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Tournaments » Jacob's first tourney 1650 to 1300 » Go to message
Simsverd is right. you should wait a while before creating a tourney
User Generated Maps » Starting tips in map-making » Go to message
Sorry guys I shouldn't use Swype on this anymore. Jacob, In order to have map Editor, you have to have an android or kindle. Apple does not have the ability to do so yet
User Generated Maps » Starting tips in map-making » Go to message
  jacob55 wrote: How do you get in map editor
Jacob you need the android
version to be able to do so
Tournaments » EvCatz under 1650 tournament registration » Go to message
  EvCatz wrote: Come on guys spread the word.
hey catz I think they're all just like me; when I heard there was a tourney I assumed it was for upper levels
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
I really like all the ideas presented here. But I think if you are going to change underlings to help titans, then the pinzer should be a buttload stronger. The plasma tank is only fifty credits more, and can kill a pinzer with five remaining health. If you're going to take away one of khrals best units, you need to give us a big upgrade to something else. That's my two cents
General Discussion » Changes are coming to uniwar... » Go to message
sorry swype butchered that. I meant that we will be able to have all tge things available us that the free version buyers can have. I think itd be good to give us that stuff.
General Discussion » Changes are coming to uniwar... » Go to message
  simsverd wrote: The game will be free to download from google play and iOS appstore. The goal is to attract more new players and increase monetizing opportunities, while preserve current players investement in the paid version.
The free version will come in a few months. There will probably be some bugfixes and a version introducing OpenGL with improvements to graphichs and speed before the free version.
The free version will introduce a uniwar currency called unigold wich is to be bought with real money. Unigold will then be usable for “permanent purchases” and “consumable purchases”.
Examples on permanent purchases are: max ammount of games, reset turn, max ammount of replay games (future feature), more inbuildt maps for offline play
Examples on consumable purchases are: change flag, publish map, change username
A free game account will be limited to only 5 online games, but players that already have payed for the game will retain their current max games limit (20).

More info on the free version will come later

Other changes that are planned for the future: replay after game (already in testing), tournaments, pro-ladder.
Will we gwt the rest turns .d stuff? I think some we are the original umiwarriors we should get all the stuff the free game buyers can pay for
New Feature Request » If a new race had to be added... » Go to message
UniWar: Origins » How did UniWar start? » Go to message
ninja you have to battle for something, like the nexus oxide, a rare air molecule that if harnessed right, could change the tides of the biggest battle.

2034, May. A small patrol of marines make a regular walk, insuring they went be attacked. There Nexus Oxide was found. For centuries, a group known as the Krahleans had fought strange robotic cyborgs known as the titans. Each race knew the full potential of the source; it could turn the tides of any battle. The oxide could combine with chemicals to form impenetrable armor, heightened weapons, and Nexus Bombs. See how there's conflict over a source/ substance?
General Discussion » Words to remove from censor » Go to message
they banned the word hardcore. how is that bad
Tournaments » EvCatz 1650-2000 tournament registration » Go to message
PurpleLlama - Rank: 1697 (or something like that) - I just barely reached 1600 a week ago, so I'm looking forward to this learning experience
Khraleans » Winning vs Saps on Heavy Terrain Maps » Go to message
I just finished a heavy mountainous game with a sap. my key strategy was to think outside of the box and grab his bases before he could. Underlings have soaring mobility, so getting there was quite easy. once I had the upper hand, I stuck my foot in the door with a couple pinzers and swarmers and he surrendered. It only lasted 10 rounds.
Khraleans » Khral vs. Saps large airial battles » Go to message
What I would say, is that you should simply counter air with air. I fend off heli's very easily when using garudas. another strategy would be to use wyrms. you would have to make sure the wyrms are protected though.
Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message
I don't have just one favorite. My all around favorite is the Garuda. It does wonderful against everything but Eclipses. But if I'm facing Titans, the duo of Wyrms and Swarmers is rediculously good. The Wyrms will take out any heavy or long range units while the Swramers protect and kill everything else
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Ok guys, I've been thinking about this, and I play Khraleans a lot. Mostly versus Sapiens. One thing I think is unfair is a Garudas ability to attack and damage a helicopter so easily. I would like a small air unit for Sapiens that can be used much like a Swarmer. Something that can damage those Garudas just like Garudas. hurt helicopters, such as a Drone of some short. That would be a better balance. I would also like a unit in the sea for protection of the Hydronauts. Another unit to reccomend for naval play would be a small fast Scout boat for the Sapiens. That's just some random ideas I had. Thanks!
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