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What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.98 UNDERWATER units for pre-purchase » Go to message
is it intended that Subs don't take any damage if they're directly under their target unit? I like it, does make it more interesting!
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
Wow, that's stupid, especially since you paid for it and there was no warning like 'You can't view more than 200 games'.. I personally would recommend running Uniwar on a PC (for instance using ARC Welder) and then recording it with the best tool available (eg. if your Graphics Card has a recording software use that) running it with full details. It's just a workaround though and hopefully this gets fixed!
Technical Support Questions » Can't log in » Go to message
same here! I'm secretly hoping that this has something to do with the Submarine release
Обсуждение » Общение » Go to message
sorry I don't speak Russian but I can tell you that I have the same error that you do. Just have a little patience hopefully this will be fixed soon!
General Discussion » EnnuiGoblinGames Season 3! » Go to message
Woooohooooooo! Yeah! I've always liked the format especially since Uniwar content is so scarce on Youtube. I'd love to see a comeback of UniWar Tactical Rounds, Livecasts and as The Impaler already pointed out the 'classical' Youtube stuff like Top 10 [insert your ideas here] would also make for good content. I personally think however, that if you want to target an audience on Facebook and Twitter you probably should go for a different approach.
Few people bother with applications that take more than 5-10 minutes to grasp and UniWar takes a lot more than that. What I think might be a good idea for beginners is to provide them with custom missions that are targeted towards practicing one aspect of the game without patronizing the player like the campaign does.
General Discussion » "Undo" Needs to be Gone » Go to message
  trineroks wrote:Here’s my thoughts on undo...

Does it get rid of interesting game mechanics? Of course. Surprise positionings, fog of war, etc sort of become moot points when you can undo a turn. However, consider the following:

* Uniwar is played on touch devices, and touch as an input has more room for error than mouse clicks. As such, if undo were to be removed a single mistap could legitimately ruin a game.

* Uniwar, like most asynchronous turn based strategy games, initially saves all your moves locally and then “pushes” them to the server for validation when you hit “End Turn”. This is why in the past lots of players would make an alternate account to log into and out of, since doing so would overwrite the locally saved data for your online games on your main, essentially giving you a free undo. That or removing and reinstalling Uniwar. Players will use one of these methods if they really wanted to, so why not just even the field and add undo as an actual feature?

* Uniwar could feasibly be changed so that the client communicates with the server whenever you make a move in a game, so that it “pushes” every move you make to the server and avoids exploits associated with locally saved data. However, that would require *significant* changes to the backend and server. But would this really be an improvement? Such a change would push players to record and keep track of game states for every single game they’re in and lead to a lot more misplays since you generally don’t perfectly recall what you were going to do for SvT #43 in your online games list 24 hours after your last turn. Also, a lot more stress/frustration on the player’s end if this were to happen.

Although now that I think about it, a real time “blitz” mode Uniwar would sound nice.

Perfect answer!

Since all the stats and formulas in Uniwar are public (except for the random damage sequence which in essential is not a lot of code) I guess it'd be quite a fun project creating something like 'Uniwar live' to see how this would work out.. this could probably be implemented as a web app without too much effort..
New Feature Request » 18 New units are coming... » Go to message
  marcyblaze wrote:How long will be the submarine units in beta? I can't wait their public release!!!

at least a couple more weeks (I'm waiting just as desperately as you do!) and I've seen some recent changes being implemented (such as other units except subs being able to attack them while submerged though it seems at reduced damage). Unfortunately, unless you're lucky enough to be one of the beta testers you can only use them in offline mode. Current balancing feels great though
General Discussion » Imbalanced Games! » Go to message
  The Impaler wrote:yeah he absolutely does not speak for everyone. on the thread you pulled that from youll see many dissenters, myself included. he has great opinions but this is far from a "solved" game. there is no correct strategy ans therefore no complete imbalance.

if anything i would say the balance is owed nearly as much to the mapmakers as the actual balance team.

I second this. Map balance seems much more relevant to overall game balance as it compensates for each races weaknesses and strengths.
Bug Reports » AI taking over an hour to take its turn » Go to message
Maybe not a bug but since it's normally a matter of seconds this still surprises me.. maybe some server maintenance issues?
General Discussion » New Earth Risk 600 UniCoins! » Go to message
I have read the rules and agree to them.
Sapiens » new strategies for combating the krals » Go to message
yes, I have to agree, an experienced player will know how to protect them but on the other hand they don't have a lot of value if they are just sitting behind their frontline and can't hit any targets. As I said, feel free to invite me, maybe either you can show me how a Borfly can be op or I can show you how to deal with them. It's the best way to learn anyway

Edit: learn, not earn
Sapiens » new strategies for combating the krals » Go to message
Borfly does not really seem relevant to me when playing S. I hardly ever build tanks against Khral due to their lack of AA damage. Also they are really easily countered with helicopters and marauders can easily dodge them by falling back after the attack. Salamanders can be a pain in the *** but they are not really as strong as it might seem. If there is a healing pad, try to make good use of it. Also an engineer might me a good option. Whatever your choice, try to split your units (infected/healthy) and you'll be golden. And don't fight them in swamp if you don't have to. That's about it. If you want some examples feel free to invite me to a SvK game
General Discussion » Imbalanced Games! » Go to message
Well. On maps without a harbour you may be right. But on those that have it this will have the following effects (assuming the players have access to all units or unit tokens). If a ship normally would be a viable option (the Leviathan for instance is like a better Wyrm or the Hydronaut a good alternative to a Walker in several situations), their counters (especially the Kraken) might reduce their appearance. On the other hand, units such as the Skimmer or the Submarine which are sort of harrassment/blaster-units might make some appearance. Especially in TvT I might imagine the Skimmer as a practical alternative to a guardian (as Titans have no air units to properly chase down sea units). There is a lot more to say about it than I just did but as Sims mentioned, there is good reason to wait with balancing until subs are released for online play (for now you can try them in offline play). Hope that helped
Guides & Tips » Boarfly: how to defend against it? » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:
  GreyWulf wrote:I am currently playing as titans versus khrals. The game was quite balanced, with a good mix of units coming out on both sides. Then the boarfly appeared.
A full health eclipse gets hit for 5 points damage without being able to return fire. That's a 400 point unit designed to combat arial troops.
The speeder takes 6 points.
It seems to hit everything really hard whilst being out of range.
Can anyone suggest a decent strategy for titans versus khrals with this b#@+!?d in the mix? It seems unbalanced to me.

Lotsa mechas.

Honestly, the map needs to be well balanced. But a lot of mechas and speeder is usually my mix (1-2 assimilator ... )

Other than that. Depends on the map.

Exactly that. And as said before attacking the units protecting it and falling back (out of the Borflies range) until you can get a clear shot at it. Btw talking about balancing I have played a lot of maps by you that I like, Duaneski, keep up the good work
General Discussion » New Earth Risk 600 UniCoins! » Go to message
I'm in as well!
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