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I believe it's working as intended that submerged submarines don't have a zoc.

I think that It's easy enough to come up with a logical kinda reason that they would behave this way.

I haven't seen it be a big issue from a balance perspective, personally. Though certainly it could be something that surprises players using them initially.

Good question. I hope that helps to sorta answer your question / concern
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The attack formula is not super straight forward ..


Rest assured. You aren't being glitched. Sometimes I spend about 15 minutes trying to get the best results from my attacks. It is how the game is designed. There's a discussion about if this is ideal or not. That would be a fair question to ask.
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  simsverd wrote:we considered giving the kraken 2 actions at move 6.. seemed like a good idea.. but in reality a kraken could then kill any of the capital ships in one turn... wich is to much.. so its either that +a nerf on other stats or something else..
The idea for kraken we are mostly agree on is attack range 0-2 on surface.. it will not affect sea battles so much , but will make the kraken more useful vs other (land) targets

Can you pretty please make it mobility 11 underwater as well?
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Episode 3:

January 2018 gamecast.

Angkor Grand map contest results.

And other shenanigans
New Feature Request » Submarines units for Khral and Titans » Go to message
All valid points mr Omega
New Feature Request » Submarines units for Khral and Titans » Go to message
I actually agree with you. This is something I believe the balance team is working on as well.

Unfortunately i think they're split on what change(s) to make.

Being discussed are options such as:
- Making it a 2 action unit with, let's say a 6 mobility.

- making it mobility 12.
- increasing some stats or something :p

So who knows. I'll ask my contact where they are with it. And get back to you when he gets back to me
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Odyssey Campaign

Odyssey is a branching campaign with an attached narrative.  There are multiple endings.  It is a “Choose your own story” kind of thing.  

The difficulty is medium-high.  This campaign is designed for a tenured uniwarrior who has a solid grasp of the gameplay mechanics.  You will be presented with a mix of puzzles, story telling, and strategy.

Before we begin our story…  Let me say thank you.  Thank you to Xavi for creating and maintaining this game all of these years.  Thank you to Spookyhouse for purchasing, maintaining, and building upon Xavi’s work.  Thank you to the players who created some of the fiction I reference throughout the campaign.  And thank you to the map makers who helped me to create this campaign.  Lastly, thank you to all of the testers who helped me to test the wide number of maps required for this campaign.

I hope you enjoy the story and the game.  Good luck,

“An Eclipse?  You can’t be serious.”  Char was not pleased. The frontal plates of her Mecha’s head unit angled inward, to let her partner know she was not at all pleased.  It could’ve been forgiven if Epsilon23817 - ‘Eppi’ as his friends called him – had managed to miss this subtle cue, but Char’s glowing red eyes were something less than subtle.

Eppi knew he needed to tread carefully.

“Look, I know it’ll change some things for us.  But I can’t go on like this…  This Mecha body is worn.  Ballistic holes from the battle with the Enyalios.. And of course I’ve got this stump from… that creature, whatever the hell it was on Alpha Centauri. I’m losing consciousness almost daily from the age of my circuitry.  It’s time.  I need Renewal.”

Charlie20001 knew he was right.  She had undergone Renewal 1000 Xavian years ago.  Eventually, she would need another Renewal.  She could wrap her head around Renewal, and would be supportive and understanding of helping her partner through the process.  But, Renewal into an eclipse?  Unbelievable!  

“An Eclipse, Eppi?  Maybe your head circuitry is more damaged than you realize!”

“Listen, Char, I know it isn’t flashy… But with recent changes in manufacturing, these models have the same nano-repair rate as a Speeder.  They’re more durable, too.  Of course our physical relationship will change..  But how we feel about each other.  That will never change.  And, Titan high command is in need of volunteers for Renewal as Eclipse.  They see the practicality of the unit.. And, you know how slim resources are for our people.  You and I… We won’t lose our connection.  We won’t lose each other.  I commit this to you, Char.  I’ll never lose you.”

Her frontal plates relaxing, and her eyes dimming to a soft orange, Char responded “Eppi…  It’s a lot of change to process..  Just.. Let’s power down and compare our neural logs tomorrow.”

Charlie20001 and Epsilon23817 held hands and powered their Mecha units down.  In the distance, a bright orange-yellow star came into view of the Titan Starcruiser.

You are an eclipse.  A revered and powerful member of the Titan race.  The Titan race, of course, being a sentient robotic race, rambling through space and  time in their Titan Starcruisers.  Long ago the Titan homeworld was fractured, scorched, and rendered inhabitable following the Genesis War, known by some as the “Titan-Predecessor” war.  As the Titan flotilla warped through the cosmos, the Titan beings aboard continued to evolve and grow.  Mechanical and emotional upgrades continued to improve the experience of actually being a Titan.  Over time, Titan units developed strong bonds with one another, exploring complex ideas and, eventually, even emotions.  

Production of new Titan Starcruisers and Titan military units (All Titan units are military units) had slowed since the Titans were forced to depart their homeworld.  Scavenging and recycling strategies allowed the Titans to continue to evolve.  When the titans were met with favorable asteroids or species with compatible alloys, the Titan command would allow some partners to have an ‘offspring’ – a melding of their central consciousness into one additional Titan, forming a sort of family unit.  The Titans had trialed this long ago, and found that with an emotional attachment, and very similar consciousness, these family units made a devastatingly effective combat unit.  Lack of raw materials meant that those partners interested would need to apply for the lottery.  Partners were happy to hope and wait.  

The Titan race fared well in its travels.
While the Titans were adapting to their reality as a space faring race, it had been their primary objective since departure of their homeworld to achieve Settlement on a new world.  Settlement to the Titans meant that they would no longer have to travel the cosmos.   That they could settle in a specific time and place peacefully, and that each Titan unit could then choose how to live out its days.  This..  Was what the Titans sought.  This is the story of how they found a potential new home..  And about what they were willing to do to take it as their own.

The story of Titan Project: Odyssey.
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