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General Discussion » Players with no honor » Go to message
random once give you map in favor once give map in favor to your opponent. in long time it would be balanced. good player can win more games than average so he would take more points. I undestand that players don't like playing long time games (like river runs, rubicon crossing) but signing peace in each game is pathetic...

and please show me which map are 100% balanced!

it should be new ranking system divided on: random games, custom games, multiplayer games and general.
General Discussion » Naval Maps » Go to message
For sure Rocky isn't boring map. If you are waiting for income your opponent will crush you at land.
River run is mostly very boring (especially if one player is titan) but at last if one player starts to attack every move is very important and forces your mind to work

naval maps are simple (only one naval unit each race) but they are good addition.
General Discussion » Maps with low yielding bases are AWESOME. » Go to message
Technical Support Questions » Random games » Go to message
good player should play pretty well with all races
Sapiens » How to defeat Kharlean air? » Go to message
if you are pomping up your marines the only responce from khrals is good moving infector or two.
Tournaments » Jungle-Boogie Tournament #1 » Go to message
i would like to participate thanks
General Discussion » Possible Cheating? » Go to message
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Moderation....!! » Go to message
i agree. It looks like players are left alone!!
New Feature Request » Some suggestions » Go to message
i like your ideas
General Discussion » New player questions » Go to message
simsverd is good player he will teach You basic tactics.
Each match is different, it depends on map, race, which units builds your opponent and situation at battlefield.
General Discussion » A River Runs » Go to message
waiting for results
General Discussion » Do you hate 1.3.0? Rant here. » Go to message
this game is crap now...
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