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General Discussion » Thoughts about titans » Go to message
i'll have to agree with brainiac, titans are very strong and are good on most maps....

i'll play you if you want..
Guides & Tips » Map Quiz ... say what you would do. » Go to message
  Hachiman wrote: Kill Garuda with boats. Build mecha on bottom base, leave mecha on next base up, build a Speeder on each of the top bases. Now he can't take any bases in his round.

Kill Underlings & Wyrm with Speeders and Mecha, kill Pinzer with boats once the Garuda are neutralised.

Not sure how many credits you get on this map to say what you do next round. Basically if you can stop him taking a base you will have a building advantage though ...

i think this strategie would fail because the speeders, 1 of them might be dead before you even gonna use it (pinzer + worm + underling) and then the other underling will keep you busy by capteruing the upper middle base, wich means you gonna have to use your boat and the speeder to take it down.

a plasma will help you in the next rounds to hold up with the attack and then win the game when you have a unit advantage.
Guides & Tips » Map Quiz ... say what you would do. » Go to message
i would weaken the 2 garudas and build a plasma in the upper middel base, and build a mecha on the base next to the 2 garudas.

Sapiens » Does the Engineer help other teammates repair faster too? » Go to message
no he does not, but you can deliver plague, or use the EMP and the UV on your teamates, and you can also convert, assimilate, or re-programm a unit.
Tournaments » How to arrange a Tournament..? » Go to message
i would like to arrange a tournament, but how could we control the games and the winners..?
screen shots could be adited, but if there will be only familiar players and good guys we could trust each other.

i already know most of the active players, but i'm also asking the people i don't know, what you guys think..?
i think each match should include 2 games games with the same map, and after the first game revarce the races.

General Discussion » heli nerf - sapiens are weak to often » Go to message
heli cost more, i don't see a reason to compare between the tow...

i find sapiens very strong and fast if you use them right, they are good for sneaky attacks and messing with the enemy from all directions. also the battery has a longer range then all khrals units.
i still find it challenging to play khrals after the nerf, and it's all ways a hard game between the tow.
if they will nerf the swarmer ground heavy and Ariel attack by 1 it will balance the game more on my opinion, what do you guys think..?
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.5 iPhone » Go to message
awesome ! can't wati for it.
New Feature Request » UniWar in german » Go to message
i'm german and i am enjoying the game the way it is and learning english the same time.
most young people i know from germany can speak write and read english very well.

wo kommst du aus deutschland..?
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote:
  aLoN wrote:ADH, just like i said to hachiman, invite me unrated on aLoN or rated on my other accounts Phingerz or 5M4LLD1CK, but please pick a well balanced map.

sorry for my english again.
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So.... did you just admit to using multiple accounts? I can't imagine that the developers intended to be able to create trash account to boost your scores like that.

One could say that even though you only admit to having three accounts, that there are several more that you've since used to improve your PR.

why won't you submit a message with your real username..?
i use different accounts because of game limits and because i don't earn any points with "aLoN" playing people around 1800, and i like playing games without caring about my rank.

but feel free to invite me to some games and we will see if you are better then a "cheater".

hachiman, okay buddy i have already accepted but as titans, i just now read your message.

like i said there is maps for titans, sapiens, and khraleans.
you said swarmers spam is unstopble, i just wanted to prove it IS on some maps - not all.
it's like the walker is unstoble on big open maps, or the destroyer in the see.
i do agree that sapienas are the weakest race now on most maps, but it is much better then before when heli powned anything with 2repair bunus and his great attack and defence + the engineer against titans.
i think this game is more balanced then before though.
by the way don't say that i'm a better player then you, you play very well.

maybe a good thing for the devs to do is to set the ground heavy and arial attack of the swarmer to be the same as the maruder, what do you think?
How to make the uniwar.com website better » More Games at Once » Go to message
hey kralux !

50 games sounds realistic for an active player, i'm playing on 3 different accounts at the moment..
How to make the uniwar.com website better » More Games at Once » Go to message
it's a good idear and i mentioned it before, untill now there is nothing you can do about it unless you will creat a few more accounts, which most players do.
User Generated Maps » Shuriken [6 Player Map] » Go to message
awesome buddy, i think all of your maps are great, star driven and you are doing a great job..

i hope they post them on the game soon...
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
hachiman, i just started the game on chato hill by mistake by pressing the button "next game", i wansn't even gonna play it in the first place and don't be ridiculous, you didn't won that game, i didn't even finish round 1.

chato hill is an obvious khrals map, like there is maps for sapiens (harbor, roky, land bridge...) and maps for titans (deadmonk, great wall, piriapolis, starvation, laguna niguel...) and feel free to invite me to any other map exept desolate, chato hill, scramble, or green valey, and i'll play you. feel free to invite me to 5 or more games so we could really clear things out, i will not promis to win all but i'll sure show you that it is possible to win swarmers spam on some of our games.

by the way we didn't speak about khrals vs saps, we spoke about beating the swarmers spam which i did 3 times out of 5 games we had. titans or saps it does not matter.

ADH, just like i said to hachiman, invite me unrated on aLoN or rated on my other accounts Phingerz or 5M4LLD1CK, but please pick a well balanced map.

sorry for my english again.
Khraleans » Underling Spam » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: Yeah underling spam is best vs titans. Just have pinzers covering your bases in case of a mecha rush.

Something to think about is also don't be afraid to lose some underlings. I used to be afraid to attack when assimilators were around until I realized you're often still ahead of the game if you take down an expensive unit even if they capture a few. They generally won't get enough to really cause you much harm.

Also keep them moving. A smart player will pay attention to the banner that says a buried unit is nearby. If you keep shifting they'll think you have more than you do and won't know where they are.

Sapiens have too few ground units and the ones they do have are too mobile for this strategy. (Marauders for example, you can't predict where they're gonna be). It is good to send out some underlings to take down engineers and batteries though. Taking out their engineers can really shift the balance in an aerial fight.

As for maps.. It works on all maps really just in different ways. Sometimes it works best to have a bunch waiting to back up a swarmer attack. If you see that they're building armies of mechas though don't expect it to work

you don't really realize how good it is for titans to assimilate an underling.
if you did so, and manage to get him underground before he got killed, it will help you a lot against the khrals underlings by blocking and most important showing you exacly where are those underlings under your walker and plasmas.

i'm allways looking for those underlings to capture and after i got some, it's an easy road for the win.
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
  ADHDeveloper wrote: 1- Me and hachiman played on a map with plenty of mountain + forest terrain. It did not matter.

2- Swarmer attack vs heli has not increased, but heli defence has recently decreased and marines which used to be a cheap way to damage the swarmer a bit( when mixed with heli's) are now hurt more by the swarmer and therefore die easier. \

3- Marauders were also nerfed recently causing even more problems vs swarmers.

The key point to note here is this. A swarmer fights uncontested. The only unit that can fire back at it is the Titan eclipse...the imbalance here is vs sapiens. Since a swarmer can fight uncontested, and is relatively cheap, therefore it can in small numbers seriously damage units before the units have a chance to fight back. Further more if a swarmer is damaged but not dead it can simply be retreated behind cover and healed over time. If done right the Khralean player comes out of the battle with minimal losses whereas the sapien is totally decimated.

Now this may not always be the case. On maps which are heavily forested/mountained, the sapien player could possibly win by spamming marines. The key issue there is the distance between the bases. While swarmers will find it easy to travel through air and spam one particular enemy base, the enemy has to move the marines slowly through dense terrain to get them to fight the swarmers.

If anyone else wants to play vs me and teach me a lesson in how to play Sapiens, I welcome it. I hope someone can show me how to beat them, because then I can actually beat the khralean players when I play sapien...because a LOT of khralean players are now spamming swarmers and not much else.

i can't read all this bullshit !!

a few days ago Bratwurst wrote on the chat that khrals are much overpowered and the devs did a bad job with the new changes.
i invited him to a game and he spammed ONLY swarmers and i showed him how useless they are agains my helis + engineer and a few marines.

people should think before they just build units and attack everything near them, this is a strategie game and not a gang up war......

sorry my english is not so good and it is hard for me to explain, but please before you keep writing this bullshit just invite to several games and i'll prove you my point, swarmers spam is USELESS against a good sapien or titan player.

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