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User Generated Maps » ICUP game rules » Go to message
Multiple fuze can be built. However, only 1 per player in the match is allowed to be on the field itself. If a player has a fuze on the field and built another from a side dock, the 2nd fuze has to stay on the dock or nearby forrest tiles until their fuze on the field has been killed in some way.

If any unit (defender or attacker) is sitting on the flag/goal it can be attacked by anything in range.

If a defending team forms a circle around the goal, every unit in the circle is attackable by any unit in range until there is at least 1 tile of open traversible tile space.

If a rule of attack stated above is broken, that unit gets a yellow card. This means they can't move from the tile they are on for 1 turn.

If the unit moves on the next turn after a yellow card it is a red card. This means anyone is allowed to kill the unit without penalty.

If you can come up with other sensible rules let me know! Have fun!
User Generated Maps » ICUP game rules » Go to message
This is the basic rule structure for playing a match on my map ICUP. Following these rules will make the match fun for all.

The point of the match is to score a goal using your teams fuze to capture the enemy flag. As a ctf match, the first to score will win.

The match is largely a "zone of control" contest. This means that opposing teams will try to control the movement of their enemy by blocking movement to delay a goal while they try to score one for themselves. Attacks are permitted under special circumstances. See below.

How to cap:

a fuze must be used to capture. Bopper are not allowed to score and doing so is a loss for your team.
Obviously you can cap your own goal and the game will end as a ctf match.. but there's no fun in that and you've wasted everyone's game.. and you lose the contest.


bopper are slow and fragile units. They can move throughout the field as the controlling player wishes. They can attack any unit on the field. However, any bopper that attacks is allowed to receive 1 attack by any unit from the opposing team in response. Bopper are not allowed to attack a fuze. The risk is yours to take as the bopper player.. zoc moves without attacking are recommended until the timing serves you best.

The fuze may attack another fuze only, unless the attack is in response to a bopper attack preceeding the players turn where Noone has responded to the bopper attack.

The tank, or goalie, can only block and can't initiate any attacks. If attacked in some way, the tank will automatically defend if the attacker is in range. Tanks can attack bopper in response.

The marauders are the major units in the zone of control dynamic and are not used for attacking. They can attack, however, in response to a bopper attack or if another rule allows for the attack. Otherwise, no attacks from marauder.

The hooligans (marine fans of the game) can basically do whatever the hell they want with one exception.. they can't enter the pitch. The pitch is any forrest or plains tiles belonging to the play area. They're handy for gaining control of the side docks or general havoc on the side lines. If they abide by the rule of staying out of the field, they can attack anything. (Units that may be too close to the edge of the pitch). They are allowed to attack newly built fuze if within range
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
The Grand War Alpha has completed!

The final scores are as follow:

Team 1: 25.5 War Points
Team 2: 17.5 War Points
Team 3: 60 War Points

The final War Points scoring includes the FINAL battle victory multiplier as well as the remaining RCARDs being traded back in after for 0.5WP each.

Team 3 - Baked cats hustle educated minds - is the winning faction!
They did not spend any coins from their initial start bank. They win the prize pot of 2400UC + the starting bank of 600UC. This is 500 UC to each soldier on the team.

Clumsy cat

Congratulations to the winners! And thank you to everyone who participated!! The next war will be streamlined and smaller. New map development and roles to choose are in the works. Modification to some of the rules as a result of what has been learned here will also take place.

Payment sent
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
I only have about 4 replays or so left to capture, and unfortunately there are at least 2 which are not around anymore. main31 and raid03 seem to be gone. also the midway jailbreak mission, unless hustlerone can get it to me (or someone else who was in it).

regrettably, if these replays are not able to be captured in the near future I may not be able to completely include them in the war videos to be uploaded to youtube. the outcomes have already been counted and recorded in the war chest however.

If it comes to be that main31 doesnt get fixed for watching... blame spooky
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
Crap.. I shouldve entered this. Im gonna make one anyways.
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
The FINAL battle is upcoming.. all of your efforts in the war are soon to reach a final resolution. Team captains should discuss with their teams who will fight and how you may wish to finalize the game.

If you have remaining rcards or abilities you may wish to use them in some fashion before the war finishes. If you do not use your rcards, they will be automatically sold off after the FINAL and points added to your score. If you win the FINAL battle, the unused rcard points will be added to your score AFTER the multiplier has been applied.

Because there were several circumstances in these final hours and midways which none of us could predict, the FINAL battle will involve all 3 teams. 2 fighters per team.
The remaining players will not have any further involvement at this point, unless some raids or missions remain to be finished. With this in mind, you should understand that you will not receive any points until I have the replays in hand. So you want to finish these matches. (if they help the multiplier from winning the FINAL then you reallly want to finish.. otherwise if it finishes after the FINAL it will be added to your score after the multiplier has already been applied.)
people who stall out the game should be skipped or even kicked out of the match at this point (if it is possible) to have everything resolve. This does not immediately apply to the outstanding MID battle.

CAPTAINS: If you have questions about your score, rcard holdings, abilities remaining, missions occurred, etc.. please be certain to ask!!!!
The missions can be seen on page 1 of this posting. but more detailed information is held in my war chest.
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
The ability to hire additional mercs has ended. HOWEVER, you are still involved in the war. you will see your participation here soon. you do not belong to any team, but you will see.
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
Capture enemy bases requires an equal count of starting owned bases. Although this is an asymmetry challenge, you don't want it to be a broken map. As far as I understand it, the entries should be as balanced as possible.. so even start bases shouldn't be an issue.

There isn't a restriction on uncapped bases or amount of cities.
Only starting owned.

It may also require the same starting units but I don't recall.
Also, if your authoriginal account doesn't have additional units you won't be able to place them.. but placing some of the newer unit types will allow people who don't own them yet to at least use what is given on a map from the start.

Hope this helps
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
Tournaments » UNIWAR Role-play campaign /sign-up, discussion thread/ » Go to message
is this dead or what? I was excited about it...
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message

This is the replay of MAIN12 with all completed missions.

I tried to embed the video but it doesn't seem to work.

Status for any mission and mission types is on page 1
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
Have any interesting ideas for new roles? Let's hear em!

I was thinking of one that is named something like secretary of defense with the ability of swapping sides on the battlefield of a mission. 1 use. Time of use match setup.

What are your thoughts?
New Feature Request » Creation of an Administrator or Game Master Mode » Go to message
Idk why Noone has responded to this yet but it is an option I am certainly hoping for. While I wouldn't ask that it be as complex as my war I am sure that with a simple system in place I can work within the constraints to make a war happen easier. Something along the lines of being able to have matches automatically arranged by certain criteria would be cool. I know that it was in discussion and slated for addition but exactly how remains a mystery.. and yes, we know sims, other additons have priority
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