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General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
There are also assymetrical 2v2 maps that are appearing in random 2v2. There are at least 2 i have encoutered but i deleted the replays
New Feature Request » New abilities for support units » Go to message
I also had an additional thought.

At the moment support units are not really good unless they can repair enough of a friendly unit to justify the cost.

So typically getting a healthy unit is ALWAYS better than a support unit. And it takes a lot of damaged units to justify the support unit.

I had a thought that repair should be the action of the engineer, not the action of the unit.

it should repair 2 hp + base healing rate x 2 instead since.

a second engineer repairing the same unit will repair 2hp + base healing x 3 etc.

to balance this I propose that repairs can only be done if the engineer hasn't moved. This ensures engineers are in line of sight the previous turns so quick repairs can be anticipated.

The stronger healing means you can justify earlier engineers. It also means that damaged units can retreat and be repaired. It means that engineers have to be bought preemptively and placed preemptively. It also means that effective use of repair does NOT require a mass of support units that typically cannot be economically done in early or mid game, and certain match ups where almost all damage is lethal.

I will write more when I can.
New Feature Request » New race idea 1,000.... WarStorm » Go to message
the ability lightning reflexes seems a bit strong.

That is unless no retaliation damage was dealt because the unit was dodging the attack. or it should be at least halved.

Alternately I think lightning reflexes should only apply to range damage.

In certain maps with narrow corridors, lightning reflexes could be completely OP.

Front loading armour and damage could give too much advantage but its certainly an interesting thought. I will write more when i have had the time to consider this more.
New Feature Request » New abilities for support units » Go to message
I am making this suggestion to increase the variety of play styles and strategies seen. I believe improving support units functionality is important to make it viable to training them early, and seeing them more in team games (2v2, 3v3 ,4v4).

I think all support units should have 3 unique 'hurting abilities' when not allied against the 3 races, and 3 unique 'helping' abilities that help the 3 races when allied.

A simple example will be

Engineer -> increases attack strength of adjacent allied khralean units with steroids, when adjacent to titan, causes no mecha and eclipse stasis after teleport, when starting teleport adjacent to engineer, improves repair rates of sapien units

-> can reprogram hostile mecha, can sabotage marauders and tanks of hostile sapiens paralyzing their movement and repair for one turn (but not attack), can inject plague to one adjacent enemy khralean unit that takes 2 damage per turn instead and is transmissable after one turn has passed.

To do such a change maybe an increase in cost is needed, but as i see it, until you do you will hardly see support units in team games, and in certain match ups they will not appear early at all.

New Feature Request » End Game additions » Go to message
I agree all maps should give incentive to control more land and more area.

I actually really like the solar cell idea. Only addition i will make is that instead of a solar cell, we can call it a borehole or geothermal outlet. Where if you end the turn with a support unit on it, you earn extra credits for the next turn if the support unit survives to the next turn.

In addition, I think a supply limit will force people to fight so that they can lose troops to replenish their supply limit.

There should be supply depots on the map which you can capture to increase your supply limit, hence capturing supply depots will becomes one of the contested hexes on the map. You cannot build supply depots but they are on the map.

So for instance, you start with a 1500 credit supply limit. And every depot you capture increases it by a further 1500 credits

What do you guys think?

General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
I have read a suggestion somewhere that you could make the undo option as a game specific option.

For instance players could decide before hand if undo was going to be allowed, or not.

In tournaments it could be a fixed feature.

So in tournaments, one option could be no fog of war, and no undos allowed. (this makes it much more like chess, which i am in favour of)

You could play ranked with undos, or ranked without undos, on the same account and have a different rating in each.

I think both require a different skill set to play. No FOW and no undos is more like chess.

No FOW and undos is like chess on training wheels.

FOW and no undos requires a lot more anticipation and flexibility which is less like chess.

FOW + undo just doesn't make sense. why play FOW if you're only going to undo to avoid it?

I agree that undos needs to be standardized. I agree that the way for uniwar to earn more income is from non play related benefits such as skins/art/music etc. Others include map packs and campaigns with a deep satisfying story line and real challenging single player campaigns. as mentioned before.

For those who have already purchased unlimited undos, the benefit is they can play in the unlimited undo tournaments and unlimited undo ranked games while other players who have not bought unlimited undos cannot.

I would then suggest refunding all uni coins to those who have bought undo tokens.

Sorry if what i have mentioned has been suggested elsewhere, but i did not read it being discussed.

General Discussion » Impossibly low damage in tournament? » Go to message
unfortunately, the turn order requires i kill a unit first prior. I think damage ranges should be limited to 3 possible numbers, expected damage, below average, above average. having damage variations beyond that makes it just ridiculous to plan for and is counterintuitive to what makes uniwar fun
General Discussion » Impossibly low damage in tournament? » Go to message
My 7 hp pinzer dealt only 1 damage to a 2 hp swarmer, both on plains.

Can someone explain to me how this is possible? even the uniwar calculator said the minimum damage should be 2.

This is just patently unfair.

Tournaments » Tournament Suggestion » Go to message
I have a suggestion. for the map easy peasy, 3rd map KvK, can we just have NO fog of war. so much of the strategy depends on luck of having 2 underlings gang up on the opponents capturing undering. Also it depends on infinite undo to see where the opponent is to send your lone underling elsewhere. I felt a massive advantage with unlimited undo, however because it was a tournament and i didn't want to lose by bad luck I abused it to the max and I felt very dirty after. Please fix before the map comes around again if possible
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
RebelStrut82183. If khraelian player starts first, he can use his underling area of control to block 2nd player from capturing one of the middle neutral bases on turn 1, he can safely take his own neutral base (well on his side of the map) later, and force many credits in disadvantage without any errors made. This map should not allow Khraelian as a race. Also might I ask if the creator ALWAYS starts first? In this case, players can use this as a newbie trap, and ALWAYS play khraelian and ALWAYS start with a ridiculous advantage.
General Discussion » Capturing » Go to message
Wanted to ask if capturing also decapped the point, or does it remain the enemies base if they manage to kill the unit before capture was successful?
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