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Tournaments » Golden mooseKNUCKLE 500uc Buy-in t.ournament » Go to message
I'm rootin for ya evr
User Generated Maps » Map Contest! » Go to message
Man tough choices gonna pick 3 as it's different. Though as soon as contest over I wouldn't mind some pickup games on all of these
General Discussion » Khralafia 2.0 - Rules, Roles, Sign up and post game Thread! » Go to message
toss my hat into the ring. life is still seriously crazy but I'll do what I can
General Discussion » Duaneski v Angkor - race selection » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:Shall we have a Wang Cheese battle

Could be a fun battle. whether my team mate does well or not is anyone's guess...
General Discussion » Anti Uniwar stories? » Go to message
  Paul5678 wrote:My dad asked if I wanted to play a game of chess online. I said I might be up for chess but I'd really like to play UniWar with him. And sent him a screenshot. He said, "I learned how to play chess at age 12. After 50 years I'm starting to get pretty good. I don't think I could learn a new game. Old dogs and new tricks."
I'll keep working on him!

Let him know there are many of us 'old dogs' enjoying Uniwars. My oldest grandson has been playing a short while (till he broke his iphone. needs to work that off to get it fixed) and grand daughter has just started as well. My youngest grandson (now likes it as well but he only gets to play supervised games and only with bots.
General Discussion » Anti Uniwar stories? » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:
  Red Five wrote:My wife and another player's wife are trying to start a "wives of Uniwar" support group.

.....We must never let that happen.....

That sounds like they're trying to make us generals and they get to brag about it to others D:

that means the resistance is trying to organize. look where that got the empire :o
Technical Support Questions » How to boot inactive opponents? » Go to message
That is correct. Sadly since game went free hitting an open multi player game is just a garanteed fustration.

Best bet is to be active either in your current language chat or the basement where a lot of active players hang of all skill levels. You'll see folks looking for players to test new maps and other things and get yourself invited. You'll learn some things from the vets and help test maps as well as get interesting folks that won't quit on you.
General Discussion » UI request » Go to message
So something like actual movement in say a greenish highlight, but possible (un blocked movement) highlighted? Something like that?
General Discussion » Improved Wikia articles » Go to message
well we need to do that. wiki's don't write themselves....
New Feature Request » Ability to skip to different campaign missions » Go to message
Currenly there are only campain and 2 player local play (standard maps only) and online play against bots/humans.

Ideally some day we'll get the option of playing 'hot seat' games of any map in the map list. (would be great for pimping uniwars when I'm at various gaming/sci fi shows to have it up so folks can play with it)
General Discussion » Board Game: Professional Version » Go to message
I find general card stock works well for game chits. I print so front/back is on same side and fold on top. temp bases can be pennies that give weight to bottom using clay that does not harden permantly.

As to 3d printing, while I know thats a possiblity but there are companies that you can by gaming pieces from already. I know we do that for our world dom game (think axis and allies on steroids) and I'll find the company to link for those wanting pieces.

Till then heres a resource link

For uniwar I'd use generic pieces (tank infantry art etc) for the pieces and a card underneath for stats.
General Discussion » Improved Wikia articles » Go to message
I didn't know we had a UniWiki. Good to know
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
@ Duns. Sadly I don't think Xavi gets 100% of what we spend. Sadly the 'store' takes it's cut. How much I don't know, but from personal experiance using Square for processing my credit card transactions on my phone when vending I loose roughy 3-4% in sales to fees. (also I gotta add to my costs vending booth space cost and housing/transportation) but you get the picture.

Xavi has server costs as well as other items that we, the general playing public does not always see. So factor those when guestimating numbers as well.

As to paying for new units from what I've read so far there will be both methods of earning unicoins as well as a slow roll out of new units. This will allow most players to both phase in the newer units and also (if crafty) get feedback from the early folks as to which are useful or not. Why by a lemon unless you need lemonaid?
Frequently Asked Questions » UniWar Assets: Image, Icons, Units, Terrains, Tiles, ... » Go to message
Thanks xavi. I'll run by any artwork with you before I do anything with it. Currently too poor to do anything but hope to have that rectified shortly. Have a big gaming con I'd love to be sporting a uniwar pinzer at in November


sadly probably won't be able to get to it before my anime con

User Generated Maps » Let's build a map together !! » Go to message
where are we with this?
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