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Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Small island tournament » Go to message
There are a lot of bad maps out there, unfortunately. We are doing what we can to alter the system to stop this, and hopefully the changes we have made will lead to better maps in the future

Hopefully your opponent will accept a draw, and you can both downvote the map.

Always remember to vote! Unlike in real life, voting here matters cus basically no one does!
Tournaments » Cidsters Dead Monastery Challenges (CDMC) » Go to message
Looks super cool, but maybe more complicated scoring than it needs?

Maybe I'll sit this one out since my score isnt similar to your current entrants
General Discussion » glitch!?!? » Go to message
  darussian1 wrote:

I've played someone with 1 loss and 103 wins, obviously he was glitching. I still love the game and hope all the cheaters get banned.

*COUGH* I am one of those people and I am certainly not glitching. There is no cheating in uniwar. There are three things you need to realize:

1) damage is calculated based upon random dice rolls, so it will not always be the same.
2) damage can be increased using "gangup" bonuses.
3) using the infinite undo feature you can use both of these features to optimize a turn to extents you may find equivalent to cheating, but it is most certainly allowed.

The skill ceiling in this game is incredibly high, which is why I reached the rank of #6 globally with only a single loss.
General Discussion » Unavailable Units » Go to message
The watch ad is the key one. But you can't expect a game THIS good to be free. It's just rude to complain about not getting things for free.


It's like those middle aged white moms who ask to speak to the manager after the store clerk won't accept their expired coupons
New Feature Request » Things to do when a FFA player resigns » Go to message
I agree. My solution has been to just not play with people who quit, and now I just wont play with strangers at all.
Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message
I like salamander, its the swiss army knife for khral!
General Discussion » Balance seems a bit off in favour of bugs » Go to message
  Pento wrote:I disagree.
It's not well balanced.
All in favour for k.
An experienced Krahl Player will only lose against an excellent and lucky Sapien or Titan player.

People who don't see it, don't want to see it.

how do i delete someone else's post?^ ;P
General Discussion » Balance seems a bit off in favour of bugs » Go to message
I hate to add to the "mapmakers need to fix it" camp, but unfortunately I I am. open plain maps arent as fun to look at,but khral get killed on open maps. mapmakers need to be weary of swamps in too good of place, and trees 3 tiles away from where an underling might be. and cities. these are the main positives for khral.

The problem is actually that plague is an INCREDIBLY complex mechanic, compared to all the others in the game. it involves time value of money, resource sacrifice on both sides, forcing unit buys (ie engineer), and proper posotion, and proper quarantine, and unit priorities etc etc.

when you have something this complex, you will have pockets throughout the ranked pool that understand it to varying degrees. eg from 1500-2100, helicopters are terrible buys vs khral if plague is possible, cus they get wrecked by the plague (100$/turn) 2200+ players are better at positioning and helicopter becomes a main counter to salamander (even though salamander is also a counter to helicopters)

I am (or was in the past anyway) one of the top 20 players, and even at my peak i didnt feel even close to optimizing plague both as sapiens and khral. a topic this complex can only be balanced to a specific point - are khrals wrecking saps in the top 16+ rounds of tournaments?

i think the answer is no.

we would need a super computer to estimate any more accurately than that.
Bug Reports » Zone of control for sub » Go to message
thats up to the devs, assuming they know
New Feature Request » Submarines units for Khral and Titans » Go to message
Kraken Just got a buff, it may get more buffs in the future.
Bug Reports » New game => Friend gets replaced with strangers. » Go to message
I know its not helpful or what you want to hear, but the vast majority (>90% of the time) when very obscure bugs come up like this it is an error on the players side, not the computer. ive invited friends over 100x, and have never ever had that problem.

One possible issue is you might not have the most updated version?
Bug Reports » Capture the flag bugs and other mission questions » Go to message
Actually even if they didnt quit, ANY flag cap in ctf is a win. horrible bug. very dumb. Spooky will never fix it xD
General Discussion » Buried underlings op » Go to message
  Pento wrote:Wyrm + underling => op vs Sapien!
+ Some swarmer and salamander and that's it.

Krahl got to powerful and it's no fun at all to play Sapien anymore.
With the last changes you got very limited in the units you can build vs Krahl.

Marine + Marauder + Battery. That's it.

Fuze most senseless unit ever.
Bopper is not of much help vsb Krahl
Tank senseless , no air attack
Engineer very often needed just to keep plague under control
Heli still good but only if the Krahl Player is to stupid not to build a Wyrm.

your comments dont make sense. like saying wyrm + underling is op and then also saying tank is useless because it doesnt have air attack. if they are only building wyrm and underling then how is this an issue? fuze is an excellent unit if you use it right. bopper can be used to get the first hit on wyrm to cripple it as you deal with underlings. buying an engineer every time there is plague is a bad idea. plague is ahrd to deal with but it is a talent you must learn. it means positioning units properly BEFORE the plague hits. fuze is great to hit salalamnder at range and heli can reliably hit them with no damage retaliation if they have 7 or lower hp by using roll manipulation.

the game is not as black and white as you say. sapiens was the top race so we buffed titans and khral. it may seem that it is unbalanced now, but only if you were carried by their superior arsenal before the updates. playing on even ground can seem unfair if youre not used to it.
Bug Reports » New game => Friend gets replaced with strangers. » Go to message
Cant speak to the bots, but your friend probably declined the invite.
General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:It's a bit soon Jeff, Duaneski set the standard so I think they've got another 2 weeks ... every time someone asks.

I set the standard at like a monthlate and he wrecked that already atrocious standard haha
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