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New Feature Request » New Marine Ability Idea: Transport » Go to message
Personally GH gets my vote, but with a caveat. Movement for the transport would have to be severely limited EXCEPT on roads. That would give roads a bit more meaning, and would encourage people to block them, protect them, and would prevent Auditore's concern from being an issue.

EDIT: At the end of the day though, I agree with Duaneski and think this could be handled in a different manner.
General Discussion » Spookyhouse devs Q and A » Go to message
Will there be patch notes with each release? I would really like detailed patch notes with each release (especially in beta).
General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
Any chance someone could compile a screenshot album of these fine maps?
Bug Reports » Salamander bug and possible other bug » Go to message
With the latest update, the salamander unit now sits on top of the water like it's Jesus.

My "online games" counter also no longer counts the total number of games, just the number of games where its my turn. Not sure if this is a bug or not.
General Discussion » Spookyhouse devs Q and A » Go to message
  • What are your long-term plans for this game?

  • Do you have any ideas for new content beyond what Xavi had planned? Are you scrapping any of Xavi's ideas?

  • Will Xavi be involved in the development at all from here on?

  • Will you offer transparency into in-development content, balancing, and patches?

  • Will you be monitoring the chat and forum for community feedback? Do you have other avenues to submit feedback planned?

  • That's all I have for now. Thanks for setting this up!
    General Discussion » UniWar gets acquired by Spooky House Studios » Go to message
    I would like to point out that gljack has been playing Uniwar since 2011 and been on the forum since 2012, meaning he has been part of the community for 6 years! I'm sure he's seen the game evolve and as a game dev himself, has ideas on what could improve. My point is that he isn't new to this community and probably holds this game in the same regard that many of us do.

    If Spooky House is transparent about the changes they want to bring to this game and takes community feedback seriously enough, I'd like to think we won't have much to worry about.
    General Discussion » UniWar gets acquired by Spooky House Studios » Go to message
    First off, welcome! I've seen your name around a few times, but not as the lead designer!

    I'm with Duaneski on this. Your responses are reassuring, but until we've seen what you plan to implement I'm going to be in "show me territory" as well.

    Now for a few questions. Do you plan to publicly announce changes and new features? Do you plan to take community feedback into account with these features? Will you be announcing features as they develop or only after they are ready to be implemented?
    New Feature Request » New Unit Design Repository » Go to message
    How about instead of a general, it's a platoon or something. Starts with 10hp, can't heal, and is a ground heavy despite being made up of only infantry. Every time you spawn a new marine, you send a faction off from the platoon, and it loses 2hp.
    New Feature Request » Guilds, Factions, Clans, etc. » Go to message
      The Impaler wrote: i dont think it would achieve what you think it would. ie personally if i were to bother with a faction, id make one with other 2300+ players... no new players would gain anything

    Maybe you could set it up so each guild/clan/faction or whatever had to achieve a certain average score. Sure, nothing would stop people from making smurf accounts to bring their averages down, but I'd like to hope that most of us who are active in the community would actually bring in players with lower rankings to help them out.
    General Discussion » A tale of Glory - 1000uc prize for grabs!! » Go to message
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