.
General Discussion » Map editor for IOS? » Go to message
Will there be a map editor for IOS in HD? I am surprised that there is not already a thread for this, though I have seen it asked before a long time ago with the answer being "soon" but that was nearly a year ago. Is it actually going to happen? I have an android phone but the screen is painful to make maps with. It would be so much better to do it on an iPad.
General Discussion » Uniwar no longer in IOS App Store » Go to message
I noticed that Uniwar is no longer in the App Store last week and it still is not back. Did something happen to get it pulled? I saw in another thread that it was a known issue and was getting rectified, but I am concern as I need to swap out my ipad and I don't want to lose the game.
User Generated Maps » A sooty new map! » Go to message
Hi! I made a map called sootsootsoot which I created with the intention to be balanced for all races. specifically, i made an attempt to make all e neutral bases to be captured with a similar amount of difficulty, albeit with different strategies. I have played it a bunch and think its pretty fun so I'd appreciate feedback both positive and constructive. Thanks!
Frequently Asked Questions » Map Builder: Invalid Map Name? » Go to message
I have the same problem on my Galaxy II and I have tried all kinds of permutations of names that no one would have already used.
Bug Reports » Network Error when publishing a map » Go to message
Whenever i attemp to publish a map i get a network error. This is on a Galaxy Nexus 2.
New Feature Request » Sounds in Map Editor » Go to message
Please add SFX controls for the map editor so you can make it quiet.
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