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Sapiens » Counter to speeder swarm? » Go to message
Remember any matchup can be beaten of a player is smart enough. There are plenty of maps leaning slightly for titan where sapiens still stand a chance. Against speeder it's tanks. Use maraders against anything but speeders ant plasma tanks stock up a few batteries and make sure to stop walkers or positions where titans can set up impenetrable walls. Last thing no helis. Use this knowledge and make a strategy.
Guides & Tips » Chess Proverbs for Uniwar Players » Go to message
I don't know why people are comparing this to chess when it is more like advanced wars but better.
General Discussion » [BUG] Symmetry inactive? » Go to message
Only works in 2 or 4 players. Make sure to tell us every setting you had on so we know what went wrong.
General Discussion » Race balance » Go to message
Truth to that batteries one, but walkers lose to wyrms, and wyrms to batteries (at least in my experience). I still believe that batteries are fine as now anyways because sapiens vs titans is about overwhelming the enemy instead of out turtling them. Plus walkers suck on small maps. The worst sapiens unit is tank still.

To the topic of underlingsBut when those in 2000+ fight me, it's not the underlings that get me, they do work but it's other units that get me, then the buried underlings get me but I'm dead anyways. Perhaps a change in purpose, like less movement restrictions and minor buffs instead of turning them to tough hard to use units. I would prefer that. Another solution is buff cyber underling as its the worst upgrade.

But high level players must get on this discussion.
General Discussion » Race balance » Go to message
Buried underlings aren't a problem. If a Titan player is smart they have assimilators. Batteries aren't as weak as you think so stop complaining.
Sapiens should have additional tank movement instead (not attack or defense otherwise it needs to cost more) their tanks are suckier than meta knight in ssb4 (not talking about ssbb)

New Feature Request » How about reinforcements? » Go to message
Do this and titans must be buffed when they aren't unique as any race has what is essentially teleporting. #2 sucks as it break just add extra infantry and destroys any strategy and #1 needs more abilities others its a weaker base unless it doesn't use credits, then it is unfair.
Guides & Tips » Teams » Go to message
  waxoid wrote:To elaborate, team 2 currently gets compensated twice for blue's first move advantage:

(a) Blue does not earn credits on first turn
(b) Team 2 gets to move 2nd *and* 3rd, meaning the first chance to make a team double-move, so they get first crack at creating pressure and can gain space and initiative

The combination of the two is potent, as the pressure in (b) is likely to target blue's anemic starting position due to (a). The current sharp map in sneaky snakes really highlights this.

In reality, either one of these seems like reasonable compensation for blue first mover advantage on average, and I suggest team 2 shouldn't get both.

I disagree to a for team matches, ffa fine. Since the advantage is small, plus blue can prepare for the attack removing b would a bad choice.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message

To the unnecessarily slow dipping mechanism!!
What's New in the Latest Updates » Proposal for a new icon - We want YOUR feedback » Go to message
  rwieczor84 wrote:male is pale. He look like he is infected
give him some colors on his face.

you're right
What's New in the Latest Updates » Proposal for a new icon - We want YOUR feedback » Go to message
Perhaps a marine and eclipse fighting against a underling and pinzer. For now the second for reasons shadowntr explained. Perhaps some wear and tear on the armor and a scar or two with a mecha II behind him if my idea doesn't get chosen, I think an army shows more what the game is about than a single unit.
New Feature Request » Improved replay » Go to message
This will be awesome. I once turtled on omega against sapiens who were so close to winning, but I was strong enough to overcome them after a long match. I wish I had a replay for that.
Sapiens » How to beat Titans Walker wall? » Go to message
Those annoying purple armies. So annoying how we have to put up with armies that don't exist when we have other forces to deal with.
New Feature Request » Adding commanders » Go to message
I was thinking about how adding commanders would be an awesome idea for this game. Essentially what this does is give more variety to the game. Each commander gives student buffs (or nerfs) to your army. If you don't know what I mean check out age of mythology or advanced wars. The reason why I want this is so that we can have new ways of playing with the same races

Infantry commander +2 movement, +2 light attack to mecha and cyber underling
Tank commander +1 tank repair, +2 movement to plasma tanks
Artillery commander -100 cost, +2 defense to walkers

Infantry commander +1 defense, +movement after attack to marines and mechas II
Copter commander +1 copter repair, +2 heavy attack to copters
Artillery commander +1 range, +2 movement to batteries

a few things must be said
This will not be ranked until the developers think that this is balanced
It will be optional and can be selectable when creating a game
The stats will be balanced over time
The names currently suck and I'll leave you to your own opinions for names
You can add your ideas in the comments
Also since I hardly play khraleans I couldn't come up with any ideas.
General Discussion » Why can't I see my map's data » Go to message
Works now thanks
General Discussion » Ranked Custom Team Games » Go to message
^^so much want
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