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Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Map Votes Not Registering » Go to message
You need to play at least 5 rounds to vote map.
General Discussion » maintenance on aug 5 » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:There's a maintenance on that time, is there gonna be any new content after that?

Titans will take control on hole Beta System. We must counterattack befor 5 aug. from our Gamma System!
General Discussion » Why am I unranked.. » Go to message
You must set in "My account" available to random games >0.
Technical Support Questions » End of turn ad » Go to message
Do you have online games over limit?
Bug Reports » Cannot create custom game after new android update » Go to message
  zm0 wrote:Ok, I have a video. How can i get it to you?? Dont see an option to upload on the forum. Can you email me at mahoney.z@gmail.com i can send it to you.

Send it at: support@uniwar.com

What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.14 Upcoming minor release » Go to message
What do you think to give swarmer +1 GL ?
General Discussion » Visible buried underling. » Go to message
Scaning underlings was easy but time killing.
Now we can save some time.
Bug Reports » Disappearing underlings! » Go to message
  Porphyr wrote:Is it really already fixed? I noticed that bug as well, it also happens if the underling is just damaged (by enemy moving heavy unit on top). If you watch the replay of last move, the underling is damaged once more, which will also affect is attack stats on the move. Fortunately it is impossible to submit the turn afterwards (it will say that the game is out of sync and force undo).

Same bug actually affects veterancy: Veterancy bonus for units killed is (or was?) added one more time when watching replay - which could turn units to veterans too early.

Veterancy bug is known and Xavi will fix it in next update.
New Feature Request » Improvements to replay of ongoing games » Go to message
Very nice idea! I am big fan of making replay in ongoing games better.
New Feature Request » Play with oneself online » Go to message
I have other account in UniWar so I create games with my main and second account to test maps.
General Discussion » Is it possible to swap out a team member and keep the name? » Go to message
Now it is impossible to switch team members.
You must create a new team.
General Discussion » Why i hope to remove randomness » Go to message
For now randomness wouldn't be removed.
For me I would like to have little bit less random factor because sometimes (1-2%) it gives a huge difference in fight result.
Bug Reports » Disappearing underlings! » Go to message
  ISKIJN wrote: Is that really a bug? I thought buried underlings just lost 1HP each time a ground heavy unit stepped on them, which makes sense

This bug is no longer able to repreduce as devs repaired it. In this video you can see that buried ling gets additional damage after watching replay.
Ogólna dyskusja » Infector - szkolenie YouTube » Go to message
Nowy filmik o Infectorze, mam nadzieję że Wam się spodoba
Khraleans » INFECTOR - guide, tips and tricks about infect and plague » Go to message
Watch how to play infector in English on my YouTube channel:

or in Polish - po Polsku:
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