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General Discussion » Is SpookyHouse aware of the forum? » Go to message
New Feature Request » The best and only idea we need! » Go to message
As for a complete lack of interest from both previous dev and new devs as well, I suggest to shut this sub-forum down
- no more wet dreams by any uniwarrior ever again
- no more lost hopes and dreams
- more server space for other sub-forums
- no more devs feeling guilty
- level of uniwar hypocricy goes lower
- LKASR would need then to drop his drawings and sculptures to general chat
- the activity of the whole uniwar forum drops from 0 to -1

A place for a right proper img.

I even made a little poll, hey look how hardworking I am!
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message

I love how you created a separate thread and checked and checked again for an answer, and after all this time, after all these questions, theories.
Big reveal.
Your picture was bad, that's all.
(that one's more accurate, with the exception I think all attacks from distance 4-5 are max. +1, but may be wrong. Doesn't really matter...)
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
I'm a bit confused because everything on your picture is perfectly fine.
1st line: 1 - speeder with 0 bonus from gangup. 2 - speeder with 3 bonus from gangup. 3 - mecha with 1 bonus from gang-up.
2nd line: 1 - speeder with 0 bonus. 2 - speeder with 2 bonus. 3 - mecha with 2 bonus.

/edit: maybe you think as I did for some time - that it's the position of the first attack that matters in the next attack. It's wrong - actually it's the previous attack that counts, so for example mecha as 3rd attack with bonus referred to the 2nd speeder.

General Discussion » Spookyhouse devs Q and A » Go to message
Do you like puppies, Spooky House?
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
General Discussion » Skipping players in tournaments » Go to message
Just don't do it.
Do it if:
- your enemy skipped you somewhere before
- your enemy has reputation of a skipper
- there is a strong possibility your opponent plays to win in time (meaning he's CLEARLY delaying one game in purpose)
- if you just really realy want to
General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
frostbyte > masternewman (yoda?) > lextalionis > batteries > ... > others

Seem reasonable to play, ordered by the fun factor.
[...but didn't play any of those]
General Discussion » UniWar gets acquired by Spooky House Studios » Go to message
Now that's a big news?!
Good luck gentlemen! What about Xavi?
General Discussion » Music » Go to message
Thanks for asking buddy!
Well, it depends.

- if I play some invincible champ, usually the 'matrix trillogy' ost comes to my mind. Glorious beats by Juno Reactor make you feel a bit focused and unreal
- if I play someone short, the LotR and the Hobbit anthology ost seem most perfect, especially those Shire flute themes. Usually helps to mix that stereo with 'Mr Frodo!' 'SAM!!!' dialogue looped
- if I play someone schizophrenic, I love having 'Where is my mind' by Pixies piano cover mixed with shouting of angry kids soundscape. No reason behind it really.
- if I play a girl, the answer may be only Hot Latino Dance Rhytms disc, or some African Dream Pop, that stuff gives me chills.
- if I play with myself, I loop 'Fort Minor - Remember the Name', dreaming my brain is at the gym, pushing hard some bad azz space chunks. Big size!
Lots of different cases really.
General Discussion » Xavi balance discussion » Go to message
We most definitely need to nerf this thread.
Right now we have one funny heated yesterday's meal, and we can agree I guess, it's yummy, but hell it was worth 250 when it was fresh. And now 300??! FOR WHAT! (but seriously, 'storing it', the clerk said. Next time any of you see this man, punch him in the face). It was pretty much ok at this point. But THEN, happenings happen. First this guy, 'hey look at my profile pic I'm shouting it everywhere that's how not embarrased I am). Cool, the thread was still going places. Balanced, pretty much, a bit of sugar, a bit of salt. Later on, the guy came, added a bit of salamanders here and there. I didn't read all of that tbh, noticed only 2 separate accounts, one with a face covered, 2nd with face shown, cool, added a little bit drama, a little bit of country vinegar. Still cool, a bit more OP than a regular thread, but nothing fancy. I'd say +2, +3 posts and -59 credits would do, especially because I mean that way +50 into my pocket, really.
Then Duaneski came, added a bit sour cream. Nah, I'm pretty much cool with all of that. Do not nerf it. I re-read that a couple of times and
I think they're fine. In fact, I like most changes at this point

Ramen, brothers and sisters. May the Flying Spaghetti Monster lead us all!
User Generated Maps » Mapmaking - basic guide » Go to message
Allright, I learned enough after the whole new tiles, new units meta chaos period, and incoming submarines won't change much especially in land fighting, so I can start developing this thread again. Sorry folks for a long break.

Oh, and DO NOT READ posts without /new meta/ adjustments, it's outdated and badly written, I'll re-make them all in the following week. Thanks for those reading it, glad for every commentary and critique, let's make mapmaking community great again, right?
New Feature Request » WORLD CHAMPION » Go to message
/quick note/ I know, I know none of these ideas I post will ever gonna happen, but dreaming is an addictive thing, right? Let us dream.

The idea is to allow players to players could hold titles similar as fight masters hold.
There'd be 3 classes:
HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD (ranked from no #1 solo to the last possible rank he can get in random ranked match... about 200 lower now?)
MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD (ranked about 2100 to 2500?)

Now, if you'd hold the current x-weight champion of the world status, you'd get some fancy trophy sign as well as chat color.
If you'd lose the title, your stats should still have info 'held x-weight champion of the world title until ----.--.--, unbeaten in -- glorious duels.

- you turn your world championship option on/off right next to number of ranked matches in your profile
- if it's on: until you play random ranked with anyone else, nothing changes.
- if you'll meet the current x-weight champion of the world in your random ranked, here it goes:
*THE GAME POPPS OUT WITH REVENGE MATCH SIMUTANEOUSLY, similar to tourney events (regular 24h time)
*IF YOU WIN BOTH GAMES, YOU'RE THE WORLD CHAMPION NOW! (then, while matching an opponent for you, you'll be treated as you had highest possible rank in your tier - if heavyweight, as you had even rank with a current no1 ladder man)
*IF YOU WIN ONLY ONE... well it's debatable. I'd say it shouldn't matter nor to current title helder nor to his win counts. But some might say that who won faster gets everything. Up to your imagination.
*IF YOU LOSE, THE WORLD CHAMP GETS +1 glorious victory in his/her chart and some unicoins.

Whatcha guys think about it?
Tournaments » !200 unicoins!!! Medieval Battle Simulator !!!200 unicoins! » Go to message
Thanks everybody for participation!

The winner is elenorsar - 10 rounds, 0 losses!
The follow-up is prezi3 - 10 rounds, 0 losses as well (only later, you know, records)

PS. Let me know if anyone's interested in more challenges like this one.
PS.2. If someone manages to beat the record now, I'll send 100 unicoins more and stick the name to map description, even if time is up.
Tournaments » !200 unicoins!!! Medieval Battle Simulator !!!200 unicoins! » Go to message
As for now the record belongs to master yoda with 800 score (12 rounds, no casualties). There were some people who did it in 11 rds, but with casualties (so lower score).
If someone managed to do this better, I suggest to send me the replay asap because you know, the record belongs to the man who does something first, right?
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