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Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
I think it's totally dependant on who gets first strike...
General Discussion » Create you're ultimate army (Just for fun) » Go to message
nfong, no healer? You're crazy! Oh and I'd take destroyer over hydronauts
General Discussion » Create you're ultimate army (Just for fun) » Go to message
Ok so if you could mix and match ANY of the Uniwar units to create yourself an army (lets stick with the standard 6) what would it be and why. Lets assume a few things:
1) you can't convert your own units to make them stronger, and your specials don't affect your own troops (So a UV won't hurt your non titan troops, and an EMP wont disable your Titans) but WILL affect your converted troops like they always do.
2) you can't change it map by map (so you can't be like, Well i'd take marines if there are mountains, but otherwise underling). Otherwise, hell if you want all the expensive units go for it. I'm still not sure what combination is my favorite but here's an example of something I'd play

Plasma Tank

I figure this would be a sort of "rush attack" type army... Lings, mauraders and garudas up first, followed later by the tanks and batteries. Plus mauraders and infectors... +3 heal and another action?

Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
I have to disagree... neither tanks NOR Batteries are dumb... In fact I don't believe there are dumb units, only units that people don't know how to use efficiently.
Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
I´ve used it on very small tight maps where the sap player doesn´t have much room to move around. It´s great if you can keep it spreading, like on 4 neighbors... Otherwise, I rarely risk an infector for the infection, especially if I can´t defend it afterwards. The little bastards are expensive.
General Discussion » UniWar community needs support! » Go to message
I actually posted something in "feature requests" awhile back about this... TONS OF PEOPLE STILL PLAY UNIWAR!... or at least I think so, the forums are just soooo inaccessable from mobile devices. I find them to be slow and hard to use. I fee llike a fairly easy solution would be a mobile web friendly version of the forums and a damn link at the start screen that says "Check out the Uniwar forums- Click Here!" (Ok it could probably say something less stupid, but you get the idea)

Seriously, is it so hard to format a a website/forum for mobile users such as android/ipod users? I feel like the only thing better would be actually interfacing it so that you could visit the forums all without having to ever leave Uniwar... Cmon Dev's, let's make something happen with this place.
New Feature Request » Uniwar2? » Go to message
There's a thread that exists for suggestions for Uniwar 2... and while I'm sure we'd all love to see a fourth race don't get you're hopes up- that kinda thing requires a hell of a lot of extra work.
New Feature Request » Filters for joining games » Go to message
I'm guessing (and hoping) that this sort of thing will be available in Uniwar 2... But I totally agree having more specific filters and being able to mix and match them to look for the games you want would be quite pleasant.
New Feature Request » Feature requests » Go to message
Please do me a favor and reread my post. I SPECIFICALLY said that removing a player due to a low rating I think IS a good idea... I believe the sentence started with "I can totally see booting a player..."

What I'm saying is that by waiting until only the races you want to play against join a game gives you an unfair advantage. I'm not saying you can't do it, I'm basically just saying it's a pretty sad way to make up for skill...

Saying the joining player should simply know better is an increbily weak excuse, which is why you find it so "simple" and it falsely blames innocent people for lack of experience, yes some people should know better and probably do, but some people HAVEN'T PLAYED LONG ENOUGH TO KNOW.

Listen, I'm done with this topic, feel free to continue doing whatever you like, just don't expect us, or anyone who sees this and agrees with us, to ever join a game of yours. If you really want, I'll show you what it's like on the other end of your tactics. I'll pick the maps and races for both of us, and we'll see how you fair...
General Discussion » gang up bonus help plis » Go to message
Oye Ardania, estos ayudate? Estudiando espanol en Lima Peru, y puedo ayudar si nececitas... Podemos juegar? nececito practicar ecribiando espanol, porque cuando hablo, estoy bien, pero mi gramatica, esta horible... y hablame cuando nececitas ayuda "Gang Up" es muy facil especialimente en una juega "unrated..." Quieres?
New Feature Request » Feature requests » Go to message
I wouldnt go as far as calling you a cheater, but Charnel has a good point- by picking and choosing what races you play against you can essentially always give yourself an edge over other players. Especially since some maps give a significant advantage to one race over another (Titans on peninsulas for example have an incredible edge with teleport)

Part of the strategy of the game, at least I feel, is that when you pick a race you plan on a strategy for NO MATTER what the other person picks. Hand picking what races joins your games isn't cheating because it's built into the system, but I have to agree that it's a cop out to real strategy.

Going back to my peninsulas example, a team with even just one titan player will almost always beat a team without titans, simply because they can get to, and protect the outside bases with ease. By your logic, I could create a game, set myself up as titans, and then boot anyone on the other team who does pick titans so I can with 99% accuracy know I will win that game.
Is this cheating? Not literally, I mean, cheating is that hack a while back that let a 2 hp ling one shot a full plasma tank. Does it eliminate a certain element of fairness and strategy? I would have to say yes, it does.

I can totally understand booting a player for having way to low of a rating, and I agree there should be a way to set a cap (but what if a players rating drops below the limit during the game?). On the other hand I think waiting until you can play the exact game you want with the opponents you want is kinda like training wheels... which is why those types of games are unrrated.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, I'm not trying to flame you just let you know why people like Charnel and myself find that particular discrimination... unethical. I hope we can come to an understanding.
Tournaments » Quick tournament! CANCELED!!! » Go to message
I would honestly just take like 10 new maps at this point...
Sapiens » Marines: Underated? » Go to message

yea actually on a fewmaps swarmers are a pretty good counter to sap infantry
Tournaments » Tournament........64 slots...CANCELLED...SEE NEW TOURNEY » Go to message
Well then in that case, hell lets just have a 6-10 person tourney... that would be fast, and maybe if we START small we can garner some more interest in tournaments and actually continue to grow them into 64 slot giant tournaments... How many people signed up for this tourney as of now?
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
  Pie2.1 wrote: I mean with rock, paper, sissors, its just that one race has a unit advantage over another(EX: Titans overpower Sapiens with Walkers and Plasma tanks while Khrealans can get Underlings to sneak and destroy just about any Titan unit with ease. .

sorry for the double post, but when i reread it i realized this proves my point? Saps technically have the advantage over Titans, and Titans over khrals...
plus your example is very situational no? plasma tanks backed by walkers is indeed powerful, but you need to be able to save the resources to actually build that up... and if the Sap player get's his own battery backed by tanks first (2 tanks and a battery costs 1350 two plasmas and a walker 1750) the battery and tanks can shred through plasmas like butter. Especially if the sap player can get an engineer in there...

BTW: Pie, I know I've played games with you before, and you're a good player, I'm not trying to flame you or make you feel bad. I hope this sort of thing won't prevent you from playing games with any of us or even posting in the future...

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